Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Naive Street Art

I took this shot near La Madeleine on the way to work yesterday morning. I think this window shop belongs to a Habitat outlet that is currently being redone, but I am not sure. Anyway, although some people may object that these drawings are very - too? - simple, I find them pretty neat.


  1. Nice touch with the blurry motorcycle. It shows the fleeting momentariness of man in contrast to the everlasting impact of (even simple) art.

    Well, either that or the guy just happened to ride through the scene when you took the photo! ;)

  2. It looks like the "author" has used the 6-4-2 formula for these sketches. Amusing anyway…
    BTW, Eric, have you noticed the nice "Mondrian" windows you've showed us lately have gone away. So sad…

  3. I think u're right, they seems to done in a single stroke, pretty neat and cute too. good eye Eric

  4. Reminds me of the Picasso crayon drawings. Nice Pic! You have a great eye.

  5. Try it:

    First, draw a 6 (you have the forehead and the eye)

    Start your 4 right under the 6 (that'll be the nose)

    And finally, add the 2 right under the 4 (that'll be for the mouth).

    You should obtain something like the drawing Eric shot a picture of (except he took the picture from the other side of the window).

  6. That is so cool Tomate. Man, people are a lot more creative than I around here. Me, I see the resemblance of the biker's helmet as the characature's forehead in the drawing. Maybe the artist was just super quick!

  7. Holy cow! Now I see it! I can't believe I'd never heard of that (nevermind the fact that I work at an art school, d'oh!) Thanks, Tomate.

  8. I love street art, grafitti, whatever and have been documenting it for years.
    Paris is lucky to have Miss Tic. Do a search on google and flickr and be blown away.

    I appreciate your site and comments.