Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back home!

After a few days in the mediterranean sea (in the island of Malta), I'm back to the big city of light! All French cities have signs like this at their entrance, but in Paris, it's actually pretty rare to see them. When I see one, it reminds  me of an old uncle who used to tell me about the Paris Octroi, a toll that was collected at each gate of Paris (the main entrances are called gate in Paris) until 1943 on certain goods.,. Now it does not exist anymore, but they found other ways of taxing people!!


  1. I love the way you celebrate your city, the least I can say. The capitale letters are so big that noone would need any glasses to read them and I love the idea...... Welcome back, cher M. Tenin ;), the time it will last !

  2. Did you by chance see any black enameled falcon statues in Malta?

  3. Eric if you do not object, I am going to print this photograph and hang it above my desk at work. It is so nice to hear you in The Candid Frame podcast.

    1. Not only don't I object, but I encourage you to do so! I'mm be honored. And merci for the Candid Frame, I enjoyed doing it.

  4. You're back—yay! (Hope you has a great time on your beautiful island.)
    BTW, there's a sign as you enter Brooklyn over the Brooklyn Bridge that says, "Brooklyn—how sweet is is!" and another as you exit across the Verrazano Bridge that says, "Brooklyn—fuhgeddaboudit!"