Saturday, March 31, 2007

Paris Cinema

In France - and in Paris in particular - the cinema is widely promoted. The government and the local authorities do everything possible to support a wide variety of theaters and to avoid that the choice of movies remains limited to blockbusters only. And it works! Some weeks you can see up to 450 different films in Paris - of almost all nationalities. I'm a big fan, myself, I must say. That is why I subscribed to this special plan, where you can see as many films as you want in a wide variety of theaters for only 18 € a month.


  1. 450 films! that is why you know more about other cultures than we Americans do. I once asked a taxi driver that question and he said"We get American films and television, we HAVE to understand you."

    Nice dramatic colorful photo.At first, I thought it was going to be Hotel Lutecia, as I scrolled from the top down.

  2. I like the contrast of the sky with the neon. I love movies so much! 18Euro for unlimited movies? That is fantastic! They would lose money from me because I would go all the time!

    I've brought this up before, but I wonder why France, unlike most countries, persists in having foreign movies/TV dubbed? Don't people want to know the world? And it could be said that it is a little...ahem...for lack of a better word...arrogant. Sorry.

  3. And for those whose Friday nights are just about to begin....have a good weekend! I plan to!

  4. Phx, I don't think they DO know more about other cultures to be fair. A french man I met said that most French do not travel much...they vacation at the french coast.

    Everyone knows something about Americans....just because of our current position in the world and b/c our biggest export is movies and TV. But in France, Americans speak least on And language is a huge part of a culture.

  5. I have read in the past that the French like to travel within France,and I assume that to be true.I think the gov't promotes it, too.
    In my case, I meet a disproportinate amount of French who are traveling to the US, most of whom speak English and who are well educated. I am still impressed with with the average citizen's US knowledge that I meet on a day to day basis. Language IS a huge part of culture, and so many people at least in Paris, do speak English. You can't even get a job at Printemps unless you speak it, and you may find 7 people who speak French at Bloomingdales. I really believe there is more "getting" us than us getting them. Voila!
    Re: Films. In Scottsdale, there is only ONE theater showing foreign films!

  6. Susan in atl. It is true that it would nice to see and hear a movie in its original form rather than always dubbing it. It also true that in the former case, one is always looking for the next subtitle to try and keep-up with with the script.

    It is also that many French do not travel as much and the case is also true of Americans, unless you want to consider group travel, and being loaded and unloaded in fornt of touristy places by a bus and tour guide, and 15-30 minutes of meal time and then back on the bus to see another trourist attraction, as counting for travel. My disagreement with you is not really about who travels more, but with your constant attempts at defending what many know as lacking in this country (the U.S.).

    You can get into a cab in France, Germany, Holland, Jordan, Mexico etc. etc. and have a discussion with the driver about issues of the world, or about history of other countries, and be surprised by how much they know about not only their own but also about world history. Get in a cab in the U.S and the discussion usually centers on the latest sport action or team.

    It is good to be proud of one's nation, but it is also good to see its faults. For example, you wrote in one of your entries, I believe it was on Women's International celebration day, about how much you loved American men, all American men, because of their respect for women, but totally disregarded facts on the ground, and these cover the gamut of abuse of women, children molestation, Polygamy which I believe most women disagree with, unless you are from Utah and religious Mormon fanatic.

    Maybe the French do know, and I assure you they do know more about cultures than we do, because they share so many different borders with different neighbors. They also do know about other cultures because of their superior educational system, which does not concentrate on knowing the capitals of the provinces for example,or in our case on state capitals, but also on other countries.

    All I am trying to say after all this lecture, if you wish to call it that, is that it is all-right not to have to defend the U.S everytime someone says something that does not put it in the best of light. Please take no offence.

  7. As seducing as the photograph is...the sky, the architecture the composition. I will not be going to the movies while in Paris (she says over and over like a mantra).
    I too love going out to the movies, it is a ritual for the weekend at some point. What impresses me in the text that goes with this photo is the price that you pay Eric...18 euros for as many films as you want! If I start my day off with a movie at a matinee price it is $7.50, after the matinee price it goes up to $9.50 with the block buster variety film. The foreign films are around in maybe 2 theaters in the suburbs and an independent theater in Center City Philadelphia.

    We try to see 2 or 3 for the price of one and bring our own snacks. That is where the money is made, in the snacks they sell.

