Friday, January 04, 2008

Big Heads

Not far from the Beaubourg center, by the Saint Merri church, I found these big portraits that are usually not there... They look like rabbis to me, so I suppose they were installed on the occasion of a Jewish celebration. Anyway , they give the neighborhood a festive aspect which is good. It's already Le weekend, it feels good, even though I've worked only 3 days this week ;). Update: thanks to my visitors (see comments) I know now these 3 men are a Rabi, a priest and an imam.


  1. How exciting! These are a part of the Face 2 Face project: , an attempt by 2 photographers to who hope that this project will contribute to a better understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.

  2. Almost as impressive as the photo itself is the fact that the first comment above by Laura St. Vincent nailed the provenance of the portraits.

  3. Glad to read Laura's comment: I have seen those pictures somewhere totally different and really can't remember where. I like them a lot on these walls. I'd love to have that huge picture of the guy in the middle in my apartment. You really can be in a bad mood when you see those three.
    Bon weekend!

  4. Laura St. Vincent - You are GOOD! Thanks for that!

    I see that you can also purchase a poster of the images by clicking here. Eliane, you'll have to do the clipping if you only want the guy in the middle hanging in your apartment!

  5. I thought they might be advertising a comedy show, as they are all smiling and looking slightly mad.

  6. Je n'ai pas le courage d'écrire en anglais alors... ;-)
    Il y a eu un long article sur les deux artistes à l'origine de ce "happening" dans Libération il y a peut être 2 mois.
    Le but est de prendre en photo des palestiniens comme des israéliens et de coller leurs portraits sur ce "mur de la honte".

    Eric, ces 3 hommes que vous voyez là sont respectivement un rabbin, un prêtre et un imam. 3 religions pour une seule entente.
    Je trouve que c'est une très belle démarche, pleine d'espoir.

  7. Ce "mur de la honte", j'entendais bien sûr le mur de séparation en Israel/Palestine, pas celui de l'Eglise saint Merri!

  8. I'm really tired, 3 messages to say ONE thing...

  9. The British artist banksy paint one of those images on the wall that divides belem and jerusalem in israel.

  10. I like the tromp l'oeil aspect of the display. And the fact that the silly faces make you smile. That is a great way to start the weekend!

  11. Salut Eric

    j'ai découvert le travail de ce photographe pendant les rencontres internationales de la photo à Arles cet été. Tu devrais y exposer ...

    A bientôt

  12. Feels good to me too Eric. Even though i've only worked the same 3 days i've done a lot of research into the night and have matchsticks holding up my eyelids and chocs in my mouth.

    I like these rabbis if they are such. They look great fun don't they.

  13. I don't know much about politics! but anything which encourages mankind to shake hands, instead of killing one another, has my support. You're a great guy, Eric. Un chic type! Merci! (and very talented!)

  14. So unexpected! The wonders of Paris never cease.

  15. Just to add--I love how it's juxtaposed with the older building on the left. I'm glad you included that in the photo.

  16. Merci Eric!! I love shots of Paris that show it in a state of "disarray"..don't get me wrong, I also love the beautiful almost "postcard" shots; but there is something about a photo like this of a scene one might see as you are rushing about and not notice. I love the BIG faces..I agree that one would have to chuckle when confronting them!

    Notes to posts from the last couple days..Eric if you quit PDP..tomate knows where you live..we'll come to Paris and kidnap you and force you to take photos!!! LOL!!

    Just received another Paris calendar for Christmas[in addition to my PDP calendar]and there was a nostalgic photo taken from inside a cafe near the Canal St Martin..and you could see the ashtray on the table, that had survived years of use. I wonder if photos of ashtrays and people smoking in cafes in Paris will now become collectors items...along with those ashtrays???

  17. The smiles are priceless! Peace in the new year to all.

  18. Cool shot. The theme (thank you Laura St. Vincent) reminds me of the big fountain in Chicago's Millenium Park. Check out the website if interested:

    I like Marie Noyelle's idea from yesterday: a PDP Parade! Hmm, getting more interested in a trip in May. (The month of Maybe.) As part of a PDP Picnic, maybe we can do a parade as well! (We'll need to call out Michel from le Quartier Latin to ensure he brings more excellent wine!)

  19. PDP picnic parade!
    PDP picnic parage!
    We'll have it made.
    What an escapade!
    A PDP picnic parade!

    We'll walk through the Marais.
    See photos by Saint Merri.
    St. Germain de Pres.
    Marmottan Monet.
    St. Etienne,
    Vin a la Seine,
    It's our PDP picnic parade!

  20. OK Jeff, what are you ON?!

    I bet you're on the same thing as Guille LOL!

    Thanks everybody for all your links and info on these 3 photos, I got it totally wrong then (well one of them is a Rabi, so not totally).

    It IS and interesting work I must say, I'm pretty ashamed not to have known this myself ;)

  21. Tonton, LOL on the "Tomate knows where you live"!!

    BTW, you're right, photos of people smoking in bars have started to become real collectors, hence the latest cover of Paris Obs where they used a superb B&W photo of two smokers with the word "Fin" (the End) on them.

  22. I'm ON nothing, only tiredness and happyness to discover this shot with this artist work I really like.
    Eric, there was no cartel, no information at the foot of the wall? That's weird.

    Jeff, nice nursery rhyme... ;-)

  23. We were married in Paris on this date at the Eiffel. Many people took our photo and we are looking for any copies! Anyone have any ideas on how to find people who may have been there?