Friday, October 10, 2014

Night out

I'm really getting old! Proof is that, when I go out now, I often look at the "young crowd" (even this expression makes me sound old LOL!) and think to myself "I wish I could be young and foolish again!". That is exactly what I thought when I saw these young adults laughing and fighting over a  "selfie" that they had just taken! They did not even see me take the shot ;-) On a less nostalgic note, I also like the global atmosphere of this photo; it was taken near Beaubourg.


  1. It is a fun photo, you are right. Rue Saint-Martin is always a hoot. Er, an interesting walk, especially at night. (And, I have two reactions to your post. One: 'Young' is relative. Time is a concept, to paraphrase John Lennon. Two: being with Michael is not foolish? I think you've got it covered, mon ami. Bisous to Michael! Bwaaaahahaha!) -Jeff

  2. Actually, the light here is pretty amazing. Also, everything IS relative—so tais-toi, mon plus-jeune-que-moi ami!

  3. Don't worry Eric, it gets worse............he he,

    Try looking at the 'old crowd' instead. Then you will feel better!

    Nice photo btw.

  4. Excellent mood Eric ! I love reading your witty comments. They help me feeling younger... Thank you .... That 'Paris Drummond' sounds like a witty idea :))