    Beautiful dusk shot and just look at the buiding! White sport shoes or black sport shoes here I come Paris! I will not go to the movies while in Paris, I will not go to the movies while in Paris

  8. This is one beautiful cinema! Very elegant it seems.
    I'm a big fan of the movies, I go to the movies every week (most in the weekend since during the week work leaves no time for it). Here we get films from all over the world and all the american blockbusters of course.
    Oh, and regarding knowing other cultures, here those who have access to education know a lot about the rest of the world, unfortunately it's not the majority in my country.

    Now Eric, 18 euros a month, what a fantastic deal! Lucky you!

  9. Wow, that seems like a great deal. I love movies and much could be said about the pleasure of watching a movie on the big screen, as it was intended.

    Here, in the States, I have a Netflix subscription (like most people, I suppose) because I'm a big fan of movies, all kinds of movies, and I find that they have an incredibly rich selection to choose from. Of course, once in a while I'll patronize the movie theater at the corner, just because.

    I love the color of the sky on that picture, by the way. Night shots are very difficult!

  10. I've noticed that in Paris, at least for the latest American films, you have a choice to see the original version with subtitles or the French version, which is dubbed. In any case, no matter which you chose, when you come out of the theater, you're in Paris! How great is that?

  11. Aha! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Paris! What a great culture clash! Move over Irma Vep!

    I wonder... do you have to pay full price for late delivery of Pizza in Paris, Dude?

    LOL! (that's an insider TMNT joke, btw)

    Fabulous Photo! The new & the old combine in a marvelous symmetry.

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  13. TMNT! I can't wait to see that, I frikkin grew up on the Turtles. Michaelango was my favorite. I've always like party guys.

    I am sooo jealous! We totally need subscription plans to movie theaters around here. Unlimited film viewage for a decent price?!? I'd be all over it. Although I admit I have no idea what the monetary conversion would be. I'll bet anything Michael can tell us!

  14. BTW, this photo is even more gorgeous when you enlarge it! Where is this cinema?

    When I clicked on it I notice this theater is also showing the movie "300" , which stars a brazilian actor named Rodrigo Santoro. He plays king Xerxes in this movie.

    Come on girls click on the link, its totally worth it!

  15. I've loved movies since I was 5 years old. I don't mind if they are dubbed, sub titled, silent (yes, silent), or whatever. I watch at least 5 per day....full length. My Netflix queque never gets below 300. I have the 7 plan which means I can have 7 at home at a time. I buy French films from FNAC and from I get them from the various libraries around our town. I rent them from local video stores. Naturally, I see many movies that should never had been made. However, I don't pay attention to professional critics because I don't always share their tastes and opinions. Our university offers wonderful French films at no charge. The best thing about being retired is having time to watch films.

  16. I am a movieaholic as well, so 450 films sounds good to me! Beautiful photo!

  17. Ok Tomate and Johnny, I must be the only one in the whole world who hadn't heard of Netflix until reading PDP over the last 2 years. I finally checked it out on the net and see what it is. For me, there's still something special about going to the cinema to see a movie. When everyone laughs, cries, shrieks, and gasps, at the same time, it brings a different ambience.

  18. Susan in atl...I saw when you mentioned the dubbing thing here before. In my opinion, I agree that films are much better in their native language (pitch of voice, tonality, etc.), but in reality, the majority of people in any one country (i.e., sales/profit) probably prefer to hear the film in their native language. It doesn't mean that the world should be that way, but alas, it is.

  19. Philly...we need to convince you to ditch the white sneakers. If you don't like black, what about another colour?

  20. Well Clo, I do not think you've read very many of my posts if you would say the things you say.

    For example, I, along with many of my compatriots (johnny for example), criticize my country often. In fact, I notice that more Americans, rather than people of other countries, including France, criticize their country. Many of us on here seem to be, in many ways, more open to honest discussion, and that includes criticism of our own country, than people from other countries. That is something I've noticed many times. For that, I am proud of the objectiveness of my compatriots. So, it is unfair that you say that I do not see the faults of my country.

    Is it all right that I am honest (I call it like I see it) regarding America but I cannot regarding another country? Especially when people do not seem to refrain from criticizing my country freely! So, they can do that but Americans can't? Does that seem right? Of course not. I am very open and honest and like I said, I "call it like I see it." Every country, every person, has positive and negative aspects...let's be real here...and open up and talk honestly!

