Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Four year anniversary

Four years! It's been 4 years that I've been posting a photo of Paris a day without missing one day, even when I'm on holiday - like at the moment. [I'm currently on my way to Sydney FYI]. Of course, it's sometimes a constraint, but it's also rewarding in many aspects: I get to learn more about my home town, I get to improve my photography skills, and last, but certainly not least, I get to meet wonderful people from all over the world! I'm also grateful to the more than 500 other city daily photo bloggers who have found the same pleasure as I in this adventure. Thank you everyone, new visitors and old.



    Une belle tarte tatin pour l'occasion? :)

  2. It's a wonderful adventure, and I'm glad to be part of it, as all the other PDP folks I guess.
    Thanks a lot for sharing with us your view of our wonderful city day after day.
    I hope it'll never stop!

  3. Good girl, GF Guille!

    Et Bon Anniversaire from moi aussi, Eric!! And you know we hope you keep it up for another four au moins (as our president would say: yes, you can!). I'm sure you know how happy I was to meet you for a real face-to-face conversation.
    Good to know where you are, btw.

  4. Congratulations Eric!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful and beloved city with us!

  5. Wow, four years! That's amazing, and it's a lot of pictures, over 1400, plus all of the ones that we're treated to in the making of.

    Eric, thank you for brightening my day each and everyday since I discovered PDP. I have since gone back through the archives and viewed each and every image and cannot not wait for the images to come. Thank you for giving us this space to share Paris with others who love it as much as we do. It has been great to communicate with other people from around the world who love the city, and it was wonderful to meet you and the other Paris lovers, such as Guille, Phx and Rose to just name a few when I had the pleasure to attend the wonderful PDP picnic last May. Thank you for making all of that possible!

  6. Congratualations...that steadfastness of purpose is commendable.

  7. Eric,Happy Anniversary. And thank you for sharing a different aspect of your beautiful city with us each and every day! It is a bright point of my day to see something/some where new in Paris that otherwise I would not learn about or see.

    Hope you enjoyed that Tarte Tarin - was it apple?

  8. Bojour Eric:

    Thank you so very much for conceiving this project. Accompanying you on your journeys is an adventure of, not only visual observation, but history and civics as well as music, art and commerce. Most often the subject is not the Paris of the tourist.

    A few I found most unique:
    The white dinners each year
    political demonstrations that you just manage to be present at
    shooting at all hours of the day and night.

    saute! 4X!

    Steve, very rainy Chicago

  9. Happy anniversary to PDP and to THE boss behind everyone's pleasure!

    And isn't it funny ... we had a tarte Tatin as desert tonight at home. I didn't know your post before, I swear! Telepathy, I guess ! ;)

    Have a safe trip to Sydney...

  10. Bon anniversaire, Eric. Et merci beaucoup for all the pleasure you've brought me and all the others that enjoy your PDP.

    Here's to 4 years and 40 more!

  11. Eric, thank you so much for the gift of the city daily photo concept. In a few days, I will complete a year of blogging little Willits, California, and like you, I learned so much and have met wonderful people. Geography does not divide us, it unifies us.

  12. Joyeux anniversaire, cher Eric! Et merci, merci, merci!

    Thank you for showing us Paris every day. Thank you for being so charming and kind. Thank you for the community you've nurtured here on PDP, and for the City Daily Photo Blog community you created. I became a CDP blogger just over 14 months ago. It has changed my life in ways I could never have predicted - all of them good! I'm grateful for your inspiration and motivation, and for the worldwide network of friends I've found here.


    You are loved!

  14. Wow! Four years, that is fantastic. I always follow your blog and enjoy it very much. Hope you continue for at least another four years.

  15. Joyeux Anniversaire! (and many more...)

    Thank you so much for inspiring us each day with new photos of Paris. It is because of you and this blog and the people I have met both here and in person that I have my own blog of my hometown. It has opened my eyes to my world in a new and different way and I must say "Thank You, Merci, and Gracias" from the bottom of my heart!

    Have a wonderful time in Sydney and don't forget about the bridge! (At least take a picture of it!)

  16. Many, many congratulations to you on a remarkable achievement! Posting every single day is amazing, I sometimes struggle one weeke to the next! All of us CDP bloggers owe you a huge debt for founding this community and inspiring to show off our own home towns.

