Saturday, November 24, 2007

Back to shopping!

That's it! Now that the strikes are almost over, life is going to start again! Shopping in particular... I thought I would show you an other extraordinary Christmas window. This one belongs to the Galeries Lafayette where they usually have very creative stuff. I love it. Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Brilliant, indeed. This is pretty cool. I confess that j'aime le jambe dans l'autre fenetre mieux.
    (Oh, Jeff, you're a beast! No, no, this one is, you see, and the other...oh nevermind.)

  2. cool shot Eric.
    have a great weekend yourself.

  3. I actually flew into Paris the morning after Thanksgiving. So glad the strike is over. Started my shopping immediately and am enjoying early Christmas decorations. Noted the tree being decorated in front of Notre Dame. The big orange crane was pretty ugly. Enjoyed your blog. Keep it going and thanks.

  4. Novembre in Paris always includes a pilgrimage to Galeries Lafayette and Au Printemps for the incredible holiday windows. I agree that this one is fantastic!! I love how they always have a little platform for the children so they can get up close to the windows. So kind and sweet!! Christmas is all about children, they have such a different view of it than we adults. Merci!

  5. La Belle et la Bête, en somme ...
    Bon weekend !

  6. Neat shot Eric, but that is one FREAKY window... what with the giant dog(?) paw in it. Surreal.

  7. I'm on my way to this neighbourhood, I definitely have to watch this window !!!! Great picture, Eric ;-)))))

  8. Looks like a film set of some obscure director. Not sure what the animals leg is supposed to represent.

  9. Eric: Thanks! for show us your look about Paris.
    I'm argentinean guy living at Le Marais and I enjoy the city every day, so many ways...

    Look my blog, also I adhered your.

    Have a nice parisian week end!
    A Bientot!


  10. Naughty Jeff, encore ;)

    I agree with Matthieu that this represents Beauty & the Beast (mais quelle sort du beast???)

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