    And for that reason (honesty and fairness) my earlier statements stand. The fact that France demands movies to be dubbed into the wrong language do a disservice to the French and is insulting to the rest of the world. Every movie I rent has French dubbing…whether the movie originates in Brazil, Japan, or the U.S. Do you realize that it is ONLY French dubbing….no Spanish dubbing, no English dubbing, no Mandarin dubbing….only French. And French is the native language of very few people in the world! But that is really not the point. I feel that to dub from the natural language is disrespectful at the least and keeps the people ignorant and lazy at the most. Why do you think the English stopped dubbing? And do you think it has had a positive impact on race/culture relations in America? Don’t you think it is a crucial first step to accepting? I believe it is. Because to falsify something in order to make it more “like where you are from and like the people where you are from” sanitizes it to the point that most will not appreciate people who are different, speak different, and have different customs. And don’t we all need as much reality and understanding as we can get? Not to mention that it just keeps people lazy. I mean, heaven forbid if anyone has to actually READ something! Personally, if I’m going to see a portrayal of an Austrian person, living an Austrian life, I want to hear what Austrians sound like! Maybe if I see what Austria looks and “feels” like (which includes their speech), maybe I will get off my sofa and actually experience it myself. And maybe others will too. Plus, isn’t it just annoying to watch a movie set in a historical time, where the people live in another country and yet they all sound illegitimate? Do you want to hear Napoleon speak English with an American accent? I don't. And I wish the French did not want to hear George Washing speaking French. That is just wrong.

    So, bottom line, I can love a place and still point out things that I don't agree with. I'm sorry it bothers you.

  21. I guess you could say I feel strongly about this :-)

    Went to a place called "Carp Diem" tonight....I noticed that they used the word "frommage." But...I don't think you want to know what it consisted of...not too thrilling....I do miss French cheese!

  22. Susan, you do seem to get quite upset about these things. Were you or someone in your family in the military by any chance? Just a question...please don't get upset.

  23. Hey Eric, you are everywhere aren't you?! Just saw this interview with you about the environment. I noticed you didn't happen to mention how much energy you use running your computer night & day! ;-)

    (Don't worry Lynn, you should be able to see this interview link without any techie expertise LOL)

  24. in my experience in france, most "foreign" films are offered in the V.O. (Version Original) with french subtitles, as well as dubbed into french from time to time. i must say that these films are offered in a variety of formats to the viewing public.
    my fondest memories are sending the kids off to see films on the "champs" or to hit les halles for a film at 09:30. :-)

  25. Agree Laufenweg - every film I see here is in V.O. (french or not). It used to be hard to find both, but now, like you said, at the "champs", les halles, grands boulevards, Bercy Odeon...they all offer both.

  26. I'm not upset Michael, you are misinterpreting.

    I have an you have to be upset if you have an opinion? It says something about a culture that it is singled out so that every movie is dubbed for it (like I said, EVERY movie I receive has the French dub option). It's consistent.

    And no, no one in the military. That's kind of insulting that you asked that. I guess it's like that video you put on here...the one that parodied women with opinions...women should only want to pet kitties.

  27. Helloooo Eric - I'm back from holiday! And oh dear, what an interesting conversation is underway.
    Susan in Atl - I LOVE that you have strong opinions - I do too - trouble is, with 5 cats, I love to pet my kitties too.
    We should be thanking Eric for providing us with this forum to so freely express our opinions and debate them.
    Women are complicated aren't they Michael?
    Speaking of Films, do you remember the Movie "Camelot", with Richard Harris playing King Arthur (and Vanessa Redgrave as Guinevere)? I love the part when Arthur quotes Merlin, telling him what to do when a woman is thinking - not to worry, "they don't do it very often" (think, that is) - "but what do you do while they're doing it?"
    Oh, how times have changed.
    Johnny Parsons: you are so spoilt having time to watch so many movies. I tried to watch one movie a day on DVD to force myself to rest in the afternoons, so would go to the vid shop and hire 8 DVDs for the week (an extra one in case I felt like it). Most times, I only managed to see 5 of them and had to re-rent the ones I missed out on seeing.
    I used to love going to the movies and in particular watch foreign, usually French, films. I still go once a month with my girlfriends from school - dinner and a movie - but M.B and I rarely go to the movies any more and it's a shame really. The closest cinema for us is about 20 kms away; I guess that that is the disincentive.

