Saturday, March 22, 2014

Giant piece of art

This is Bibliothèque nationale de France - the French National library, I already posted about several times. I took it from the left right bank where you can see the giant piece of art on one of the facades (the big upside down female head). I have been totally unable to find any additional info about it... have a great weekend everyone, wherever you are in this world (BTW, if you happen to pass by San Jose on Tuesday...)


  1. I wonder how it alters how people see out the windows.

    1. There are no people in these towers, only books... Books are stored vertically which was very controversial when the BNF was built, but at least they are protected from potential flooding...

  2. Yes I was thinking just the same thing.
    So effective though. :)

  3. Here it is:

  4. Looks like it is coming out of a giant printer! LOL Interesting.