Friday, January 05, 2007

A light at the opera

Sorry I have not been too responsive lately but I really wanted to enjoy my time in Boston and Vermont with the dear friends I have there. Now is the time to come back you my faithful visitors and to my favorite city! (Not that I did not like the architecture of New England mind you). To celebrate my return here is an all time wonder: one of the opera street lamps by Louis-Félix Chabaud. There are 22 of these around the opera house and they are made after 2 models: l'Etoile du matin (with a star in its hair) and l'Etoile du soir (with a crescent moon in its hair).


  1. Glad you had such a good time in Boston Eric but also very glad to have you back! Hope you're catching up on all the comments lol i'm blushing at the thought, rather like the aura around this beautiful lamp.
    This is a gorgeous photo - i especially like the pink hue. My photo today also has a pink theme. Like minds!

  2. Welcome back to a most beautiful city.

  3. Well, Hello Eric, hello Eric,
    It's so nice to have you back in Paris where you belong. Hope you're lookin' swell, Eric. And by the lamp posts, I know you're glowin', you're still goin' strong.....LOL
    Kidding aside, I'm wishing you a Happy New Year...

  4. Very illuminating;-)
    It's like she's welcoming you back to Paris...and so are we.
    Bienvenue chez toi!

  5. I'll overlook the fact that I didn't even get a postcard & welcome you back! (I'm that kind of person.)
    Groucho would love the title of this post.
    I hope you enjoyed your stay in my corner of the USA.

  6. what a gorgeous shot, very angelic in have a wonderful talent for enhancing the beauty of everything you see...wonderful, eric!

  7. The pink hue is quite lovely. I imagine lynn's blushing is a bit brighter, though!

  8. Nasty Tomate Farcie

    Ben quoi, et nous alors, on n'est pas des amis?!! Pffffff...

  9. oops... I rather enjoy the multiple personality comments but I'm not too good at that, uh?

  10. Unfortunately, it already is darker with pollution. I remember my amazement when they had enirely restored the Opéra de Paris. I was walking by everyday to go to my courses, and it appeared me as the most beautiful building in Paris back then (maybe 4? 5 years ago?) But cars slowly regain the field and cover the walls and statues...
    The building itself in the back still looks very good, though. Maybe due to the light of the photo?

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  12. J'aime l'Opera and its sculptures.

    On another note, National Public Radio broadcast a story this morning on the homeless tents along the canal; and on the government's action related to the issue. (See PDP 12/22 and 28)

    I hope everyone had a good New Year celebration. Oo la, I am human again...well, that's one opinion.

  13. Welcome back, Eric and glad you had such a great time.
    I've seen these street lamps near Opera and marveled at the design. You captured it perfectly!

  14. Great photo Eric (as usual!) and glad to have you back from Boston. My husband went to music school at Dartmouth and I'm from around those parts, so I can appreciate getting away from the cold.

    I looked at the link left above and voted for you and a few other of the DailyPhoto bloggers. Who might win 2007cents!

    If you want to vote for Eric, click here.

  15. Perfect Eric! Did you get any Beans or "Chowdahh" in Boston?? Or perhaps you brought home to Paris a big bottle of my favorite...Vermont Maple Syrup?? Grade A..Dark Amber bien sur!! ;-)

  16. Salut! I absolutely adore this picture, very beautiful! I think it kinda reflects the spirit of Paris!
    A bien tôt!

  17. Oh, she's gorgeous! A lovely returning shot. Hard to believe you've never featured these before. There is SO MUCH we've still to see in your City of Light!
    You will never exhaust the possibilities.

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