Saturday, March 10, 2007

Garde Républicaine in the Métro

Remember the Garde Républicaine post? Well they don't always ride horses... They also take the metro, obviously! (And of course, at Station Invalides!)
PS: I had to switch to the new Blogger Platform tonight, I hope this won't cause any trouble.


  1. This is a very pleasant photo, and there are no cannibals to be seen, yet !!

  2. No trouble to report on my end. I find the commenting process to be a little more cumbersome with the new platform but that's just me, I suppose.

    Yeah, it makes sense that eventually even the horse-riding Guarde Republicaine would have to dismount to go about their business like everybody else... funny to see them in the subway, though, and good catch!! :-)

  3. Indeed a good catch Eric! Nothing like being in the right place at the right time. And I have to add a quick note to Clo. that his final comment wrapping up yesterday's commentaires was lovely but I was incredibly disturbed about the dehydration deaths.

  4. Great photo! Well seen for sure!

    I didn't know the old Blogger Platform so everything is normal for me.

    Pat's Photos and
    Guelph Daily Photo

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  6. Nothing escapes your eye!
    I believe that this blog gives you the chance to look at your city with different eyes too. Your attention might be caught by a purple dog, a purple glove, cobblestones, resting lawns,jugglers, policemen on bikes, policemen on rollerblades or even an empty box of cherries... and then just like us you probably fall in love with Paris over and over and over... this blog is truly amazing!

    which reminds me, isn't it time to light up some birthday candles?!! 730 photos and counting...

  7. Interesting that you picked this up. I'm not sure I would have made the link between them normally riding horses and having to take the Metro. Well spotted!

    Frankly I don't see any difference between the new and old blogger, but who am I to judge. I have noticed that the anti-spam visual identification stops working on my Firefox so had to come back to IE to get here.

  8. Not your best photo Eric however still interesting idea.

  9. Eric, those young people do not belong to la garde républicaine, they are cadets (freshmen probably) from St cyr-coëtquidan, our army academy and the equivalent of West point in the USA
    Their hat is called a shako and the feather on top comes from a cassowary bird
    More details here:

    Nice shot though as those cadets wearing their formal uniform are on their way for some parade of sort...

  10. Wow Haxo and Claude...that is very interesting. So if I want to make fun of someone at work who is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique, can I call him a Shadock?

  11. Sorry Haxo, yes you're right, I just got the two confused. I'll have to try it out "Gibi" at work and see what happens! ;-) It sounds better than the classical "X" anyway!

    Of course, it could be a career limiting move!

  12. Especially for you Haxo...

    Lors d'un entretien d'embauche, un chef d'entreprise reçoit quatre ingénieurs : un ayant fait l'école polytechnique, le second HEC, le troisième informaticien, et le dernier sortant de l'université. Celui-ci explique aux quatre candidats qu'en définitive, pour faire marcher une entreprise, il suffit de savoir compter.

    Il s'adresse donc au premier d'entre eux, le polytechnicien, et lui dit : "allez-y, comptez..."
    Le polytechnicien : "un... deux... un... deux..."

    L'homme étonné s'adresse ensuite à l'ingénieur sortant d'HEC : "A vous ! Comptez..."
    "Un KiloFranc, deux KiloFrancs, trois KF..."

    Il se retourne ensuite vers l'informaticien :
    "0... 1... 0... 1... 0..."

    Désespéré, il s'adresse au dernier candidat sortant de faculté : "Allez-y, comptez..."
    Le jeune homme commence : "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7..."
    Le chef d'entreprise rassuré : "continuez, continuez..."
    "8... 9... 10... valet.. dame.. roi.... " !

  13. Tiens, a propos de roi, je profite du décalage horaire pour être la première à souhaiter bon anniversaire à PDP, on est déja le 11 mars ici. Va voir, je t'ai fait une petite surprise !

    Hi Eric, just thought I'd use the very convenient time difference to be the first to wish Happy Birthday to PDP, it's the 11th of March here already and I've got a little surprise for you. Enjoy !

  14. phx-jfk-lhr-cdg
    Very interesting commentary .Does France have the equilivent of Chelsea Pensioners walking around Paris?

  15. oh now i understand, your 2nd birthday is on 11th march, and today here is still 10th!
    So no happy birthday yet!
    I have heard it's not allowed to take photographs or film inside the metro... tut-tut-tut...

  16. I just discovered your blog, it is fantastic! I love this idea, keep going!

  17. Thanks for the Joke in French. Eric's photo is clever.

  18. I had a long comment praising Michael's French and Haxo's vast knowledge. However, I had so much trouble getting the comment published that this is the short version.

  19. Eric:

    I heard a review today on KQED, a Bay Area public television and radio station, about La Mome. The Reviewer gave it thumbs-up and even interviewed Marion Cotillard. The reporter stated that Hollywood was approached regarding the project but felt that Edith Piaf was passer, and therefore no profits will be made from telling her life story.

    It seems to have been a huge hit in France, and will debut in the U.S on June 2nd; the reviewer did not say in which cities it will start playing.

    The picture? O.K. I guess. It did not stir any emotions in particular. Sorry.

  20. Oh Johnny, Johnny...Haxo's vast knowledge is worthy of praise, but my French is thanks to the world wide web! ;-)

    Here's another one for Haxo, although a little bit less polite than the other...

    Un ingénieur de l'école polytechnique, un ingénieur de HEC et un homme d'affaires de Harvard sont en train d'uriner dans un pissoir.

    L'ingénieur de l'école polytechnique termine, se lave les mains et se les essuie en prenant autant de serviettes de papier que nécessaire, jusqu'à n'avoir plus une seule goutte d'eau sur les mains. Il déclare aux autres :
    - Nous, chez Polytechnique, on aime faire les choses consciencieusement !

    L'ingénieur de HEC termine, se lave les mains, prend une seule serviette de papier et s'essuie les mains jusqu'à ce que plus une seule goutte d'eau ne reste et jusqu'à ce que la serviette n'ait plus un centimètre carré de sec. Il lance ensuite aux autres :
    - Nous, chez HEC, non seulement on fait les choses consciencieusement, mais aussi efficacement !

    L'homme d'affaires de Harvard termine et sort directement sans se laver les mains. Il lance aux autres :
    - Nous, chez Harvard, on se pisse pas sur les mains !!

  21. Nathalie, I loved your hommage to PDP's 2nd birthday! How nice of you!

    Eric, being a journalist and all, have you sent out a press release for this momentous occasion?

  22. Fun shot!

    But I'm sorry...those feathers on their heads just look so froo-froo!


    Hi Michael!!! When are you gonna get something we can reply to other than the current blog you're visiting??? LOL! ;)

  23. LOL Haxo! So true.

    Ame, I don't know what you mean... ;-)

  24. You might be interested, Clo, that La Mome premiered in NYC at Rendez-vous with French Cinema at Lincoln Centre.

  25. Maybe you could start a collection like Ham's elephants; The Garde Rupublicaine caught off guard?