Friday, April 21, 2006

Los Angeles takes over Paris

Luggi will probably like it, Los Angeles is everywhere in Paris at the moment. First of all at the Galeries Lafayette where a lot of events around L.A. (or supposedly!) have taken - or will still take - place (see the press release). Have a look at these 3 videos: L.A. Parade, Californian tatoos and Krumping. Much more to discover on the Galeries' site. But LA is also in the Beaubourg center and in the Dominique Fiat art galerie. Even the Louvre will show some of Los Angeles from June 14th to September 18th in a video work by Mike Kelley. Gee, has L.A. taken over MY city or what?!

PS: browsing the web to provide you with more info on all this I came across this bilingual blog by a French journalist in L.A., Emmanuelle Richard. I don't know her, but her blog looks really good. Thought you might be interested.


  1. Oh, yeah, Eric, she's been blogging for a while already.

    Now, what's that next to that girl, a Jack Russell?!!! And, of course, she has a Mac! ;-)

  2. Last year it was the whole Brasil craze in Paris, now it's L.A. Is there always a theme in Paris?

  3. > Tomate. I did not know Emmanuelle's blog, but yes I suppose that is no news for you.

    (You know in California I only know Tomate Farcie's blog (OK, and Manuel's, and Buzzgirl's...) ;)

    Jack Russell? I don't know? I noticed that everybody is very into dogs here at the moment...

    Congrats on the "She has a Mac!"

    > Single. Well actually they have to attract customers all the time and organizing all this does attract people. To everybody's benefit I must say: the department store makes more business, passers by can see exhibits and events for free and artists can work more.

  4. That's a great idea having a theme shopping week! Even better when others join in as well, like the museums and galleries.

  5. Great Shot! My wife loves Galeries Lafayette. Krumping, very LA and I love the MAC!

  6. There is a ton of cool expat blogs in California, but of course I'm the coolest ;-) Ahem. (Jerome lists all the French expats in every state of the union and some American expats in France, if you guys are interested.)

    It's funny you posted that, Eric, because I went to lunch at the underground Macy's cafeteria earlier today (Union Square, San Francisco) and they had a huge display like this one, only our theme is Italy. Almost took a picture of it, too.

    (Oh, yeah, I can spot a Mac a mile away! ;-)

  7. By the way, sorry, I forgot... Eric, it's because it's the year of the dog! :)

  8. After that, don't ever tell us that the French hate America and Americans! :o)

    Tomate - you just about killed me with "and she has a Mac!" At first, I did not even notice there was a computer on that picture!

    And, Eric, thanks for the link to Emmanuelle's blog. I had not seen it yet - just for lack of time, I can't look at everything on the Web, unfortunately!

  9. As they say in LA...OMIGOD Eric!!! Excellent!! A friend that works for Disney in LA was just in Paris to help promote this whole LA/Paris this is what she was talking about...Ahhh Oui!!
    I concur with SITC that last year it was Brazil..and before that the Eiffel Tower was red for the Chinese...when are they going to do everything in Chocolate?? Being in San Francisco I have to also agree that tomate farcie is the coolest expat blog in CA...but tomate you must try Cafe Mocca next time you're in Union Square[Maiden Lane]you can sit outside and you won't have to eat in the basement at Macy's!! We're finally getting some California sunshine in our hair in SF...but without a tomato cushion and a manicured pooch!! As always Eric..Bravo and Merci!! kp gallant

  10. This is a great post Eric. I love all the links and agree with Elisabeth, nobody can say now that the French hate Americans.

    Tomate, I'm a little slow...when you said "...And, of course, she has a Mac!" I thought you meant like a "Big Mac". It's a scrumptious ad and post.

  11. -->special note to kpgallant<--

    Thank you! I responded to your comment in the related post. I appreciate it.

    Eric, you have the nicest readers in the blogosphere!

  12. "Eric, you have the nicest readers in the blogosphere!"

    Of course, Michael! and you are one of them!!! :o)

  13. moi j'aime beaucoup le coté hamburger lafayette pour une fois que j'aime un burger héhéhé...

  14. J'adore le contraste, le France présente souvent des regroupements de panneaux étonnants.

    Mon blog n'est pas un "daily" mais j'ai mis un petit "sidebar" pour mettre en évidence tous les "Daily Photo Blogs"...français. Cliquez voir...

  15. What a cute ad but... is that Naomi Campbell?

  16. > Nicola. Actually I think all these people use "trend watchers" so that they know at least one year in advance what exhibition will take place. It is not just pure coincidence!

    > Rodney I didn't know what Krumping was I must confess.

    > Tomate. Yeah funny. What is far away always seems better... LOL re: year of the dog.

    > Elizabeth. In fact it's always this love and hate attitude that the French have with the Americans.

    > K. Thanks and you're welcome. Now I know where to grab a cup of coffee next time I am in Union Square.

    > Michael. LOL on the Big Mac! ANd yes, I know I have very very nice readers. Starting with you, I agree with Elisabeth.

    > Terra Vecchia. C'est bon les hamburgers Terra...

    > BC. thank you for the links. Why don't you make it a daily? And talking about funnny sign groups the one you're showing with the Notarie and Toilette vaut son pesant de cacahuètes!

    > RickEmmanuel. I don't think so.

  17. Here I am living no more than 35 miles or so from LA and I had never before heard the word "Krumping" until I read this post all the way from Paris. Guess I'm just not an Angelino.

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