    Thank you

  17. Congratulations, Eric! Thank you so much for your devotion and hard work and for sharing your lovely city with us all. I hope your having a wonderful time down under.

  18. Whoops, that should be "I hope you're having a wonderful time....

  19. Happy Anniversary, Eric! I have been a fan a couple of years. Your page is always interesting w/ some great photos - keeps me from missing Paris too much. Hope you're enjoying your holiday!

  20. Been real busy lately but I certainly couldn't pass up on saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY PDP! You've given us a lot of great times and great memories. Oh yeah, and great pictures of Paris too!

  21. I love your daily photos, and so glad I can read the comments in English. Someday I will learn French. Viva Paris!

  22. Thank you for enriching my life, from both the pictures and the very special friends I have made.

    I have sent 60 Minutes an email about doing a story on the first daily photo inventor, you, and have yet to hear from them!
    Viva Eric!!!

  23. Hi Eric!!!! : )))))))

    I've been so busy lately that I didn't have time to post. But, I have to stop today to send you a great big joyeaux anniversaire and to say thank you!

    Thank you!!

    You've given us Paris. You've given us yourself. And, you've given us each other - who never would have met in cyberspace or face to face without your lovely, thought-provoking, funny, serious, irreverent, solemn, joyous, sweet, clear-eyed, elegant, egalitarian, always-giving, beautiful Work Of Art.

    May all that you have given return many times over to you. : )

  24. PHX - what a lovely thing you did! I hope they don't miss a great opportunity!!

  25. Congratulations on, for what is to us too, your Happy Anniversary! And Thanks!

    You either are or have influenced an integral part of so many of our daily lives; in ways that, as Petrea has said, are all good (except for those who might not have cared to see this).

  26. Happy 4th anniversary, Eric! And thank you for your excellent blog!

  27. Joyeux Anniversaire, Eric! I can't thank you enough for the love and care you show through PDP, CDP and your loyal community. My days are richer and brighter for visiting here and those I've met here. {Safe and happy flight over.}

    Guille, what a lovely day for you to wear the crown. Congratulations!

  28. Congratulations Eric! May there be many more candles on your tarte tatin. I have certainly enjoyed the taste of Paris through your eyes. Hope you are having a grand time down under too.

    Guille...perfect or perhaps "parfait" is the word! ;-)

  29. Wow Eric, four straight years of daily posting! Simply amazing, as are you. Like everyone else, I thank you mille fois for everything you give us every day -- your wonderful photos and text of the best city in the world, and the most amazing community of people I've ever met. Three cheers for Eric and PDP!! And thanks for continuing to post while you're enjoying a much-deserved vacation.

    Way to go GF Guille! I hope you're going to share the tarte tatin crown with the rest of us.

  30. Bon Anniversaire from a faithful reader in New York City. Thank you for sharing your beautiful city each day.

  31. How ironic you chose that as a link today, Tall Gary. MY favorite picture. I just did a presentation in my French class today using MY picture of the store(NOT on the same level as Eric's) , a store I never would have known about if not for PDP.

    Of all the wonderful and interesting pictures I showed of Paris, that was the one that provoked the most questions.I said I picked it to show the French sense of humor!!!

  32. JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE from California! Your blog brings me closer to ma fille qui habite en Paris maintenant :-) Merci, Eric!

  33. Congrats. Checking your site has become part of my morning ritual.

  34. Carrie -- well said!
    And TG -- trust you to choose THAT image!
    Eric -- I truly hope you find as much pleasure in doing this as we do in visiting every day (and, inspired by you, do our own blog overy day). Seriously, look what you started!

  35. Well said, Eri. My sentiments exactly. I celebrate my one-year anniversary this coming Saturday.

  36. Joyeux Anniversaire, Eric -- ou bien, PDP! I adore you both. :)

    What a beautiful photo to mark the day. Thank you, Eric, for making it a priority to share a piece of Paris and of yourself with us -- no matter what -- each day. Such devotion is rare and a treasure.

    'Hope you're enjoying a marvelous vacation!

  37. Wonderful work Eric!

    I come here everyday, though I do not leave a comment each time.

    Each picture captures Paris so perfectly each day!

  38. Congratulations, Eric. In elementary school in the States one would get a certificate of perfect attendance. Of course that was just for a 9 month school year, so you deserve something even better. Maybe a trophy?

