Thursday, March 13, 2014

Back to the Paris 13 tower

Do you remember my post about the Paris 13 tower? A building that was about to be destroyed and was turned into an art squat until the end of last year? Well I passed by it yesterday and it's still standing (it takes months if not years to do anything in a big city like Paris because of all the regulations we have), but it really looks like it's going to be taken down soon now. I so wish I could be there when they do it! In the meantime, have another look at the website they made, it's really good.


  1. I remember this one, yes.

    There's a building here that they're now in the process of dismantling... and in retrospect, I should have photographed it before the demolition started.

  2. I hope you're there when it comes down, Eric.

  3. Quel dommage that this is coming down. We have a similar one in NYC (in Queens, actually) called 5 Pointz. Apparently, it's full of asbestos and too dangerous to leave standing. Sad in both cases.

  4. Like Petrea, I also hope you're there when it (eventually) comes down Eric, but not standing underneath it!

    1. LOL. Anything to show you unexpected photos for you guys!

  5. I walked by this building last week, and thought about your October photo, Eric! But couldn't think you would post another one today... ;-)