Friday, October 01, 2010

Galeries Lafayette Fashion Show

I confess, sometimes I find it hard to post a photo a day on PDP; lack of inspiration, of luck (or is it talent?!), time... You name it. And sometimes I have photo opportunities that make me forget all this! Hence yesterday (Thursday), when I had the chance to attend a fashion show that the Galeries Lafayette organized right in front of their main store, at the back of the opera house (I also attended the rehearsal in the morning which was even more fun...). Did I mention it was not just any fashion show, but one made by 100% amateur models of all ages and looks. Brilliant idea. The result was stunning. See for yourself in the little Animotos, that I made for you on the occasion (the short version - the long version). Or the slideshow in the right column.


  1. I just left a comment and now it's not there! I'll try again to say that we're never disappointed in anything you post, that this IS rather brilliant, and that I wonder what they thought when you got down on the floor in your famous fashion! Thanks for the animotos—these people may be amateurs, but what fabulous faces!

  2. Maybe a lack of luck or inspiration makes it tough on you, Eric, but you do not lack talent. You never disappoint.
    I love the idea of the amateur models of all ages and looks and I enjoyed the animoto. And I love the black shoes on the red carpet from the Tenin perspective.

  3. The Tenin perspective is a bit voyeuristic here, no? ;)

  4. Oh! I love Galeries Lafayette Fashion Show! Not for the fashionable though. It's the food for which I fell.

    When I was a young student, my friends & I usually sneaked into the show & ate the finger foods they served for free.

    That's very un-called for, I know. But we got no choice. We were poor & hungry.

    My big big thanks to Galeries Lafayette for sustaining my life on campus.


  5. I wanted to see this so badly....thank you for all the pictures. I had read that the average person just had to sign up to be in the fashion show. I don't know how the selection process went after that. So, what made the one earlier in the day more fun?

  6. Keats -- Thanks for taking me back to the days when I was young and poor in Paris—and loved every starving minute! Free finger food was always a great find, n'est-ce pas?

  7. Alexa,

    Most certainly! Maybe we should make our glorious return & give Galeries Lafayette a free endoursement.

    I presume, after so many years, we all become the Great & the Good in the Art circle.

    Those were the days...Woohoo...:p

  8. That's a very nice gift you made us with these wonderful photos. I hope they'll be clever enough to find this treasury on PDP.
    Thank you fot the treat to see that through your eyes :-)

  9. No you never disappoint and you never lack talent. I can't understand how you can keep going on day after day with PDP beside your demanding job.
    I hope you will keep going on, I can't imagine life without PDP, lol.

    I love this animoto - these people are so beautiful that I can hardly believe that they are not real models.

    Have a nice day !!!

  10. Thannks it it nice to get a peek into one of these shows.

  11. @Alexa. I must say I thought of you during the rehearsal in the morning!

  12. No graffiti here? Eric, does that mean you're letting us down on Theme day?

    Les jambes des jolies filles t'ont tourné la tête, que tu nous laisses tomber???

  13. This photo is a show of your talent. You give elements for imagination.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  14. LooooovE Galeries Lafayette!

    Wherelse would us leave the store and stumble upon a magnificent opera palace like the Garnier?!!

  15. Don't tell me I'm going to have add you to the list of CDPB that I have to remind about THeme Day! I"m the virtual secretary for BSquare and Bob Crowe, I'll add your name Eric! I"m here to serve Your Majestry! :)

    Now about these photos. They are terrific. I love the ones you took from above the best but they are all great. I might have to watch the videos one more time! V

  16. Ooh, the Tenin perspective lives on!! What a wonderful picture. The animoto is great. Thanks for sharing!

  17. @ET Suzy "The Tenin perspective is a bit voyeuristic here, no? ;)" No! It's just a perspective. It's not my fault if 2 pairs of legs happen to be in the way ;-)

    @PHX-CDG ". I had read that the average person just had to sign up to be in the fashion show. I don't know how the selection process went after that" Yes, exactly. Apparently there were 10 000 applicants but I don't know how they narrowed it down. I should have listened to the speech instead of taking photos ;-)

    @Flore "Thank you fot the treat to see that through your eyes :-)" You're welcome, my pleasure, really...

    @Bettina "I love this animoto - these people are so beautiful that I can hardly believe that they are not real models." True, some of them could have surely been models. It was very very fascinating to see who "had it" and who did not. And it's not only a matter of beauty.

    @Nathalie & @Virginia. "No graffiti here? Eric, does that mean you're letting us down on Theme day? " I know. I feel so ashamed... I only realized this morning when I saw a post of Petrea on Facebook that today was a theme day. I'll cacth up tomorrow, but don't tell anyone...

    @Virginia ". I love the ones you took from above " The one of a girl looking at the objective while sitting on the floor ? I think this is the best.

  18. A fashion show, how great! While the purpose of CDP is to show us things that make your city your city, surely all cities and towns have streets and buildings and homes and such. It is really cool to see something like this, a unique opportunity for a glimpse at the beginning of Paris fashion!

  19. Amateurs, you say. And they're all adorable. I love this shot--the way you framed the models in the distance between the legs in the foreground is absolute Tenin genius. Merci.

  20. We all already knew you had photographic skills! We are all lucky enough here to see these skills in your regular photos (the famous perspective etc) but today, the difference is the demonstration of your talent with faces, allures, bodies, that you usually never shot.
    And you simply have it!
    Oh yes the picture 77 in your picasa link is great!!
    Lot of fun, with you as always, thx!!! So tonight, graffiti. Cool!! I'll go and see the CDP photos on this theme in the meanwhile. See you sson!

  21. Great shot of the gams!! I still wonder after all of these years how women are able to walk in these things!? I did have my experience with "platforms" during the disco daze of the 70's but that is another story! ;-)

  22. @Eric Tenin, You were INSPIRED -- 250 photos in your slide show, wow!

    @tonton_flaneur, I still wear high-heels without any problem at all. I think it might have to do with my 25 years of ballet. Walking in high-heels is like walking on half-toe -- way easier than on point. :-)

  23. a maximum of brilliance ERIC, you outdid yourself! What a great 'film' too - and how I loved the girl sitting on the floor and just looking up into the lens....
    And OF COURSE you are a bit voyeuriste.... you're a man after all - I think I'd be disappointed if you didn't give us the beauty plentiful.... And you took some rather stunning guys too for your show. Not just ladies legs... :)

  24. I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?