Thursday, October 02, 2014

Republican Guard

Last Sunday I passed by the Chateau de Vincennes, in the East of Paris, and I came across the parade of Le garde républicaine (Republican Guard) a French army body which is part of the French Gendarmerie in charge of the Paris area security and for providing guards of honor. What you see in this photo is not the actual Republican Guard, but a reenactment of the Imperial Guard, which was the equivalent under Napoleon! I did not resist posting a photo of this little boy, trying blocking his ears because of the enormous noise produced but the guns (original ones, no doubt!)


  1. The uniforms look crisp. It reminds me of the beat retreat ceremonies we periodically see here.

  2. Great shot, Eric. I love that you caught this kid plugging his ears.

  3. You never miss anything... ! This little boy blocking his ears made me think of the three monkeys in Asian culture : no seen no heard no said ;-)
    Here is s cute picture of them if you don't mind: