Monday, July 07, 2014

Tropical Carnival

I never knew about the Paris Tropical Carnival and though... it's been taking place for 13 years now! I only discovered about it by chance last Saturday because I needed to go to the hardware store and found more about it on the web today. It was really fun to see not only the Carnival but also the people in the audience (We have a large Caribbean community in Paris). Shame that the weather was not very nice.


  1. It does look like wet weather. The costumes are quite colourful.

  2. It looks like people ignored the weather!

  3. Very colorful! We have something similar in Brooklyn every year -- the West Indian Day Parade. But the marchers wear much less clothing than this!

    1. Really? Interesting. Mind you it makes sense fro you have a lof people from the Carribbean islands (especially Haiti) in NYC

  4. Here in area Baytown... do it to the Oil Industry and Refineries we have lots of people from the French Antilles not only from Haiti but also from San Marten, San Barts, Santa Lucia and Martinique, I get to speak French with them, I have lots of friend from Santa Lucia! However we do not have a Carnival! I may have to start one!