    Keep up the good work.

  39. Happy birthday to PDP !!

    and i hope you have some great time :o)

  40. Congratulations for four years of daily blogging. Enjoyed your daily photos of Paris.

    Hopefully will bump into you in Sydney!

  41. What a fantastic achievement, Eric!
    Je t'embrasse pour fêter ça !

    I think of you even more since you're in Sydney today. I remember when I was doing Sydney Daily Snap and I made a special post for your 2nd blogging anniversary. How time flies !

    Please fill your eyes with the sight of Bondi Beach for me. Lots of love

  42. Bon anniversaire PDP !
    et bonnes vacances, Eric !

  43. Well Eric, another year you've made it and look at how many people's lives you've touched. You certainly deserve a key to the city of Paris. Congratulations and I salut you with a glass of Dom Perignon!!!

  44. Bon anniversaire, Eric !

    One of these days, you'll have to tell us what you had in mind 4 years ago, and if you had any idea of what/where it would be 4 years later!!
    Even the parisians discover new faces of their city through PDP!

    So thank you for PDP! Thank you for the CDP world! Thank you for all these friends from all over the world! And THANKS FOR YOU ;-)

  45. HA"PDP"Y BHIRTHDAY ;-)))))))

    And thank you very much for all the pictures you share with us all !!!!!

    Keep going this way, you're great !


  46. Eric

    You do a wonderful job with PDP and I'm personally grateful for the insights you give us about Paris.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  47. This blog has exactly the same age with my son and maybe this is the reason that PDP is my nr.1 favorite blog all these years...
    ... ok... maybe also because Paris is my most adorable city in the world and you Eric are the main responsible for keeping this flame alive with your awesome photos!

  48. Happy anniversary, Eric! Looking forward to as many years — or more — of seeing Paris through your eyes.

    Like many other CDP bloggers, you were my inspiration for starting My Manila. Thank you.

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Sydney.

  49. Bon anniversaire Eric! I've only recently found your page but I love it and I'm enjoying looking back over the photos.
    Hope your trip is giving youlots of inspiration and pleasure.
    Now I'm off to get something to it because that photo made me hungry!

  50. Happy anniversary! Tu es une véritable institution maintenant! Profite bien de la merveilleuse ville de Sydney, ah comme je t'envie...!

  51. "Bon anniversaire,
    nos voeux les plus sincères.
    Que ce beau gâteau
    vous apporte le bonheur!"

    An inviting Tarte Tatin, a nice light, an elegant alsacian plate, a great view over Montmartre… It must have been a delightfull evening at a lovely friend's place !!!!

    More seriously, 1000 merci to you for letting an old parisian discover everyday new sights of his beloved city and open his mind with comments and visitors from all over the world !

  52. Eric, darling, THANK YOU for 4 wonderful years of beautiful photographs. Oh la la, I'm grateful to you for this blog helps immensely when I miss my soul's home!

    Misplaced Parisian!

  53. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for conceiving of this idea and your dedication to it. I'm sure I wouldn't be blogger without this concept. And, I'm enjoying it so much.

  54. Happy PDP Eric!!! Well done, this is a great thing you've done here.

    Hey, Hi Rich! :) xx

  55. Congratulations! 4 years is a long way to go, and you went through it admirably. Your blog has been inspiration to hundreds of people during all these years, and we all are axtremely grateful for that.

  56. congrats! and to think i have only recently stumbled upon your site :)

  57. 500!! But who started this whole thing?!

  58. Nasty GG I knew that you were going to sing it. Let me follow you!
    "Que l'année entière
    Vous soit douce et légère
    Et que l'an fini
    Nous soyons tous réunis
    Pour chanter en coeur
    Bon anniversai-ai-reuhhhhh"

    Katie, of course I'll share!! But I've to admit that to share a Tarte Tatin is almost a's better to eat a FULL one. ;)

    Coltrane, oui, c'est parfait!

  59. Tu l'homme!

    No words can describe the impact of PDP. All I can do is relate how my friend found it while googling 'Paris' after our second visit in 2005. I've been a junkie ever since. (PDPunkie?) How else would I have:
    -met mes amis Parisiens es Parisiennes?
    -the opportunity to have walking tours with the expert, Professor Michel?
    -experienced picnics on the Seine with friends?
    -sipped wine at Le Diable des Lombard? (a lovely evening)
    -met people in Los Angeles who want to dine with me?
    -met someone who flies from PHX to LAX to dine with us?
    -been forgiven for my poor knowledge of French? (Um, I might be assuming too much...)

