Sunday, November 23, 2014

Passers by

I originally stopped in front of this window because of the mannequins that were in it. One of them had lipstick on and I thought it was cute! I took several shots of course and one of them had these passers by in it, which I thought was more interesting than the windows I first had in mind ;-) As you can see, the weather is rainier and rainier in Paris right now, but I don't care, I'm in Nice for the weekend! A nice break from the packing I've been doing these past weeks... Have a great Sunday everyone.


  1. It was sunny and dry in Paris all the day. We have to get used to definitely share a different reality. But do not feel bad about this. I guess how odd it is to go through such a big change.

  2. It's a cool shot! Have a beautiful Sunday, dear Eric... enjoy the rest from packing.

  3. Hope you are enjoying your nice Nice weekend. Here in NYC, we have gone from winter to spring in one day (it won't last, I'm sure)!