Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paris, capital of modern art?

Last weekend the Fiac (Foire internationale d'art contemporain) took place at Le Grand Palais. It's probably the largest modern art fair in Europe, a place to see and... a place to be seen. There were plenty of other events around modern art in Paris at the same time including this Art Elysées exhibit, where 67 galleries could show and sell their artists. I know you would have rather seen a piece of art, but that is all I have to offer for today. Besides, you have been spoiled these past 2 days LOL!


  1. Appropriately enough, an anagram for “Art Elysees” could be Alerts Eyes. Well, mine are wide awake.

  2. OK TG, this modern art epoch of neon, glass and chrome could be characterized by another anagram - Steely Era! So...Who's next?!

    PS: I like this photo, Eric!!

  3. How about "see le artsy"? What have you started, TG?
    See, Eric? A really cool neon sign is bien suffisant!

  4. sigh...I wish I were there in the worst way.
    I love your recent photos Eric. Of course I always like your photos, but these last few seem different in an intriguing sort of way.

  5. How funny, a simple photo in black and green and already a matter of thoughts!
    Good things, the anagrams ; thanks TG, I love them.
    My little contribution
    for "Art Elysee" : "Yes, relate"
    for "Art Elysees" : "Yes, relates"
    Funny discovery :-)

  6. Photo Minimalist today, it's good as a visual breath.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  7. As long as the sign is in Paris, it's ok with me, lol ;o)

  8. How about: Layer tees! Teary lees.
    Later eyes. Ye else art.
    (See what you've started, Tall Gary!)

    This is really fun, Eric. You see, we can have a great time with whatever you post. But I do have to agree, we have been spoiled lately. :) Thanks for spoiling us!

  9. Today's PDP crossword clue:

    1. See sly Arte confused, making an exhibition of himself (3,7)

  10. Oh la la Drummond what are you making to me?... I'm really lost... lost in translation...
    Never mind but still, this is just too high for me. But I'll think of that later on!

    Christie, that's an excellent try. Impressive...

  11. Look at that building with the neon on it!

    See? Realty!

  12. Flore - Sorry, yes lost in translation. I shall try to explain.

    confused = mixed up

    -so mix up the letters in See sly Arte to get two words of 3 and 7 letters to make an exhibtion = Art Elysees.

    ('making an exhibition of yourself' is also an expression which means drawing attention to yourself in a bad way, or making a fool of yourself)

    Perhaps you are even more confused now!

  13. Drummond, thank you for your explanation.... Yes, that was really clever. I'm no more confused. Everything is clear :)

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