Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY art at Gare Saint Lazare

I could have made a little quiz and let you guess what this is, but you'd probably never have guessed... It's actually a close up of a "sculpture" that I found last week at the brand new Gare Saint Lazare (a train station located in the heart of Paris, near the Galerie Lafayette and Printemps department stores). It's called Plastic bags (in English) and it's a collective work of art made by Pascale Marthine Tayou, a Cameroonian artist who asked the people to hang multicolored plastic bags around a huge net! The result is stunning ; have a look at the broader view I took or in the official photo gallery.


  1. Through my bleary morning eyes I though immediately lolly wrappers! But garbage bags - how creative and beautiful, im sure theres a deeper meaning but its too early for me. Tthe broader view is stunning. Thanks for brightening up a grey rainy morning

  2. At last, a better place to put these things than the landfill! And this is fabulous.

    Plastic bags have been such a scourge here that many municipalities (including my own) have created limitations on them, charging fees for their use. We are encouraged to bring our own bags to market. I don't know if it will encourage great art but I think it's going to help!

  3. What a colorful use of plastic bags! And thanks for the broader view of the sculpture. Seeing the closeup made me curious as to what it looked like.

  4. upsolutly brilliant idear..from the artist,
    who even get other people,
    to hang there used plastic bags..

    realy stunning...very efective
    .I loove coulorful...

    congratulation to the artist....

  5. Anonymous again..
    and to Eric...
    Merci for showing it to us!!!!

  6. Whoever would have thought that plastic bags could be lovely. :) They look like colorful balloons before they are inflated. lol

    Happy Monday!

  7. So fun! I love plastic and once cut my plastic shopping bags (from a trip to Europe) into strips and knit with them! Crazy, yes, but it started to look neat. It was hard to work with, though, and my hands gave up before I produced anything grand. Thanks for reminding me! Fun post!

  8. I had the same thought about the landfill as Petrea (maybe it's an American thing). Anyway, I think this sculpture—both the idea and the execution—is géniale!

  9. That's quite the eye catching piece of art!