Saturday, October 03, 2009

Making faces

Let me introduce you to Gregos, the man that glues his face everywhere in Paris! He started to do this 2 years ago with white/blank faces then introduced color at the beginning of 2009. I love the concept and I love the effect; you really think this face is built in the wall don't you? You will find a lot of these faces in the Montmartre area (he lives near there) and they all wear different "make up". Have a look at the Making of for more faces and a broader view and visit Gregos' site if you want to know more (and speak French...)


  1. I like your photo, Eric, but, I'm sorry to say I find the faces creepy! I'm sure many other people will like them. I didn't notice any of these when I walked thru Montmartre.

    Tonight I go to see a movie called Paris! No matter what, it will be wonderful. : ) : )

  2. I saw 'Paris' last week, Carrie. J'adore!

    And I agree - creepy.

  3. Sorry Eric, I am not a lover of the faces. I agree with Carrie, "I find them creepy" also.

  4. Well, the pictures don't load right now, so I'll have to come back later. There is a movie out?

  5. Thank you Eric.
    I love all of them very much.
    Again something I did not know or see before... But that is not surprising me.
    The face you chose seems peaceful with the four leaves 'trèfle' (don't know its English name) on it.
    Brings hapiness? It is said so!
    I love the broader view too.
    Alors qui est ce personnage qui tire la langue? Et à qui?
    I have to look at the website...

  6. That is.... intriguing and a bit disturbing!

    Carrie thanks for the comment on yesterday's post. Cool isn't it!!!!!

    PHX tell Mr.Phx there were tears in my eyes when I saw the announcement on TV!!!!!
    Oh and I hope these people who work for the airlines will pop up down here before 2016!!!!!!

  7. This is very clever. Reminds me of the wall faces in Cocteau's Beauty and The Beast.
    Tomate - "Paris" is playing at the Embarcadero Cinema. Stars Juliet Binoche. Loved it.

  8. Yuck is the word that first comes to mind , and he gives a new meaning to the word Ego, too!!! Yet, I am all for decorating a city,even tho it can't all be to my taste.
    Love learning about this.

    PS, Monica, Mr. Phx also thought GIG should win over ORD, MAD, NRT and any other city.

  9. strange impression... not quite sre I really like

  10. I like the faces, they're interesting - more so in the colors, but I like the happier colors better than the dull ones.

    By the way, I clicked on the link for Gregos' site and everything I saw there was in English. I didn't read the whole site but did look at several pages.

    Also, I'm from Chicago and was somewhat shocked and also disappointed in the 2016 announcement after the first round of voting. But, that's life and we will all go on. I'm not angry, just a little surprised as I'm sure the other cities that were not chosen must be.

  11. I checked out the site & I think these faces are amazing. It's a great idea, I think it would be neat to see faces like this popping up in unexpected places.
    Merci Eric!

  12. Ah, OK. Good to know about the movie, thanks, guys. I guess I don't have to worry then, it'll make it to my neighborhood (we seem to get the Landmark movie theater selections usually)

    gosh, yeah, I can see the picture now. It is definitely kind of creepy, but well done!

    I sure wouldn't want one of these on my walls ;)

  13. I think these are novelty value only. Then they are all the same face and even the novelty wears off.

    Anyway, I was always taught that sticking your tongue out was very bad mannered!

  14. Think it might be fun to find these all around the city, but I agree with Tomate: not on my wall, thanks!

  15. PHX..... lol

    I think it was GIG's turn too!

  16. Drummond, thank you for the translation! I didn't know how to say 'tirer la langue' : 'sticking your tongue out'!
    Yours not mine ;-))
    Novelty is very interesting!
    Now, I agree this kind of face is more worth to see only from time to time than in a permanent way...

    But it is artistically done...and It makes a subject between us ;-)

  17. I saw Paris last night and enjoyed it. There are lots of love letter shots of the city, which is wonderful for this Paris addict! And, an all star cast, to boot. Now, I wonder, where does "to boot" come from?!!

  18. Hmm. I like the concept. Had the expression been different, a little more friendly, I would enjoy them more but... no. Creepy, yes.

  19. Funny a lot of you find these faces creepy. I don't! But I suppose it's because I saw them for real, maybe the effect is different in a photo...

    Monica, congratulations! 2016 is still far away, but not that much by human kind standards!

    Off to La nuit blanche now... (check Sunday's photo...)

  20. We have been trying to get over to see "Paris" all week....the local cinema that shows foreign films has it, but only once a nite....

    I love the colors of the mask....speaks to my Irish background, and the colors to my wife's Brazilian background! She is really excite they beat Chicago in the bid for the next Summer games...and even more excited that the next stop in the Formula One wolrd championship is also in Brazil!!


  21. Eric is going and me I'm just back from La nuit blanche!!
    WOW what a crowd!! Unbelievable...
    I walked a lot in very touristy areas that I love but tonight, the crowd just stunned me!!!
    Good luck Eric with your photo! I'm sure you know how to go among this big party :)
    I'm wondering what will be your picture... Maybe, something I saw. I'll tell it if so!
    Happy Nuit Blanche!

  22. I think they're great! From a business perspective he is brillant. I bet so many people are talking about his work now.

  23. I saw several of his pieces around Paris during my visit last month. It is like finding a hidden treasure - you never know where you'll find one next.

  24. Really like this mask! Would love to do a treasure hunt and find the aliens...I do love Paris street art. Nice photo, Eric!