Friday, April 14, 2006

Parisian firemen posing for the tourists

On my way to work this morning I saw a motorcycle accident in front of the Opera (not the opera house of yesterday at Bastille, but the old one at Place de l'Opéra). The motorbike was still lying in the road, but no one seemed injured and the rescue teams looked pretty relaxed... so relaxed that a couple of firemen even posed for a tourist. Pretty unusual, I can assure you!


  1. pour une fois qu'il pose autement que sur des calendrier c'est plutot plaisant. j'en parlerai a mon papa qui lui aussi est pompier sur le continent.
    ton clichés est trés cocasse mais vraiment cool.

  2. c'est vrai qu'ils sont mignons... Et je comprends a quel point cette photo est "unusual". Mais vu le nombre d'accidents impliquant des motards, c'est bon d'entendre une histoire qui finit bien!!
    see you later!

  3. I was just gonna say, maybe Paris really is turning into a tourist-friendly town?! Good catch, Eric!

  4. The pompiers were out in force during the marathon on Sunday, they were great! real Paris ambassadors, like Eric!

  5. Bravo les pompiers! Bien sympas, et un joli couple. ;-)

  6. haha...peut-etre le tourist eux a demandes en Francais....

    (english: maybe the tourist asked them [to take the picture] in french...)


  7. Your town really does look friendly.

  8. Nous aurons tous besoin d'eux un jour ou l'autre.
    We will need them one day or an another ( not sure for translation !)

  9. too bad their not wearing their silver helmets!

  10. Well, I'm back, sort of. It's a very long story, but I'm glad to be here. I see that I have a lot of catching up to do on Eric's and, may I say, EVER EXPANDING City Daily Photo listings! Unbelievable how it has grown.

    After being back in the U.S. for a while, it's nice to see a photo of the firemen doing something nice. The news over there was all about riots, fires, and rampage in France. Was it really that bad?

  11. How funny!!!!
    That is a riot. I have to show my son - he is on his way to becoming a volontary fireman this month!

  12. Au moins ceux-là ne posent pas en tenue d'Adam :)

    Bises à tout le monde et merci Eric de m'autoriser à mettre mes petits coms (je commence à croire que les parisiens sympas, ça riGOle, bien sûr ! :))

    Have a nice (good fri)day !

  13. Michael when you say "back" does that mean in Paris?

  14. Hehehe...see Eric you are not the only friendly's two more!

  15. Yes you have more Girl Scout cookies??? Yummmmm

  16. I love the photograhic dynamics in this picture - picture of a person taking a picture and, perhaps, Eric, you ended up in her picture, which would make for a lovely mise en abyme. Funny, yesterday, in Atlanta, I did my corny touristy thing by taking a picture of a member of the "Ambassador Force" - a corps a friendly city employees (I assume) who are there just to help tourists find their way around downtown Atlanta. I asked the guy if I could post it on my blog and he said yes, so it will be up very soon after I am back home.

    I love the guys' pose too.

  17. especially good pose from the guy on the right side :-)

  18. Everyone is looking to this show, if your city mayor see this probably will charge another tax to photography!

  19. Eric, I have been a daily visitor to your website for awhile, but have never commented until now. I am visiting Paris again next month, and looking at your photos make me so excited to be in my favorite city soon! Merci :) Today's photo brought a big smile to my face :)

  20. What a perfect shot! Love the guy on the left - his hand so perfectly placed behind him!

  21. Kinda cute from behind! Do you think they'd consider "putting my fire out"?

  22. > Le Grain de Sel. C'est vrai ? Ton papa est pompier ? Cool ! (Pour les liens vers les autres DP, on peut voir ça ce week-end si tu veux)

    > A. Jambons?! Er...

    > Dagobert Jr. Oui, j'avoue que circulant à moto tous les jours j'ai parfois des sueurs froides dans le dos...

    > Tomate. Yes, we can be VERY friendly!

    > Mathieu. Aren't they?

    > Bob. Pompiers (Firemen) are loved by the population.

    > Lagatta. Irony?

    > Nahal. yes, that is for sure, the tourists asked them and they accepted.

    > Lorethian. And what about Kansas City? (This week-end I will update my links and include yours BTW)

    > Croquette. Well maybe not... Don't be that pessimistic!

    > Barista. I agree, this silver helmet is sooooo classy!

    > Michael. Hey Michael, glad to have you back with us... Riots? What riots?! ;)

    > Luminlight. First time in my life.

    > Sam. That is very brave of him. Please congratulate your son.

    > Lady. Ah mais oui ça existe les parisiens sympas - je ne connais que ça moi !

    > Buzzgirl. How is Brussels? And/or Amsterdam? Hard not too connect to the Internet hey? I know the feeling...

    > Anne. Yes, there are plenty of nice and friendly parisians here. What you hear is NOT true!

    > Michael. These cookies are for me exclusively!

    > Elisabeth. I don't think she can have me in her pic cause I was too far away. Funny that they have such a force in Atlanta... BTW, did you meet Scarlett and Rhett already?!

    > Eurobrat. So it seems. Everybody seems to like it...

    > Marieta. Even more precise...

    > Nuno. No no no, that is a very bad idea to give our mayor.

    > Aloha. You're welcome. I am glad you plan to come to my favorite city in the world...

    > Jenny. Well, he is a fireman, he is trained to be disciplined!

    > Sandrine. you're very welcome. Anything I can do to please you...

    > I'a a fire? Well I am told they have lots of requests of that kind... They might be a little busy!

  23. Ils sont sympas, les pompiers.

  24. Great! You have such a quick eye. You always capture great moments.

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