Saturday, October 02, 2010

Belated Theme day

So yesterday was a theme day and... I forgot it! I know I should probably be banished from the City Daily Photo community for being so oblivious, but that is the way the cookies crumble. Besides it's probably the first time it happened ;-) Anyway, the theme day was Graffiti. You know I'm not short of them... Here is a new proof even if I don't really dare calling it a graffito as, to me, this looks more like a painting than anything else. It was made by Franck Duval, an artist known for his collages. I love his work. BTW, it is still time to visit the CDP community and see what graffiti they posted yesterday (there are some masterpieces) .


  1. You are too sweet Eric. Your apology I am sure is accepted by all the Daily Photo fans around the world. :-) Although I don't do graffiti anymore, (I came in off the streets and moved into the galleries in the 1970's in NYC) I still have friends that address me by my old tag-name "Mars". One of these friends, a famous photographer, came to visit me in SF and yes, after 40 years of knowing me, he still refers to me as "Mars".

  2. Even art that is beautiful and poetic does not grant the right to deface somebody's wall. Uh oh, here comes the graffiti debate again!

  3. But, Jeff, it's sooo pretty! Franck Duvall can draw on my wall if he wants. And Eric, banishing you from the CDP community would be like banishing Chuck Berry from rock 'n' roll—as if!

  4. I love it when things are being minimalistic.

    Thanks for your insider story, Lois! It's fun.

  5. This is art, not vandalism. It's a shame so much creativity will eventually be destroyed, but let's enjoy it while it lasts. In the early 90s there was a San Francisco artist who did mournful gray dog pictures on walls and vacant lots. I carried my camera around the city just to take pictures of them. Hopefully, like Lois, the artist has a full blown "legitimate" career. Eric, Alexa is right, you are unbanashable.

  6. whoops, I meant "unbanishable." Time to go home. It's been a long day.

  7. I was wondering why you didn't show up in the theme day archive yesterday! There's a first time for everything. ;)

    I wouldn't mind having a scarf with this design at all.

  8. This follows on so well from your fashion post yesterday, Eric. I love it but then street art, which this is, is one thing and graffiti is another. We just have mindless tags in Menton and more's the pity.

    Franck Duval's work is beautiful - wonderful clean lines and love the collage.

    As the founder of CDP I reckon you can be a day late whenever you want - or a week or a year - our love for you will never wane, tra la la

    Menton Daily Photo

    Monte Carlo Daily Photo

  9. This is a beautiful collage. I like doing collages my self, but not on other peoples walls.

    Jeff you're right but I must say that i like most of the street art but NOT the grafitti that doesn't make any sence.

    Lois; you did grafitti ? You never stop to surprise me ;o)

  10. I love this photo. We will be in Paris in just 12 days. I cannot wait. I love Paris so much.

  11. tres reussie et interressant ce graff,bravo

    bon w end ;O)

  12. Where else but Paris would graffiti be good enough to be considered "wall art fashion"? This is truly unique, I think. And very interesting. I love the use of color and black and white to define the image. But, with my love of photography and design, it would be difficult not to be interesting to me!

  13. Magnifique mais il lui manque des yeux, un nez, une bouche. J'aimerais tellement voir son visage. Tout le reste est si beau. Je peux aussi lui donner tous les visages. Mais ce ne serait pas le sien. Le sien. J'aimerais voir le sien.
    Beau choix en tous cas. Parfait après tous les visages magnifiques du défilé des GL. Parfait.
    Je suis trop fatiguée pour écrire en anglais. On dirait... :)

  14. Artistic fashion!! :)
    Very nice!

    Greetings from Gunn

  15. Hi Eric, I'm probably coming to this thread far too late for this ever to be read but I'm interested in any comments on street art in Paris. The reason being that I both take lots of pictures of it and also, well, do it myself.

    I do my absolute best not to put my stuff on any wall which I think would be more beautiful without it, and that includes historical buildings, people's homes, public monuments and so on.

    I try to choose walls which seem immeasurably sad and boring which also lie on the route of your average bypasser or people on their way to and from work, hoping to brighten up their lives a little bit. It won't be to everyone's taste, but then that's art, isn't it?

  16. Hi all, if you are in Paris next week end (october 9 & 10) you can see my work of collage in real… I will make some performances for "Les rencontres du Monde des Livres" here is the link:

    and you are all welcome… it is free !

    All the best
    Franck Duval aka FKDL

  17. Thanks you for sharing his work. I like it a lot.
    Don't feel bad about missing the theme day date. . .lots of us have done that. . .some multiple times ;^).

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