  28. Oops, that should be Mme Benaut

  29. Yes, I am spoiled..Dave spoils me and I love it. It is wonderful to be spoiled after many years (too many)of emotional difficulty. I enjoy movies no matter where...on DVD, on computers, big theaters, little theaters.....wherever. I enjoy them in any language, dubbed, subtitled, or silent. My addiction beats drugs, booze, etc. "and when I die, don't spend your money on telling of my glory and my fame....just see what the boys in the video room may have, and tell'em I died of the same." familiar? I love that Dietrich!LOL

  30. oops someone didn't close their HTML tag, just how does one delete their own post?
    I am very sorry! I know this causes problems.

  31. there should be a garbage can on the bottom left corner of each post. Just click it, and your post will be deleted. (IMDB is a REALLY great site, I agree!)

  32. I don't see one,garbage can, but I am glad to see that I didn't cause your post to also be "linked" Merci for your quick rescue. Fingers crossed this does not link.

  33. Susan, Susan, Susan...sorry to (not)upset you again. I asked the question about the military because often times (yes, I'm generalising) military families have a strong patriotic we don't see here in France. Now, when it comes to the "dub option", unless I'm misunderstanding again, it is an option. So why not just let people choose how they want to watch a movie and let it be?

    As for videos and kitties, you've lost me on that one.

  34. Philly that is one biiiig link!!!!
    Girl what happened there?!?! lol

    So you're gonna have to look for another color for your sneakers... the white ones you bought seem really confortable... the black ones will make you look like a nun... hmmm now I'm beginning to wonder what pair of sneakers I will take when I go back to Paris!!!

    Oh I forgot to say that the movies we get here on theaters are not dubbed. As for the dvd's we get, there are options like Michael pointed out.

  35. JohnnyParsons

    Have you been to this
    ? It's a great site.

    Today will be the movies, just not sure of how many, in what order, or which. This is one plan which would give me time to shop for OTHER THAN WHITE SPORT SHOES Monsieur Michael. To quote a movie that a friend always quotes; "...they're all going to laugh at you."

    The Last Mimzy @2:45 (4:25)
    Premonition @5:05 (7:05)
    Reigh Over Me @7:05 (9;15)

    If I don't wear the white, how else will you find Waldo, I mean ME?

    "I'm late, I'm late,for a very important date"; said WHITE rabbit (Philly) LOL

  36. Ah, so much better.

    I did not end my HTML tag when I did the link.

    We could be comrades in shoes and wear white. I won't look like a nun unless you have me stand right next to my aunt and pull my hair back. I wear black boots, black mules, black heels, black sandals....but the sneaker, oxford type make me feel matronly.

  37. Philly,
    I use the site all the time for my investigations of anything film related. I love it and thank you.

    Tennis shoes have come a long way but I hate them as I did in high school. I also hate baseball caps. Especially worn with the bill on the side...I wish I wasn't so opinionated but then I wouldn't be "me". I am what I am, I am my own special "confusion". LOL

  38. To Johnny Parsons: Thank you for your superior knowledge of the French cinema, it is enlightening. Question: Did I understand you to say that films etc. are available to purchase from the FNAC website and for shipping stateside? Much appreciated.

  39. Susan. Sorry you feel that the way you do. That you do not see your aggrandisement of American culture, as an extension of your nationalist ideals, which you seem to pour on us the other Americans that diagree with your views. Nationalism tends to paint rosie things, and my criticism was not to say that you should not defend the U.S., but that you spread your compliments a bit too thick to be believable. Case in point would be for you to go back to your statement on (09 mars 2007) and read what you wrote about American men, then read the reply, I believe two down from your statement, and consider how that person felt. I have no reason to think that that person is not American as well, but would not insist that he is one on the other hand.

    That movies made in Japan or Brazil or anywhere else in the world are dubbed in French, is not the fault of the French. As you well know you can choose languages in which you can hear and watch a movie, and I have rented cartoons dvds for my son which he could watch in English, Spanish, or French. Surely, you cannot blame the French for this.

    As to criticizing the U.S. or any other country, I think we are all in the same boat anf strongly believe that we all have a right to criticize all countries and therefore all cultures. I remind you, however, that it is not France of the rst of the world who have stated "You are with us or against us." Indeed, it was a resident in some Casa Blanca, who thought that we needed to send the Navy out into Afghani waters so as to blockade their ports. If this resident, given his background, does not know about geoghraphy, nor about the culture he was invading, it is safe to say that a great number of us, who are responsible for his selection, do not know about other other cultures as well.

    I still insist that I do not what I say to offend you, and I am sorry that you felt that way.

  40. What a beautiful theatre! I would love to see a movie in a place as gorgeous as this - I wonder what it looks like inside. There are only a couple of historic old grand movie theatres left in Southern California. Now, we have been taken over by the giant multi-plexes showing 15-25 movies at a time. While it's good for variety,and the stadium seating is nice so you don't have to sit behind someone's giant head, I still miss a beautiful free-standing theatre.

    While I've never gone to see a movie in Paris, I always get a kick out of the translation of the titles that I see in the billboard ads. My favorite one was back in 1999, I think. They had a giant poster on the Champs-Elysees for "Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me" which was translated into, "L'espion Qui m'a Tiree." Loved it!

    On another note, has anyone ever been to the restaurant to the left of the theatre in the photo? I'm always looking for a yummy new place to try out.

    Also (wow, I'm long-winded today), Monica: A cute substitute for the traditional "tennies" are Skechers shoes (sorry I tried the link, but need more practice, I'm afraid...). I just bought a pair that are khaki-colored with cute little red Japanese floral silk print on the sides.

    I have heard that Parisians don't like to see tourists in tennis shoes. Is that true?

  41. So Haxo, does this mean that you wear tennis shoes and sexy shorts around town? LOL

    I think the decision about tennis shoes is really going to be up to the person wearing them and whether or not they mind looking like a tourist. At the end of the day, as many have said, you're going to do a lot of walking so wear what makes your feet happy! :-)

  42. //have heard that Parisians don't like to see tourists in tennis shoes. Is that true? //

    Parisians don't care. Wear COMFORTABLE SHOES when you come to Paris because you're gonna be walking more during your visit than you did in the entire year preceding your vacation.

  43. Pont girl and Philly,

    This is the shoe I'll wear in Paris. It has a tocuh of pink that I love!!
    It's very comfy and seeing that I bought it in Paris last year, no, I don't think it's true parisians don't like to see tourists in tennis shoes. Why wouldn't they like it? They're harmless!!!

    I saw lots and lots of parisian women wearing trendy sneakers, similar to this skecher you showed.
    I think it's gonna be alright.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Of course I'm not wearing it to a restaurant at night or something like that. The only reason I look very touristy in Paris is because I'm always taking photographs, not because of my clothes. I don't think I draw that much attention.

    As for mini shorts, thanks for the reminder Haxo. I plan on wearing them since I'm used to it - I live near the coast after all - and it's going to be hot. But I won't wear it in churches!

    Boys what do you think, do you approve of me wearing those shoes and a mini short in Paris?!!! ;-)

  46. Monica. You can wear whatever you like in Paris. I am sure you will not fail all of us who cannot be there this year. What really matters is how you feel about it, everything else is secondary.

  47. Haxo: Thanks for the info - good to know!

    Monica: That shoe looks good - definitely comfy! The Skechers I was talking about are similar but have the silk print on the sides. Happy walking! I have to wear high heels pretty much every day for work, and am just used to them, so I usually wear black loafers with a medium heel when I'm walking in Paris. I, too can always be spotted as a tourist for taking a gazillion photos!

  48. Clo,

    I am not the nationalist one....I am the INTERNATIONAL one...the one that doesn't mind seeing FOREIGN movies rather than trying to turn them into DOMESTIC films.

    Don't confuse the fact that I have an opinion...a very common opinion I might add, about the NATIONALISTIC (so glad you said that because that is at the root of dubbing) practice of dubbing that a few countries have. It is not just an afterthought as you imply...a is REQUIREMENT by the french government. Even the French dubbers themselves are complaining that they are receiving pressure to change the sanitize the actual content.

    It's my opinion, nothing need to call me names (indirectly)!

    As for the rest of your comments...what are you talking about?!? Casa Blanca, Afghanistan??? HUH??? Firstly, what has that got to do with "the price of eggs" (I wonder how that colloquialism
    would be translated in the dubbing process Or subtitles for that matter?)? What does that have to do with the topic? And also, what do they have to do with ME??? You are confused. Stick to the topic.

