Saturday, April 07, 2007

Freakin' computer!

Don't you wish you could do this to your computer sometimes?! I do... But this is not mine... I found it on the sidewalk close to my place and I could not help but take a photo or even imagine how it ended up there... Maybe an angry wife or husband who through her spouse's machine out of the window because they spent too much time on Paris Daily Photo!! Of course, like I mentioned last November, it is highly prohibited to leave any garbage - especially electronic parts - in the street.


  1. Oooh this is interesting Eric. I too imagine it's someone so fed up but because the thing went wrong, as they do. They flipped and threw the thing out. Lucky there was no-one underneath though!

  2. Yeah, I think everybody has that fantasy about throwing their computer out the window once in a while ... especially when they have to wait for tech support 45 minutes on the phone and end up talking to someone 1/2 way around the world who barely speaks English Grrrrr... I don't know how people put up with that!!!

  3. Too bad I didn't see this earlier. With the day I had today, I would have been very tempted!

  4. I knew that Blogger was always "crashing", but this is ridiculous!

  5. It looks like this is just one part of a computer. It may be illegal to leave this component on the street, but, to paraphrase the old Latin question: who monitors the monitors?

    (Je suis desolee.)

  6. I think Tomate used the perfect word, throwing our computer out of the window is a fantasy we all have shared someday. Apart from the drama that might have caused such rage, it must have been a comic scene! Just imagine it!

    I've always heard that in Japan it's pretty commom to throw away electronics in the garbage out in the streets. Even those rather new.

  7. Eric, please tell us what street you took this on, so that when we are one day walking down it we will know to be on the look-out for flying computers :)

    This sidewalk looks like it could use a crime scene investigation - definitely a crime of passion! (I've been at work too long today...)

    Lynn - had so much fun at your party! Re: the name of your talk show, how about Cheltenham Daily Chat (with the Lively Lady Lynn)?

  8. no, no, no... who could be angry at a spouse spending time at Paris Daily Photo!? They were probably working on taxes or some kind of number crunching thing that never worked right...and out the window it went! But my first thought was, 'oh what an environmental hazard!'

  9. by the way, who and where is the naked guy that I see at the portal but don't see at your DP site??? how tantalizing.........

  10. I actually think the cause of this computer crashing to the street was the discovery of a new virus. Which one is another question:

    Government Ecomomist Virus : Nothing works, but all your diagnostic software says everything is fine.

    Boss Virus : It turns on, but never does anything.

    National Front Virus : Shifts all your output to the extreme right of your screen.

    Texas Virus : Makes sure it's bigger than any other file.

    Adam And Eve Virus : Takes a couple of bytes out of your Apple.

    Airline Virus : You're in Paris, but your data is in Singapore.

    Freudian Virus : Your computer becomes obsessed with marrying its own motherboard.

    Techie Virus : Your PC stops what it's doing every few minutes to ask for money.

    Jimmy Hoffa Virus : Nobody can find it.

    Healthcare Virus : Tests your system for a day, finds nothing wrong, and sends a you a bill for £2,500.

    Michael Jackson Virus : Hard to identify because it is constantly altering its appearance.

  11. Very funny Michael!

    Pont Girl - so glad you had a good time, so did i! I think that's a great idea for my chat show. Look at me: MY chat show, like it's already going to happen! Lively Lady Lynn approves! Will you be my first guest? lol.

  12. This reminds me of a photo you showed a long time ago of the Christmas tree that was thrown out of the window. I guess the French don't follow rules very well do they?

  13. Ok everyone, by chance, I finally found the cause of this destroyed computer!

  14. Well, not my computer. But my dial up service, YES! And Blogger, DEFINATELY!!!!! Wish they could pay me for all the wasted hours and frustration. . .but I'm not bitter. No, not me :-]

    Great image, Eric. I feel better already!

  15. Hilarious Michael! Wouldn't you just feel like that after throwing it, too! Dancing around with your tie around your head lol. Well sourced!

  16. Michael, I know why you are one of my most favorite friends. What a sense of like mine it is scary! I loved the "Drew Carey" bit...and the virus jokes..wonderful! Ha Ha Ha all the way home!

  17. LOL Michael, maybe we should throw Bill Gates out of the window instead!!!
    I love how he 'Michael Flatleyed' his way out dancing in the end!!!

    ...I think the person who threw the monitor away just wanted to send it back where it belongs: WINDOWS.

  18. Ha very good Monica.

    I still find it quite unbelievable though that someone would have thrown this out and even more, left it there on the pavement! I can't imagine it in the UK. Not that we are perfect; far from it. Litter is thrown all over really but electrical appliances or furniture would never be left on the streets. Not that i've seen anyway... perhaps i'm just sheltered...

  19. Eric, you always have the BEST photos and commentaries.

    I have an OLD laptop at the office that takes forever to boot up and shut down. But I found an alternate way to do both. Instead of going through the basic START and TURN OFF COMPUTER route, I just hold the ON button for 5 seconds and it shuts off immediately.

  20. Main Entry: de·fen·es·tra·tion
    Function: noun
    Etymology: de- + Latin fenestra window
    1: a throwing of a person or thing out of a window
    2: a usually swift dismissal or expulsion (as from a political party or office)
    - de·fen·es·trate /(")dE-'fe-n&-"strAt/ transitive verb

    I've always loved this word.

  21. Now I know why the changed in the window in my office to a window that will not open.


  22. ming: that is what we do to computers that won't shut down. Having to do that was particularly frequent with Win98, but occasionally you have to do it with XP, 2000, servers. (Keep in mind that sometimes, while the computers shutdown, they're making changes behind the scenes, installing automatic updates, etc., so sometimes it pays to be patient and let them do what they're supposed to do. Other times,you have to pull the plug (uh, figuratively speaking)

  23. I should have done this to my computer years ago!

  24. You have a keen eye and lovely wit from what I can 'see' in what you photograph. I fear had I taken the photograph it would have been flat, not dimensional and full of story.

    I think I will use this as wallpaper/ may be a threat to my computer to behave. LOL

    Merci Eric for your hard work. Daily photo AND description AND links!

  25. Sweet vengeance! I have wished to do that many times!


  26. The comments are almost as good as the photo! ROFL!!!!!!