Sunday, October 11, 2009

Caught in the act?

Funny scene today. I took this photo in front of the Beaubourg center where there are always tourists (and locals) sitting down, looking at the building and the passers by. In your opinion was this guy interested in the building or the young creature? It's hard to tell isn't? Well, I let you imagine. I just thought it was amusing for a Sunday photo. 


  1. I'm gonna guess he was really interested in the girl. I've been guilty of sneakily photographing people that way myself.

  2. Forgot to add: There's that famous Tenin perspective—and you were being a bit sneaky yourself, Eric! It's a cool shot.

  3. Whatever the subject, this guy is just trying to copy the famous Tenin perspective...
    But he is not down enough ;-))

  4. Hi Eric and all. I am missing Paris terribly! Fun picture, Eric. I wonder how many people aimed their camera that direction after seeing both of you!

  5. I'm not sure he's looking at the girl. Is that a BHV bag? I thought they closed the BHV?

  6. Funny!
    Tomate, i don't think the BHV store is closed.
    Maybe you thought of La Samaritaine, which is still closed.
    Have a nice Sunday, everyone.
    I'm going to be Godmother of a little boy for the first time today! A future new visitor of PDP one day ;-)

  7. The really cool thing that everyone seems to be missing here, is that it appears a normal sized guy is taking a picture of a tiny woman.

  8. Yes, congratulations Flore. I'll be monitoring my stats. I f I see one more visitor, I'll know it'll be thanks to you ;-)

    No Tomate the BHV is still open thank god (where would I buy my nails and washers otherwise?!)

    Have a great Sunday evening everyone, I just watched half of West Side Story (half because I fell asleep!) it's really a great movie.

  9. Yes I think the girl but more interesting is the fact that you have such miniature people there in Paris. How TINY is that girl?? LOL

  10. Love the angle.

    If we could enlarge the photo a little bit more (many times more actually) we would be able to see what the young man's camera little screen is pointing at!!!

    What do you mean you fell asleep watching West Side Story?!!! lol
    Hope you didn't sleep while "I like to be in America" was playing....!


  11. OK, good to know, thanks! yeah, it was la Samaritaine ("On trouve tout à la Samaritaine") I was thinking of. They're right in front of each other.

    Well, you never know, all these businesses that have been here forever folded, here, so..

  12. Aha, this is your pose for taking photos!