    Bon Anniversaire!

  60. Breaking news-
    Reports are coming in about the latest recreational drug phenomenon which is sweeping the world.
    Believed to have been conceived by a mysterious Parisian who uses the name Eric Tenin,it has spread its tentacles to all four corners of the globe in just four years.

    Named 'PDP', it is highly addictive and its many side effects are said to include:
    - Serial abuse of puns
    - Mixing bad French with English
    - Unusual levels of flirtation and sexual innuendo.
    - Repeated chanting of the words 'Eiffel Tower' (ET syndrome)
    - Sudden increase in height (GT syndrome)

    The most hardened cases are often given away by gold stained index fingers and the wearing of strange headgear. (GF syndrome)

    Users are becoming bolder, holding drug parties (aka 'little gatherings')and are rumoured to have held a massive rave in public on the banks of the Seine.

    Employers are becoming increasingly aware that illicit PDP use has extended to the workplace.
    Safety authorities are also said to be concerned at recent incidents of airline flight staff being under the influence of PDP whilst on duty.

    A self-confessed PDP addict who, in order to protect his anonymity, we shall call 'Drummond' said,
    "It all started quite innocently when I started visiting Paris,then Tenin lured me into his web with his 'I'm a friendly Parisian' line and before I knew it I was hooked. Now I can't survive without my daily fix - I've tried rehab and cold turkey (tasted like frogs legs) but nothing works."

    Meanwhile the elusive Tenin has given the authorities the slip by fleeing France. There has been a reported sighting in New Zealand but it is feared that he has since moved on to Australia to a 'safe house' run by other members of the cartel.

    End of news flash.

  61. Congratulations, Eric - you embody everything fun, charming and interesting about the sites! Enjoy the vacation too

  62. Erratum:GT syndrome should read TG syndrome. Who proof read this junk anyway?

  63. Congradulations and a huge thank you for all of the wonderful photos and enjoyment you have given us over these past 4 years! db

  64. Hillarious "Newsflash"! Who are you?
    Do tell!

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Michael, c'est moi, le junkie Drummond.

  67. This is absolutely phenomenal! 4 years!!!! I want a piece of that cake!

    I'm curious too! Who is that masked man aka Newsflash! Reveal yourself!

  68. Congratulations & Happy Birthday aussi ;-)

  69. BON ANNIVERSAIRE, Eric !!!
    I'm so glad that you bother every single day, thank you ! PDP means a lot to a Paris freak like me, and then there's the huge bonus in getting to know all the wonderful people coming here.

  70. HA! Funny News Flash, Drummond! We all know who suffers from ET syndrome.

    I have my own News Flash: In celebration of PDP's 4th anniversary (under the guise of celebrating my husband's 50th birthday) we're staying at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas this weekend! Dinner on the Eiffel Tower is scheduled for Saturday, and there are plans for many Nutella/Banana crepes to be consumed and many ETs replicas to be purchased. I'm looking forward to the faux rue with the real shops and all of the half-size Parisian monuments scattered about the hotel. Wish my husband good luck in getting me to leave on Sunday.

  71. Well done, Drummond! Parfait!

  72. Joyeux anniversaire a PDP ! Merci pour ces photos quotidiennes de Paris ! Keep it up ! Loic

  73. Hilarious, Drummond!

    ET Suzy, sounds like a lot of fun. Have a gorgeous time!

  74. Eric, thank you for the most beautiful pictures from my future hometown. Such dedication to an idea is exceptional. I hope your well deserved vacation is going well.

  75. Suzy, hope you enjoy Monsieur Suzy's Birthday at the half size version.(well you know what I mean)

    I think I'm going to make you ever so slightly jealous now - last Friday at midnight, my wife and I saw in her birthday sipping cocktails outside the Cafe du Trocadero in full view of the full size ET, as she did her 'sparkly' thing on the hour.(the ET that is, not the wife).
    - Life doesn't get much better!

    Jeff, you've done yourself proud.

    PS - Eric, sorry didn't have time to clean up the mess when we left your appartment.

