Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guille got married!

Those of you who have been following PDP for some time surely know who Guillemette (aka Guille) is. She’s one of the many nice people that I have had the chance to meet through PDP. And since she lives in Paris, I see her more often than the many others who come to visit from time to time. Anyway, the thing is that yesterday (Saturday) she got married. How could I witness such a wonderful moment and not post a photo on PDP? So here you go: here is Guillemette and Michael (who happens to be American BTW), the newlyweds. Tous mes voeux de bonheur. (And do check what they had on top of their wedding cake!)


  1. Best wishes to the beautiful couple -- love the wedding cake, too!

  2. It was so much fun you two! We have a very serious poem in the U.S. that I'd like to share with you...

    Michael and Guille
    Sitting in a tree
    First comes love,
    Then comes marriage
    Then comes a baby in a baby carriage
    Sucking his thumb
    Peeing his pants,
    Doing the hula, hula dance

    Big kisses!

  3. Looking gorgeous Guille! Many many Congratulations to you and Michael. Love the wedding cake! xx

  4. Congradulations to you both!!!! I am so happy for you. Love the wedding ornament.
    So, Guille, does that mean you are a partial 'caine now? I mean, you ARE eligable for American citizenship!
    And, is that the Sue Whittaker above, that I brought along to dinner one night at La Cigale Recamier and who had the pleasure of meeting both "The Eric" himself and the also invited Michael?

  5. Felicitations, ma petite reine—je suis bien contente pour toi! How did you meet your beau mari Americain? And did you get married on a boat? I guess this means that you are now (au moins un moitié) one of us! Thanks SO much for sharing this happy moment, Eric.
    P.S.—the cake topper shows a great sense of humor (which bodes well for a happy marriage)!

  6. Guille you look lovely. Best Wishes to you both. I hope you have many years of happy wedded bliss.

  7. Congratulations, Guille and Michael. May you always be this happy!

  8. Congratulations! You are a beautiful couple, and you look so happy. I'm thrilled for you. May your marriage be as happy as mine is, and that's very happy!

  9. I am so thrilled for Guille and Michael! Welcome to the adventure that is marriage.

    I wonder, is this the "sexy Michael" Guille was gushing about when I was at the pub last year? I imagine so... ;)

  10. Congratulations to the Happy and Lucky couple!! Mes meilleurs voeux à vous!! Bises!!!

  11. How wonderful! Felicitations, Guille et Michael! Eric, thank you so much for sharing this happy event with us.

  12. WOOOOW... beaux et heureux!!!
    Guille, quelle silhouette, magnifique!!!
    *Fé-li-ci-ta-tions*... :)))
    Belle photo.
    Nice 10/10/10 to all!

  13. ah, OK. So that's what all the noise on FB was about ;)

    Congratulations to both of you!

  14. Congratulations to the newly weds.
    Guille you are such a beautiful bride and you both look so happy. All my best wishes for your future together.
    Love the cake topping, looool....

  15. Oh, you're both glowing! {And not just because Guille is wearing an inspired choice of colour!} Congratulations, Guille and Michael ~ wishing you love and laughter.

  16. Waouh ! ça c'est de la big news qui fait bien plaisir !
    J'ai beau chercher, je ne vois pas un seul commentaire "nasty" à faire. Je te trouve très belle en canari et suis absolument ravi pour vous deux.
    Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde.

  17. Oh, you two look so lovely!
    Guille, you look gorgeous, sweet heart!
    Michael, you'd better look after our brat well or you will be in a serious trouble with all the PDPers in the world chasing after you!...

  18. Congratulations a million times over! We are so happy for you and Michael, Guille. May you live together in love and peace. (And, I'll never forget your anniversary--it was my birthday yesterday!) ;) Hooray for all of us!

  19. "Life is the flower of which love is the honey." - Victor Hugo

    Congratulations Guille and Michael.

  20. Michael took the words out of my mouth! HA
    Congratulations Guille and Michael, and thanks Eric for sharing this photo of the cute couple.

  21. Ooooh!! I just checked in and look what I see! I'm so happy for you both and I send big kisses and wish you a whole long beautiful lifetime of love. It looks like you're off to a fabulous start. And, that cake is a hoot!

    Eric, this is a sweet, sweet picture.

  22. How wonderful! Congratulations to Michael and Guille. LOVE the dress! xxx

  23. Wow Guille! 25 comments (so far) on a Sunday photo! That must be some kind of record Eric!

    Félicitations à vous deux !
    Le bonheur vous va bien : vous êtes superbes !

  25. Linda!!!!! Guille you never looked prettier, glowing!
    Michael is one lucky guy for our Guille is simply wonderful and a fantastic woman!!! Wish you two will always be this happy
    Shell is right, what one need is love and laughter!!!

  26. How wonderful! Congratulations Guille and Michael.

  27. OMG what a picture Eric! I am sorry I comment so late Eric but as you guess, it was a pretty busy day. Like the last two months.

    Thank you guys for coming last night. We had fun until the end of the night, or should I say laaaaate morning.

    Yes, it was on a boat, and I really think it made the night. Everybody was so happy and relaxed. Nothing too formal.

    PHX, yes it means that I could ask for the American nationality, but I don't think I am gonna do that. I am a bit too French to become an American citizen. No offence. ;)

    ET Suzy, The sexy Michael last year? Yes, himself!

    Nasty GG, no nasty comment? I am happy I changed your habits. Héhé.

    Thank to all of you for the sweet comments and best wishes.

    BTW, my dress was made by a friend of mine, a gifted Irish girl, who also baked the wedding cake and chose this cake top(ing?).

  28. Oh happy day! Best wishes to Guille and Michael. Thanks for spotlighting the happy couple!

  29. A little late, but big congrats from both look so happy! May you have a lifetime filled with love, laughter and most importantly, each other!


  30. Well, this photo probably broke hundreds of hearts. Everyone loves the very lovely Guille. Michael is a lucky guy. Thanks for sharing this joyful occasion with us. I am wishing them every happiness. They look fantastic together!

  31. I was expecting a borderline kitsch eiffel tower cake topper...oh boy, did I laugh out loud!! Cheers to the new couple...Paulette

  32. Belated congratulations to the lovely couple ! Guille it's wonderful to see and Michael on PDP. You sure deserve your moment of fame, you're such a lovely couple!

    May you be happy ever after!

    (the cake topping was a cracker :-)))

  33. i love her dress short and simple really pretty

  34. Congrats they look really happy. lovely couple

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