Friday, October 09, 2009

Festival Ile-de-France

Like every year in September/October, the festival d'Ile de France - a music festival - takes place in Paris and its outskirts. This year they have a focus on female artists (which probably explains the cucumbers on the pig face LOL!) and you can listen to some of the music here. The "Factory" part that I photographed on this poster, is a special 4 day session withing this festival dedicated to experimental music. I never attended this festival and I won't this year again due to my pretty tight schedule... TGIF!


  1. Music is a great part of a great city. I'm not sure about "musique d'porcine", but I'm sure the poster is as fun as the festival.

  2. And the only reason I'm here is that I'm working late and now need to wait until my deep dish pizza will be ready. Not a French dish, but not pork, either. My GF crown will be a pizza!

  3. The concombre thing is weird. The music is interesting, though.

  4. And the significance of the pig vis a vis recording artists would be . . . what exactly??
    Hey, the music is cool anyway. You're a busy boy, Eric—thanks for taking the time for us!

  5. Hmmm...female artists depicted by a pig with cucumbers on its face. I'm at a loss for {nice} words.

  6. I Googled the "festival d'Ile de France 2009", but it still don't get the pig.

  7. Well don't tell me Paris is getting all sexist ( I didn't say SEXY Eric) with the cucumbers and all. I"m not sure about it either but I"m sure they don't care what l'américain thinks! :)

  8. Sorry for the strong reaction. Its always entirely likely that there's another explanation for the image. I did find it funny that it says la cigale just near the pig.

    When is a piglet a cicada? When there's alot of buzz about it! ;)

  9. At least we know the piggy will have a nice complexion when she's completed her treatment.

  10. I won't comment about the pig ;-) But the list of concerts is really exciting! It's a pity I can't attend any of them...
    I remember a show of David Linx last year in Cheverny. This guy creates stunning sounds with his voice!!

  11. This pig is sooo cute with his (or her) cucumbers slices ! Very funny.
    I won't go, me neither!...
    The angle you chose for this photo is really nice, Eric. Two distinct parts, one motionless and the other one in movement. Amusing.

    Heard from Barack Obama's Nobel Prize today and I feel it is a great news.
    He can be very proud of this.
    I immediately thought of you all Americans here on PDP :)

    Congratulations to him and good continuation in this hard work, of course!

  12. Yes,Flore, the Nobel Prize is stirring up quite a lot of discussion. The conservatives hate it, and say that he hasn't done anything. Others say it is a reaction to the Bush years: they were defined by hatred and anger and fear and war, that just the change of mood and direction deserved the prize. It is a fascinating development.

  13. Flore -- some are saying Obama got the prize for not being George Bush (wonder how HE feels about it). If that's true, then they probably should have given it to all of us who voted for him. I think it's great, btw, and if (as the conservatives say) he hasn't really earned it yet, at least he's trying!
    BTW, that comment from lilascott above is really from me. My daughter Lila has been on my computer again.

  14. It's official....we'll be in town the first week of November! We saw that an artist we love, Azam Ali, will be playing at a festival on 26 wife is mad we will miss the show by 4 days! I would assume that's the tail end of the World Music Festival.

    We arrive on Halloween morning....from what I recall, it's not really a big holiday in France?

    As for the Nobel's odd that he won for his acts as President since the final choices were made when he had been in office for about 2 weeks, and the nominations were due 2 months before he was elected...but I digress as I don't want to mix politics and France as it might cause a virtual protest!! Haha....


  15. :) Well I hope the pig's appearance improved.

    I tried the cucumber on the eyelids thing once before a party. BIG mistake. Something reacted and I ended up with tiny piggy eyes peering through puffed lids. Not pretty. Not pretty at all. I still went though - sporting glam glasses. ;)

  16. Yes Jeff, it is a fascinated development, indeed!
    Alexa, I agree, at least he is trying and to me this prize is well-deserved, even if I've heard many things that goes like Sean pointed out.
    Let's trust B. Obama will confirm he is the best leader for contributing in peace in the world nowadays.
    Never forget how peace is the required condition to our freedom.

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