    Michael, Ah, yes...a woman with opinions...must be a military nazi!

  49. Monica,

    I had to laugh when reading your posts because it reminds me of me when planning my first trip to Paris! I can relate so much! I made some huge mistakes then that left me with constant blisters. I wore open toe shoes and I chose the worst possible ones to bring. The next time, I wore these shoes and what a difference! No blisters, no sore feet! Notice that although the heel make appear skinny from a side view, it is also very wide (I tried to show both from this angle) which gave lots of support. I really didn't have one minutes problem. If you have any like that, you might want to bring them just to try. Otherwise, wear what you want to wear. Tennis shoes will announce you're a tourist, but there are worse things to be ;-) a sit on your sofa, non-tourist! Right? I'm getting excited for you!

  50. And Clo...gosh, I'm constantly called a dirty liberal and was accused by the right of not loving my country pre-Iraq invasion and now you seem to be calling me a nationalistic right-winger! Who am I? Where do I belong? LOL And yes, I'm laughing AT you, not With you!

  51. Susan. "Phx, I don't think they DO know more about other cultures to be fair." The topic was not dubbing.

    Dubbing was secondary. Knowledge about cultures was primary. Casa Blanca (White House) Afghanistan a country we have flattened,
    are related to your argument about knowledge of cultures. I simply tried to link things. I simply tried show that when we eleect people that do not know geography, a word that you missed to mention, and do not know or understand other cultures, then it should not come as a surprise that we are viewed as ignorant. If it angered you that is fine and well.

    Finally, no need for you to put words in people's mouth. All Michale did was mention patriotism (love for one's country, which, not that nuch unlike nationalism (loyalty and devotion to one's nation). Your use of nazi was quite misplaced regarding Michael. Lastly, Internationalism as in your claim "I am the INTERNATIONAL one..." is quite simplistic when used in the context of watching movies.

    I would like to apologize to Eric for this argument on his blog, promise not to reply after this, to Michael for having been dragged into this argument, and promise that next time I will concentarte on Eric's pictures and not what you necessarily have to say. I apologize to everyone for this inconvenience.

  52. But at least you got your last word in? LOL...if you were sincere, you would not have written a page more of your opinions...oooh....gotcha! But, I will not respond to your latest comments...ahem...insults. But, neither you or I drug Michael into anything. He volunteered of his own volition.

  53. I notice a dreastic change in Michael towards me ever since I said, whether Michael's gay or straight, he's mine! It was a compliment but I think the gay part was upsetting. I didn't mean it that way...I mean, how am I to know who is gay or straight? Both are fine with me and I didn't mean to imply anything.

  54. Susan your boots are so elegant!!! I wish I could be that elegant when walking all day long!
    Anyway, I did fine with my sneakers, but I must say I'm proud of you walking in Paris comme il faut!!!

    I usually have to wear high heels at work and by the end of the day my feet usually hurt.

    Well you guys, TTFN (I love this expression!), hope nobody is upset with nobody here! You're all so fine!

  55. Clo:I said that is why they know more about other cultures, but I think you just made a typo. I amend it now to say that is ONE of the reasons they know more about other cultures.

    And on another page,I wanted to talk French politics! Oh, Susan, that was YOU who first brought it up! A spirited idea and I bit! I would love see disparate views put forth. It can be done. Or do you want to talk about about things like shoes? that I think about it....SHOES!!!
    Michel Perry, Roger Vivier, Chanel even EDEN shoes....I can go on and on....

  56. I feel bad for all the people from all over the world who used to hang out here before the commenting section became completely flooded with useless banter or comments about everything under the sun ... except the topic posted. You all need to get a life. Some of you might even need to get laid, but that's a different story.

  57. LOL Parisian Expat...

    So sorry Eric for the comments here today, but look at what your blog does. That's got to be a good thing. Susan and others have opinions they wish to express, and sometimes it's just HOW they get expressed. At least it's not a boring blog! ;-)

  58. Eric, our movie theaters all seem to be pretty industrialized. Same format - small screens - tons of snacks and things to pay extra for. I like these big theaters where you feel like you are going out to a show.

