Sunday, May 17, 2009

At the Marché

I already mentioned the various markets of Paris on this blog, but I never told you about the one on Place Monge, to which I went for the first time on Friday morning and where I took this photo. It's a wonderful market with amazing fresh food. FYI, the list of Paris markets in each arrondissement is shown here. It's in French, but easy to understand. You can also spot them on a map. I'm still working on the videos of the picnic. Please be patient!


  1. Great, colorful shot! I love it!!

    I have this wonderful book called "Paris in a Basket" and it shows you the open markets in Paris, by arrondissement. It's an 'old' book (a few years old?), I think, based on the pics, but it has recipes and everything. One of my favorite books because it shows you the REAL Paris, the little neighborhoods and things away from the center and tourist traps. I just love it.

    We know it takes AN AWFUL LOT OF TIME to go through all the picnic media, so take your time (well not too much time ;)

  2. Did I mention this book is completely in English?

    Here you go:

  3. Congratulations Tomate GF, will the crown be surrounded by little red radishes? That picture looks so good, it makes me hungry for radishes!

  4. Actually, it makes me hungry for a salad of radishes and 'Tomates'

  5. Hey Tomate GF!!

    I adore radishes. Yum, now I really, really want some and there are none in the fridge. I must buy some tomorrow!

    Beautiful shot, Eric, with the sunlight falling on them. OOoooh gosh I am craving them.

  6. Did you hear about the man who named his horse Radish?

  7. No, Gramma.... LOLLLL! Do you have these alphabetically linked in a notebook?

  8. It seems to me the classic English finger food is a little cream cheese with cucumber on bread, while the French have some sweet butter with sliced radishes and a sprinkling of salt. I guess for the US, it's peanut butter and jelly.

  9. LOL, Gramma Ann!! :D

    A crown of radishes would be interesting, I'm sure! ;)

  10. First, slice off the top part and trim the stem (only leave about an inch and 1/2 or so, just enough to grab the radish comfortably with your finger). Wash them real well, then slice the radishes from the top down a couple of times, and dip them in cold water for a few minutes so they open up in the shape of a flower. Serve with butter.


  11. here is a picture. Leave the stem on, it's pretty and it's easier to eat

    or try

  12. Tomate, a crown of radishes may be one very interesting perspective as radishes means in French slang a lot of €€€€€€€ !!

    Not that bad, I'd say ;)

    Great shot Eric.

  13. Ok here's my English method. It's a bit complicated so pay attention. Take a radish, cut off the taily thingummy. Cut off the other endy bit. Then lift it up and ... pop the wholethingintoyourmouth! CRUNCH!
    mmmmmmmmmm. Ohhh what time does the supermarket open?

    USElaine I'd say cream cheese with celery - again: CRUNCH. Or, cheese biscuits. I do buy cream cheese, but mostly buy Brie for those snacks. Or St. Agur. Oh now I'm REALLY snackey.

  14. I'm with Lynn, I just clean them and pop, in the mouth they go. BTW...What is small, red and whispers?....A hoarse radish!

  15. Radish, butter, sel de guérande. Perfect.

    "I went for the first time on Friday morning" Oh, I thought that Eric has a job during the week!;)

  16. Would I be mistaken if I were to believe that when UK Lynn thinks of PDP radishes they tend to resemble less those little red ones as found in today’s photo (admirably caught in the glory of their chiaroscuro) than Japanese daikon radishes?

  17. Radishes. Not my favorite. But I have heard they crunch quite nicely. I LOVE the color, but can live without them. :)

  18. I don't even eat radishes but this photo and your recipe suggestions make me want to.

    TG ~ ROFL!

  19. Shell – I just moments ago finally got a chance to check out your picnic painting. That is so impressive. I was really blown away by how you mirrored the image of the computer screen as if it was from Eric’s perspective (even including his portrait photo, but seen from the back), as if that would be how he would see it looking from within.

    We are all looking through a window into Eric’s world but he is also looking out that window, figuratively and artistically. Just brilliant!

