Friday, April 13, 2007

April in Paris...

I really wish you were ALL here! The weather is so nice in Paris at the moment that you feel like stopping at a café terrace every hour and just enjoy life! That is what I did at lunch time today, and believe me, it was worth it! I know that some of my regular visitors will arrive today (like Françoise and her French class from South Jefferson Central School, NY), let me tell you that you are going to have a fantastic weather... As for the other visitors (Jeff, Philly...) who will arrive at the end of the month, well it's a little too soon to tell. One thing is sure; the yearly PDP meeting will take place on April 27 in the evening. Save the date!


  1. April in Paris. ...I wish. But we *are* going out in a few moments to see "La Vie En Rose" (La Møme) at the Prince Music Theater. We're in the second week of the Philadelphia Film Festival. I'm excited to see this new version of Piaf's life!

  2. We wish we could all be there now and especially for the meeting, but I arrive in May so I will miss it - perhaps next year.

    Hi to South Jefferson Central School and enjoy your stay.

    (Also, hi to Tomate!)

  3. OOooooo, that beverage looks good!! (and I don't even like beer, but seen from where I stand right now, it looks really tempting!) :)

    So, April it is. Well, you all have a great time and don't all go jump naked into the Seine like we did last year ;)

  4. Euh.. hello, Cali! :)

    Guys, remember "En Avril ne te découvre pas d'un fil, en Mai, fait ce qu'il te plait!"

  5. Ohhhh can't make the 27th unless a miracle happens! Too soon for me. Never mind i will try to get there asap! This photo is so inviting. Not that i drink beer but the sunlight and impression of doing... nothing....mmmm! So glad you took the time Eric, you work so hard.

  6. SO LUCKY! we just had a snow storm in Toronto...

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  8. Lynn, I say you and me in Paris, July.
    Actually, make it August (my schedule keeps changing, am not loving it right now..)
    It gives you more time to make all the arrangements you need to make for this trip. What do you say????!!!!!!

    You know Paris will never be the same after our visit, right! ;-)

  9. It (the photo) does look good. Don't drink beer either, I would probably have an ice tea if I were there enjoying the weather.

  10. Gee! July! I don't know that I can

    1. get to come to Paris again.
    2. afford to come to Paris again and
    3. have the strenght to keep up with Monica and Lynn. What fun and havoc you will bring to Paris.

    PDP meeting? Would we be required to get a tattoo of Tour Eiffel? lol (I'm game???) PDP meeting! Business? Tax write off? Expense account? lol Not really, just happy to have the opportunity to meet new people, can't shake the old ones, they are following me to Paris. Apparently 40 people are signed up. I am coming with 2 that I know and 1 of their friends who I don't know. Not everyone works at the hospital that has signed on for this trip and we are on our own with only a bus tour scheduled for Avril 27 (I assume in the morning). Jeff advised not to "do" Paris like DisneyWorld but to absorb Paris so I hope the weather is nice, to sit at a cafe and absorb away.

    I just want to let Paris know I did buy a pair of BLACK sneakers. I will try to find comfortable, pretty, more than 10 minute shoes this weekend and I may bring the the ohmygawd white shoes.

  11. I'm BACK! The weather was so wonderful in CDG, I almost forgot the jetlag. Have a wonderful time Jeff and Philly.
    Now Eric, you better have another gathering of the PDP fans or you will have to deal with ME(and you are in June)! Lynn and Monica....I wanna meet up, too!
    I HAD to see the weeks worth of photos that I missed while I was gone. AHHH, I got my fix, but my husband is mad that I am paying more attention to my Paris Eric than my PHX Eric in my first moments home.

  12. Eric is right, the weather is perfect right now. "April in Paris" couldn't be more true. Of course, anything can change as Tomate points out.

    So, nobody made a link between Eric's beer and "working" lunch so I will. Obviously it wasn't yours since you don't drink, but I might say that brainstorming sessions in the office take on a different light in France when they come after lunch.

    Francoise and class, I hope you have a fantastic time! Will we get a photo?

  13. Obviously you are having a fine Spring, Eric. In honor, I found these 2 quotes that might be appropriate:

    "Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring day."

    —W. Earl Hall

    "I had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: "No good in a bed, but fine up against a wall."

    —Eleanor Roosevelt

  14. I didn't realise that Eleanor Roosevelt had such a good sense of double entendre. But fancy shooting a rose? With a camera of course. lol
    Can't you all wait until September when M.B and I get to Paris? How about a bi-annual PDP meeting Eric? Or, better still, a monthly meeting?