    Reading above it seems that I sure did miss something didn't I? What does gay or straight have to do with anything Susan? Why even bring that into the discussion? I think Michael was trying to recognize your patriotism and you then turn that into a "military nazi" statement. Please take a deep breath and relax. Nobody is out to get you or anybody else here. Chill girl. It's just a blog, (a cool one) but just a blog.

  59. Phx, I somehow missed that the other day (politics) or I would have replied...I'm really interested in that. And I agree wholeheartedly with you that interesting topics about opinions should be able to be discussed.

    If you guys will notice, take a moment to reread Clo's remarks and my initial response and you'll see that Clo is the one who was out of line in his first comments to me. There is no need for personal insults. He even admitted to "lecturing" me. He was condescending when he said that " your constant attempts at defending what many know as lacking in this country (the U.S.)" (WTF! You're an idiot if you say that, you don't know what you're talking about) and said that "it's good to see its faults" (as if I do not), and was really petty by bringing up a comment I said that has nothing to do with if I should be ashamed that I love American men.

    If you notice, my initial response was still civil.

    I didn't get annoyed until after I was insulted even more. And Michael you were out of know it and I know it.

    So, if you cannot have civil debates without getting insulting and trying to humiliate a person then don't comment.

    So yes Clo...get laid or something instead of making embarrassing sexual remarks about someone else on here...a total stranger. I'm embarrassed for you.

    We could have had a nice discussion...and probably agree on a lot...which is the most ironic thing. But instead, you were condescending and make assumptions about a person you don't know.

  60. I thought up a new word the other day. "Multisexual" How's that for a description of the people of today. I just saw a French movie called "Dieux de Stade"....That one should please all. Although it gets boring after a while.... Yes, FNAC and Amazon.Fr. ship to the U.S.A. The above movie was 5E and the shipping was 10E....I charged it to my American Express...Amex converts it to dollars on your bill. I buy from Ebay,Fr., too.

  61. Beautiful photograph. Interesting about the dubbing.

  62. Susan, Michael's English clip is designed with humour. It is actually pointing OUT the demeaning of women. How could you have missed that?

    I think, at least it seems to me, that you are quick to jump to the defence of ... nothing actually. I don't understand why. Not everyone is out to get you, we are sometimes merely curious and ask questions of each other which bear no malice at all.

    Great photo Eric; makes me want to go in. Wish we had a scheme like that here in the UK. It costs two of us £12 to attend, including a coke.

    Monica; went last night to see "300". Very good film though it's not normally my sort of thing. So interesting and yes very visually erm stimulating.

  63. Lynn, did you like 300? I have the same impression that it's not something I would normally go for, but the reviews seem pretty good.

  64. Well i did, Michael! The battle scenes i watched through my fingers mainly and there's quite a lot of blood (albeit with special effects) splashing about but the general idea is impressive and epic. Worth seeing but i wouldn't go again. I'm a romantic really, drawn to that kind of thing or suspense, like Phone Booth. Wow.

  65. It is an incredible picture... Some time combining the old and new result in some striking results. This advertisement must be very effective as it is truly eye catching.

  66. Wow. I go out of town for a couple of days and look what I missed. Susan getting her panties in a twist about nothing - Michael, of all people a nazi?! Jesus, woman! Get a life, or at least find an appropriate forum for your vitriol. We're here for the photos!

    Lovely shot, Eric. I love the juxtaposition of the classically beautiful Parisian batiment and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Too Funny!

  67. I've just discovered this page and I like the picture. :)
    I'm French and I spend most of my time in Paris. I have the "18 € for all the movies you want" card too and I go to the cinema a LOT! And I see every single movie in its original language. My favorite theater is Bercy, but I go to "Les Halles" as well. The "V.O." thing is mandatory for me. I cannot go to the movies and see them dubbed. And it bugs me on tv. I hope that it will change soon. A few channels have started to put their programs with subtitles, which is great. Now, I wait for everyone to do it.
    FYI Bercy and Les Halles are 2 (maybe even THE 2) biggest movie theaters in Paris, they attract a LOT of people and ALL their movies are in the original version.

  68. Good to know, Elodie, thank you! :) Glad there are other options besides the Champs theaters to see a good movie in VO. Actually, I saw many movies in VO in the 5th but that was a long time ago, I don't know if they still do that these days?

  69. Tomate, they still VO movies at Odeon if that's where you mean.

  70. Wonderful photo! It put a smile on my face, too. :)