Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Playing with water

On the "new" Place de la République, there is a sprinkler fountain (I don't know how to describe it exactly) coming up from the ground and children love it! Yesterday I was passing there and I saw two kids dressed in flashy raincoats playing in the water and I could not help but running and taking a photo. I hope that this will put a smile on your face, like it did on mine!


  1. First thought? Little Red Riding Hood (Le Petit Chaperon rouge?)! We in the USA are accustomed to thinking of the girl wearing a cape with a hood.

    I can't wait to see the renovation of Place de la République. When I was last there, various bits were covered and there were huge signs with pictures of the former place and lots of historical information. Be sure to keep showing us more bits.

  2. To me, the bright red against a nearly black and white scene reminds me of "The Red Balloon". Great shot, Eric.

    1. The red balloon? I don't know this movie?! Or maybe has it a different title in French ?

    2. C'est "le ballon rouge", Eric ! Très, très beau film qui date de quand toi et moi étions des enfants !!!

  3. I was going to say what Stuart said. And, yes, I have a big smile for this one!

  4. I hope it's not too late to comment.

    Please immediately rent Don't Look Now with Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland. Wonderful movie, and you will know why I thought of it the moment I saw this lovely photo.

    Love your blog.