Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring is coming up?

I hear this weekend may be sunny in Paris. It's about time! This year winter has been particularly tough, we've had snow several times (to my satisfaction I must say!) and an exceptional freezing period that lasted several days - and prevented me to take my scooter!). Let me celebrate the coming of spring, not with a flower, but with a very Parisian scene; the reflexion of the sun on a street sign located on l'Ile Saint Louis. [Note to the people in Sydney who want to join a little PDP gathering while I'm there.]


  1. I love the way you captured the sun in this shot Eric. Long live Spring and Summer!

  2. Michael! Good for you GF!
    I concur with your comments.

  3. Spring --Long time in coming, but eagerly awaited! I hope that everyone can enjoy the first arrivals of spring. It should be only a few more weeks of snow and in about 6-7 weeks, we should have some green around here! Yippee!

  4. And may I say, it doesn't get any better than a spring day on L'Ile Saint Louis. That's where I really fell in love with Paris the first time I went there. Seems like yesterday. I remember the feeling exactly, one afternoon wandering down the little island, a man was playing the accordeon... how could I not fall in love with it?!

    about the Grand Mosquée de Paris you're right, my Paris guide recommends the cafe there!!!!
    So many things to see, just you wait, I'm still going to ask you for tips about the coolest places in Paris. I mean, wherever you go, it's gotta be a cool point!

  5. Must be nice. I was in Paris early last month and it never even got up to 4 Celsius plus it rained and snowed the whole time. It was still wonderful.

  6. They haven't quite thrown open the shutters yet, but maybe pretty soon? What a lovely pic, Eric, with its various shades of black and vanilla and just a hint of discreet navy.

    Michael, congrats GF! Perhaps a little iron balustrade around the top of your crown?

  7. Mmm, yes yes yes. And if I cross the pont and, point, will I pass the obelisk-type statue with of St. Genevieve (is it Genevieve?)? And will I end up on the Rive Gauche near the entrance to the Tour d'Argent? Or am I lost in Paris? Either would be fine.

  8. I believe your reflection to pointing to Spring.

  9. Seeing Paris in the spring tops my travel wish list. I've been there in summer and this past December (when the weather was thankfully mild), and I hear it's best in the spring.

    I love this photo. It has such a Parisian feel to it.

  10. Ahhhh, warm weather is on the way! I agree with you Monica. Love l'Ile Saint Louis. A great place to spend a spring day. Congrats Michael. It's good to be king. ;-)

  11. Ohhh oui spring spring! I've the feeling that spring is already here when I see you picture.
    The building behing the sign seems great, from the 30's.
    The weather today is amazing. I'll enjoy a coffee cup at a café terrace and then will be off to work...I prefer the 1st part of my sentence!

    Monica, I'll share all my tips with you, be sure of that!
    GF Michael!

  12. Warmly inviting, Eric.

    Hey Michael GF! Do you have signposts hanging from your crown or spring flowers?

    Guille j'ai la jalousie de ton cafe terrace.......... seulement a Paris.......

  13. Not only in Paris, Lynn!
    I had lunch in my garden today ;-)
    (... as I already had on Feb28th, btw)

    Michael, welldone GF!

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  15. That's great Thib. It's been sunny here but still cold. Brr.

  16. Eric -- another photo that takes you right there.
    Ahh, to be on the Ile St. Louis when spring has sprung! You could cross the Pont de la Tournelle, head into the Latin Quarter and get into all kinds of trouble!.
    To Coltrane: in answer to your question yesterday, it's like this in NYC too (and where you are too, I hope).

  17. It finally felt like Spring was comin here in Boston today too. Beautiful sunny day.

    I always enjoy your photos.