Friday, October 16, 2009


I know this is not "typical Paris", but it happened in Paris last night (Thursday)! I went to a party called the Intel Geek Party and it was a blast. I expected a bunch of nerds playing with their computer all night and instead I came across incredibly creative people. Hence this "Dream booth", invented by Armella Leung, who calls herself a "multi-medium graphic designer" (in French medium also means psychic). It's made of a pillow on which "dreams are displayed" by a videoprojector. And of course, since the pillow has also built-in sensors, you can actually interact with your dreams... Who said computers are boring? More, in the making of.


  1. What a neat idea! The photo is pretty cool. Medium means psychic in English also.

  2. What a great picture; reminds me of a childhood book, The Lost Dream. It was printed in green and black in a time when it cost too much for more than two colors! This is an updated version of that look!

    Wow, if you think how far technology has come... one can only imagine what is on the horizon. Thanks for the insider's view of it all, Eric!

    It is always about the great lines!

  3. When I first saw this picture, I thought it was someone's work cubicle. It turned out to be much more interesting. That must have been a great party. Thanks for sharing this, Eric.

  4. "Who said computers are boring?"

    These days are long gone!

    Computers are cool!

  5. Oh Eric, you simply must come to our Tech Museum of Innovation. It's like this every day in San Jose. Techno weenies abound, and right now there's a Star Trek exhibit. :D

  6. This really does look like a lot of fun. Nobody ever said "geeks" weren't smart, talented and innovative, after all! And thanks for all the links within links.

  7. Fascinating!

    So, are you going to tell us what was your dream about?!


  8. Fantastic shot of something so cool! I love computers!

  9. Wow, I wish I were there!
    & Eric, this photo was really cool to look at enlarged.

  10. Another great photo - it draws you right in! Nice exposure, too - very difficult.

    I just saw Coco Before Chanel and really liked it. Has anyone else seen it? She was a wild woman!

  11. Very cunning!

    That's a cool photo! And I agree with Rimabirdgirl's first glance ; I had the same impression!

    But, I don't really understand what you can feel with "a pillow on which "dreams are displayed" by a videoprojector". What kind of dreams?

    Hmm mystery...

  12. Hmmm may come the day after all when others can see your dreams. Could get me in trouble ;)

  13. That sounds very interesting. I'd love to see this.

  14. Computers are a bit like women. They can be infuriating at times, but when they're not there you miss them!

    Don't like the idea of my dreams being displayed. Especially those embarrassing ones where you are somewhere public minus essential clothing.

  15. LOOOL Drummond!
    Infuriating, women ? like meee ???? ohhh!!! ;-)
    That's a lovely comparison anyway, for I do believe you'd miss computers really much ;-))
    Thanks so much for this 100% Drummond post (not to speak about your dreams evocation that have made me smile, durably).
    How talented!

  16. Carrie I saw Coco before Chanel and loved it, I'm always intrigued by the life of people who left a mark in history.

    She was a very strong woman indeed.

  17. If you had not explained what this was, I would have to assume this was the Ice Palace in the "Superman" movie in the '80's!

    Have a great weekend everyone.....


  18. Funny to see how this post can come up with Coco and Superman movies.
    Dreams association, maybe?!

  19. Sounds like a really fun party.

    We are having a tech party for "Geeks" here in San Francisco on November 10th. It is being sponsored by The French-American Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco & PariSOMA. The title is "Web, Wine & Wisdom" edition @ PariSoMa. WWW is a networking event made for tech lovers, entrepreneurs, developers, inventors and startups and anyone who is curious about new tech applications and of course, love wine.

    If anyone wants to attend here is the link

  20. Sharing a pillow with Armelle was not too hard, was it?
    Lol ;-)