Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hold up at Colette's

I only posted once about colette (not the writer!), but the "concept store" located in the very chic rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré that was created in March 1997 by Colette Rousseaux. It's a place to visit, just for fun, even if you're not the kind that is after the latest trends in the world! The reason why I took this photo (which has a lot of reflexion, I know, but is still kinda cool!) is that on March 22 colette was robbed! They stole about 600 000 euros worth of jewelry! I'm sure colette will get over it...


  1. Unreal! Hope you're having a wonderful visit in CA!

  2. I'm sure they will get over it, at least they will until they get their insurance premium renewal.

    Hope you found the way to San Jose.....and that you meet lots of PDP friends in San Jose. :-)

  3. I looked at their overpriced merchandise- The water bar is particularly hilarious. So 600000 euros of merchandise is probably worth 500 at cost considering their markup. Getaway on a scooter? I love Europe a place where the robbers can't even find 2 guns, one has to use an axe.

  4. Its a cool click but sad to hear about such a big robbery.

  5. I was thinking what Drummond said. :~} BTW, I like the reflections in your shot.

    1. Yeah isn't it good to reflect from time to time?!

  6. Eric

    Was it a hit by the new Pink Panthers from Montenegro?