Monday, March 16, 2009

Les Parisiennes (de Kiraz) !

You remember this photo of  "Les Parisiennes"? Well, here is another kind of Parisiennes, that most French know and appreciate. They were created by Edmond Kirazian (better known as Kiraz) in 1959, an artist of Armenian origins who emigrated to France right after WWII. He created them for a French magazine called "Jour de France" that targeted the typical middle class French housewife of the 60's. Pretty wise in the beginning, they quickly adopted the less strict moral rules of the 70's, especially through fashion (ie the miniskirt they are wearing in this photo!) and language. I also discovered they appear(ed) in Playboy Magazine in a less dressed version! I took this photo at Le Musée Carnavalet where there was a exhibition dedicated to them. [Note to the people in Sydney who want to join a little PDP gathering while I'm there.]


  1. I remember the drawings of Kiraz from Jours de france so well!. Nice shot, Eric. (Never saw them in Playboy though.

  2. Another great photo. I love how art is literally everywhere in Paris

  3. Carnavalet is one of my all-time faveorite paris museums. Would have loved to see this exhibit.

  4. Make that "favorite Paris" museums.
    (especially Proust's cork-lined room and the models of old Paris)

  5. Love it.

    Does anyone know how long this exhibition will last at Musée Carnavalet? I'd really love to attend it.

  6. Alexa, am I wrong or is it you birthday today?

    En tout cas, Happy Birthday!!!

  7. I remember the Kiraz drawings in Playboy. I don't think they were called "Les Parisiennes," though! Of course they're familiar for other reasons, too, thank goodness.

  8. Mais oui Alexa, I just checked, it is your birthday! Bon anniversaire !

  9. Thank you, Eric ~ I love the Kiraz drawings I've seen and this is very pretty, taken from the shadows.

    Surely the Playboy ones aren't too naughty?

    Alexa, Bon anniversaire and congrats on GF! How nice to wear a crown on your birthday. Have a gorgeous day. I shall eat my morning fudge brownie in your honour.

  10. Happy birthday, Alexa!

    As always, great photo, Eric. It'd be fun to see the exhibit.

  11. Love these! I have to look more into this Kiraz artist. Very cool.

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  13. Bonjour,

    I do love the playfulness of Kiraz work "Les Parisiennes". Kiraz {Edmond Kirazian} was born in Cairo and began his career as a political cartoonist in Egypt during WWII. He became a "Parisian" when he moved to Paris in 1946. Since then he has created illustrations for such products as Perrier, Canderel and Nivea. While working for the French magazine Jours de France Kiraz switched from politics to humor and began illustrating his now famous pouty long-legged "Parisiennes" Part of the charm of his drawings is that they often include slightly naughty captions.

    I am an artist and my work is similiar in style to Kiraz.

    Merci, Zoé

  14. Ah, finally!!! Kiraz represents Paris almost as much as the Eiffel Tower. Great post! Hope you're having a great time downunder. TF

  15. I can't believe you never posted about Les Parisiennes by Kiraz, they're such an icon, aren't they?

    I just love them. In a way they are the ancestors of Blondes, but in a witty, sassy and very French way.

  16. So this is where that illustration style came from. I've seen similar illustrations by other artists and it's finally nice to know who started it.

  17. Happy Birthday, Alexa !!!

    I LOVE these "Les Parisiennes" drawings. I have a sample of them in a book.

    Monica, the exhibition ended september 21.'08. I know because I missed it by a few days last time i was in Paris.

  18. Monica, Eric, Petrea, Shell, Ms M, and Bettina --
    Thank you VERY much!

  19. Happy Birthday, Alexa, Queen of the Punny Phrases! Hope you had a fabulous day!

    I've never heard of Kiraz, but it is interesting work.

  20. A fun exhibit, no doubt, in a fascinating museum.

    I look forward to observing the beauty of real Parisiennes, though I don't think the skirts will be quite that short.