  76. Four years... wow Eric, it´s amazing isn´t it?! We´re so glad to share this joyful experience with you. I truly think PDP is unique - although it has inspired many, I remember when you used to say "check out other 100 city daily photo blogs.." now the number has reached 500 - and I can´t begin to describe how wonderful it is to meet such great people from all over!!!!

    Happy Anniversary!!! You chose the perfect pie to celebrate!!!!

  77. Jeff what you described shows perfectly well what PDP has done to our lives.

    Simply awesome!

  78. Drummond that was just great!!

    My name is Lynn Ede and I'm a PDP addict...

  79. Eric,

    Thank you so much for this little bit of Paris joy that I get everyday all the way over here in Australie!!!

    Hope you have a fantastic trip in Oz.

  80. LOL, Lynn. But you'll never be able to say, "It's been a week since my last PDP visit."

  81. Happy 4th Anniversary Eric. Like Michael, if I had a glass of Dom Perignon, I'd raise my glass to you but since I don't and since I have to wait another week to see you, I'll put a bottle of Bollinger in the fridge and try to be patient. PDP is a phenomenon not to be missed - an ingenious, 21st century way of connecting all of us from all over the globe. All roads lead to ... Paris!

  82. Happy Anniversary Eric. You are an inspiration. I hope that I can make it to 4 years.

  83.!!! I can't believe it has really been 4 Years!! I still look forward to turning on my computer and checking out the daily photo of my most favorite city in the world and it is all thanks to you Eric!! Joyeux Anniversaire Monsieur Tenin!! Merci mille fois!!!!

    *Did someone say "Bollinger"??? Whoahhhh..that sounds like a GO!! ;-)

  84. Thank you so much for your cleverness of situations at anytime!! Congrats!

  85. Personally I can't imagine starting my day without PDP and cup of cappuccino every morning!! I'm addicted to PDP, thanks a lot for doing such a great cool thing.
    Congrats Eric!!


  86. Oh Eric, felicitations! What you have created is something indeed marvellous - you have changed many lives via PDP and all the CDP blogs that came after. Friendships, knowledge of our towns, thankyou so much - and again, many congratulations on your 4th anniversary.

    We love you!

  87. Gefeliciteerd Eric, and many more happy returns i hope!

  88. Happy anniversary! You have created and started something very unique and valuable!

  89. Drummond, I am so very jealous! The half-size Vegas ET doesn't sparkle. Posers!

  90. Bon anniversaire, Eric! Your blog only gets better with every passing day. Enjoy your vacation! Tamera in Colorado Springs

  91. Oh we can certainly get to 100 comments on this special occasion!!

  92. I'm sure we can get to the century mark!!

    I've already noticed how many people have logged in for today's special celebration - this is not just a few bloggers. Its a real testament.

    Congratulations Eric!!

  93. Here is one more: CONGRATULATIONS! And many thank yous.

  94. Belated but...
    Joyeux Anniversaire!
    Quite a huge bunch of photos here... Keep on doing it!

  95. I've been on your blog for at least 2 years already!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful pictures :)

  96. Eric, I want to add my congratulations and many thanks for your four wonderful years of bringing us PDP.
    You've influenced countless people around the globe and brought so many of us many happy moments trough each of those years. I love the friendly community that has gathered around you at PDP and around the many CDPBlogs in the larger community. Your images are consistently great, but that is just part of what makes PDP fun and enriching. All the information you give us about Paris and events (the journalist in you!) is interesting, entertaining, broadens our understanding in many things, and sometimes moves us very deeply. The ripples of one friendly Parisian guy just keep circling outward, bringing in rings and rings of people and spreading a lot of goodness around the globe. Thanks Eric! It's a LOT of and must be a labor of love. Something so many look forward to every day. Big hugs,
    Seattle Daily Photo

  97. My congrats and thanks Eric. It has been such a pleasure to stop by most days. The first-hand images and information is so appreciated from someone like me who will probably never be able to visit except vicariously. I have met so many interesting and caring people from around the world. Thanks are due you from us all!

  98. Oh happy happy bloggoversary! That is amazing and your blog is so inspiring each day.

  99. This is an amazing achievement. I thank you for this idea as a viewer to many blogs and a writer of one. Your photography skills Eric have heart and Soul. Take it from a photographer you have It what ever that is. Excexllent and Happy Anniversay.