Friday, November 21, 2014

Studio 104 de la Maison de la Radio

This won't probably tell you much if you're not French, but if you are it will! This, ladies and gentlemen, is the entrance to the Studio 104 de la Maison de la radio, a mythical studio from where a lot of radio shows (including live concerts) are broadcasted (see the inside here). I was lucky enough to visit it yesterday, thanks to a good friend of mine who works there (in a news channel). It was pretty moving - almost as the visit of the Abbey road studios in London ;-)


  1. Wonderful shot Eric. Sure it is wonderful. I love the Maison de la radio. A huge memory. I just feel, reading to your post, how years fly ... I'll tune my radio on France Info tomorrow, no doubt. You reminded me of the very interesting things I have already heard from your friend's works. Thank you, again...
    Could you just fix the link to the 'making of' that does not seem to work?

  2. Tired the link, managed to get a nice photo of Michael in French mode, but no Studio 4.
    I have to admit I was not aware of this iconic studio, but I shall find out!

  3. How exciting to get to go "behind the scene"—and how nice of you to take us along with you!