Sunday, April 02, 2006

Floating Nightclub

I like this photo although I took it on a, shall we say, less classy part of the Seine embankment. This area is located in the 13th arrondissement and faces the Bibliothèque (library) François Mitterrand. If you are more into electro music than books look at what kind of concerts the Batofar has to offer. This red boat - that can partly be seen in the background - is located in the exact same area and hosts independent music concerts throughout the year. Forget about it if you’re above 25 though!


  1. Eric, tellement contente d'avoir l'adresse électronique de la Bibliothèque François Mitterand! Voici l'adresse de notre Grande bibliothèque -

    The Batofar looks very cool and I have friends who would love it and probably go there, but I'm a bit old for that.

    Libraries, large and small, whether in rich or poor countries would be another interesting theme for the photoblogs.

    I realy enjoy the phtoblogs, and am enthralled with the artistic quality of the photos and the inside look at great cities and small towns.

  2. Thank you Lagatta.

    Pourquoi ne vous lancez-vous pas dans un montrealdailyphoto? Il y a un tres joli Vancouver, mais rien du cote est du Canada...

    Je dis ça, je dis rien, bien sur !

    (Et pas d'excuse du genre "je n'ai pas le temps! Un DP ca ne prend pas plus de... well, euh... 1 heure par jour !)

  3. A nightclub on a boat? Is that really such a good idea? Ah, well, someone understand the young people these days... ;)

  4. my eyes were drawn to the boxes of beer on the boat! can't say I'd be tempted to go to a floating nightclub...floating restaurant yes.

  5. Yes, my eyes went right to the cases of beer too. And I don't really think that I am a lush. Electronic music is not my cup of tea - I like cool Indie rock, though.

  6. I don't like this photo too much. It looks like a mess, and not at all like the Paris we like. The one you show with Eiffel tower, bridges over the river seine, baguettes and good old romantic pretty things.

  7. i actually really like this photo...because of the fact that it is not a typical Paris photo. Isn't that the point of a show all aspects of the city for those of us who live hundreds and thousands of miles away. I like seeing the nonpostcard moments...Eric, thanks for showing us the depths of Paris!

  8. Eric, I don't believe that you spend less that one hour a day to find these great subjects, day after day.

  9. Eric (and others) - I'm not a photographer. I'm a painter, and I sure couldn't see churning out a "Montréal Daily Painting".

    I will ask around if anyone would like to do a blog from here though. Remember that it is bloody cold for several months of the year! Nice now though, and lots of people out on their bicycles.

    I enjoyed the nightclub, and would be bored stiff if the blog were ONLY pics of Sacré-Coeur and the Eiffel Tower. That messiness is also an aspect of certain areas of Paris.

  10. Actually yes I don't want to show only the nicest parts of Paris because there are already thousands of blogs/Albums that do that very well. I want to offer a good balance between beuty and reality (that do not always go togetherm even in Paris!)

    A friend told me is that this photo is hard to read: it shows a wanderer somewhere on the embankment but the title and the caption talk about a boat that can hardly be seen on the photo...

    I obviously got it wrong somewhere - I must acknowledge - even though I still like this picture.

    Thanks for all your feedback anyway.

    And Bob, you're right I spend much more tham an hour a day but don't tell Lagatta, she won't find anyone to do Montréal!

    How much time do YOU spend Bob?

  11. Hello Eric,
    J'adore cette photo...normal, c'est le quartier de mon enfance :-).
    J'aurais bien aimé une photo de la guinguette pirate qui est juste à côté (si tu repasses par là un jour) et qui offre une musique plus variée :-).

    J'ai pas beaucoup de temps, mais je pourrais peut être faire un Montréal weekly photo ?? Plate, hein ? Attendons que Lagatte se décide plutot.

  12. lagatta n'a pas d'appareil photo et n'en veut pas. Elle recherche toujours de beaux papiers pour aquarelle de Sennelier (d'un quai autrement plus chic, dans le 7e) d'Arches, etc.

    Though I do sell paintings, my main job is translator and correctrice (sub-editor) and have enough distractions from concentrating on painting. Daily photo is NOT a distraction. Unlike much web surfing, it feeds my need for colours, images and visual meaning. Funny, I tend to look more at the cities I know at least a little, and certainly comment on them more.

    The photographers I know are well aware of how much work it is, but perhaps someone can be persuaded. It would be lovely if skaribou could contribute at least a weekly photo. Including the Jean-Talon market, a couple of blocks from my house?

    This is one of the most interesting series of blogs I've seen on the web.

  13. Pour ma part, j'aime beaucoup l'air pensif, assez rimbaldien du jeune "teufeur" au repos dans un univers assez tourmenté.
    Belle prise Eric !