Thursday, March 27, 2014

San Jose PDP Gathering

You might have seen that I'm currently on the West coast of the US at the moment and I took advantage of it to gather a few Paris lovers who follow PDP from California. I picked a restaurant in San Jose, close to my hotel and there you go! I really had a great time, being surrounded with people I mostly know virtually though the comments they make on PDP or Facebook. Some even thought of bringing some of my favorite Ceasar salad dressing, for me to take back to Paris ;-) A big thank you to (from left to right): Denis, Jeanne (aka French Twist), Eileen, Mariatta, Sara, Jim, Jocelyn, Suzy, Daniel, Beverly. More on Facebook, if you're on it! 


  1. Wonderful!! It was a real treat.Thanks, ET!!

    XO XO XO
    "Eiffel Tower Suzy"

  2. The wonderfulness of PDP friends meeting up!

  3. Great capture and memories!
    Did you have to pay for extra luggage after the Wishbone deluge? ;-)

  4. My family lives in France. When I visit I bring them blue cheese dressing and barbecue sauce. Ha!

  5. Yes folks,
    That's the wonder,
    the wonder of PDP

    As usual with these 'little gathering' photos, one person is missing! Great to see you all!

  6. Terrific group portrait! Who'd have thought blogging could lead to those kind of connections with people you'd otherwise have never met?

  7. Lovely! And nice to put faces to names I see so often. :~}