  15. Nice refreshing picture Eric. We all nedd this at these times !…
    Michael : to answer to your comment o the 11th : lots of work, in the meantime, I was OBLIGED to take a day off yesterday ( ;o)) ), for as you know the end of May approches. And what's more, I'm having a hard time my real-socialist-activit partner these days so I tend to avoid political debates as much as I can !!!

  16. I'm so jealous of all of you. We're SO FAR AWAY from Paris! I'd love to see the Tuileries in springtime... ah well, maybe next year. :(

  17. Oooh everyone wants different dates! I would love to Monica, i shall have to see what work is around though, at the moment i have no idea!

  18. Dommage...c'est ne pas le meme chose a Washington, DC. :(

  19. Michael so glad you started off the versing at Cheltenham! This beer certainly got you in the mood. It's progressing nicely but we need you back, you are the key player!

    Eric you must come and see
    Bring your pen; for versing to me
    It's Michael; his fault
    Taken beer from your vault
    Control he has lost, deary me!

  20. Lexington is having a run of extra cold weather. The plants don't know weather (whether) to uh or get off the oooh. Wish we were at lunch with you, Eric....Forget the beer....Coca Lite will do for me. Wine for Dave.

  21. I miss Paris soooo much, especially for these kinds of things. I'm feeling very home sick right now ...
    Thank you for the pictures everyday, they reflect the real paris (the one I love).

  22. Thanks for the virtual beer. I can remember having a nice crisp beer in France at a table just like that. Only it was in Aix-en-Provence. Still, I needed a reminder of summer today.

    Your photos are much appreciated.

    Bon art!


  23. Fantastic, wish I were there.
    I can just taste it.
    Great image.
    Well done, as always.

  24. Il fait 2°c à Montréal... Seulement 23°c d'écart avec Paris...
    Plus que 16 jours et je vais pouvoir goûter au plaisir de lézarder sur ma terrasse parisienne, je n'en peux plus d'attendre !!!
    (WHY oh why have I decided to study in Montreal ?!!)
    Merci pour la petite tranche de vie parisienne quotidienne, je me régale chaque jour <3

  25. en avril ne levants pas un fil
    en mai faits tout ce que te plait

    the weather is gorgeous here too!
    i did NOT wear a coat ALL WEEK

  26. Hmm...we were in Paris last May and we kept having showers. But we stopped for sidewalk cafe libations as much as possible as shown here . I like a little Picon in my beer! Unfortunately we can't get Picon in the States any more.

  27. So Ujima, how was La vie en rose - I haven't seen it myself, I ashamed of saying...

    LOL Tomate, you're right I still have this photo of you naked in the Seine somewhere I MUST post it here some day... BTW, it's now 99% sure that I'll be in the Bay area mid June, so this year we can have a little PDP meeting there. How about that?

    Don't worry Lynn you'll make it to Paris later this year I'm sure. (What Monica is suggesting - August - is not a bad idea actually...)

    Olive and Mademoiselle, I did not realize it was still that cold in Canada. Sorry... ;)

    Philly: "Jeff advised not to "do" Paris like DisneyWorld but to absorb Paris". Jeef is a wise man... I could not agree more.

    phx-cdg LOOOOOOOOOOL So your husband's name is Eric... Must be a nice guy, I'm sure ;)

    Michael "So, nobody made a link between Eric's beer and "working" lunch so I will." What do you call this in English?! Brown nose, is that it?!

    Mrs Benaut and Metaphysicalmama, funny your mentioned Eleanor Roosevelt rose because I think I showed it here some time last summer.

    GG what do you mean "I was OBLIGED to take a day off yesterday "? I thought the new national - and revolutionary - motto was now "work more to earn more?!"

    Johnny, I'm sorry to hear you're having extra cold weather. See, you should live in Paris LOL!

    Linda. Picon Bière, how old fashionned!! Tell you what, this should please GG (from above) he'll tell you why on Monday if he reads this...

  28. I know what you mean! April is a glorious month - warm enough for comfort, and perfect walkign weather. I think I have walked kms and kms and kms on 3 spring trips to Paris!

    Is there a kind (rich) DP benefactor who would send us all air tickets for a mega DP Congress in Paris???? We need sponsorship from someone like Richard Branson!

  29. I do hope so Eric. Yes we call it brown-nosing he he! Used almost always in the present continuous.

    Those of you wanting a Kate/Prince William mug are really out of luck - i can't find one anywhere and of course in the last hour, news is they have now split up. That means any mugs left are like gold-dust!