  20. Radish is the one a bit spicy isn't it? hmmm me likes it!

    Guille, so did I. But then again Eric is the kind og person who stumbles on giant purple rabbits on his way to work, so pretty much anything can happen when he's heading his office.

  21. Oh! Raddish which delights & surprises as much as cerise does.

    Tea with Marquise de Merteuil, anyone?

  22. Tomate, I am salivating at your Julia Child description of your radishes with salt butter.

    My PDP quiz is lost but you can take it yourself when you see the video.
    Who is known as the brat?

    After Michael's win last year, who should be this year's winner of the best links?
    UKLynn, you are on the way to win this year's human trophy,MICHAEL, for all your guesses.

  23. Iremembered some more.

    Where is Bettina from?

    Who is married to a Frenchman?

    Who is named after a French recipe? (at that point michael threw said ingredient at me which might be on the video, giggle.)

    Michael, you ARE available,as a human Trophy, aren't you?

  24. Oh, how could I forget this one, 2 people sent the question in to me....Who are the not one, but the 2 illustrious PDPers who have posed as nude models in their lives?

  25. What PDPer gave birth to the PDP picnics?

    How long has there been a PDP?

    Remember, there was no cheating because noone had the luxury of checking the internet.
    Well, there WAS a from of "cheating" as the excitment rose to such a crecendo(oh, the drama of it all) that answers were called out instead of written.

  26. Yes, Eric, what were you doing at Place Monge on a week/work day ?
    Maybe you were on your way to interview the "Gardes Républicains" ? Or their horses ? If so, sorry to tell you but you picked the wrong radishes !!
    BTW, radishes are a geat satisfaction for beginner gardeners, you sow them, especially the kind called "radis de 18 jours", around a week later, you actually see them and less than 3 weeks later you eat them !! Simple but great pleasure, don't you agree Coltrane ?

  27. Re: Tea with Marquise de Merteuil, anyone?

    Will the Vicomte de Valmont be present? If so the answer is Oui!

    Although I must admit he is not everyone's cup of tea...

  28. Grrr.. let's try this again.

    "After Michael's win last year, who should be this year's winner of the best links?"Definitely Tall Gary!

  29. My heart skipped a beat. Personnally, she's not my cup of tea, she is manipulating and I don't like that so much. Valmont is delightful. Tea with him would be gorgeous.
    Today, I have lunch at my parents'. Sure one could think I'm kidding or something - but really not!!
    Back to the photo, I don't like a lot radishes and I don't even digest them easily. Oh gonna talk about my disabilities could be fun ;)

  30. This is a great photo; and the sun on the radishes just make them even more appetizing, I think I'll go and buy a bunch today, but unfortunately not on a Parisien market. I love radishes with bread and cheese.

  31. I'm feeling sad if you think of that... but I do understand... :(
    I love regular real life with all its imperfections.
    :) ???

  32. It's GUILLE! Guille is the brat! (sorry darling Guille) Yes it's her!!!!

  33. Bettina's from Holland!!
    Suzy is married to a Frenchie!!
    Um...tomate? Oooh I'm nervous now of my answers.

    Is Michael available? When can I have him if I win (figuratively speaking naturally)? Will it cafe a deux? Ok back to the Qs...

  34. Ohh the nude models have got me stripped of ideas phnar phnar...think I must have missed it but you can add moi. I too have posed...

    Um... did Eric himself give birth to the picnics? Or, was it Rose?

  35. Oh! Oh! Four years Eric has been delighting us with PDP!

    ...and...breathe out...

    Tall Gary that was just hilarious. My tender English self is somewhat shocked however, and I can confirm that nothing so ...huge and um...ugly has ever penetrated my lips. ;)

  36. By the way is there anyone else here just a little bit in love this morning...
    I'm in LOOOOVE with a fairyTAAAAALE?

  37. TG ~ Thank you so much. You are modestly not commenting on your presence at the back of the room, watching over and protecting all of us ... so I shall say it myself. ;)

    I think I can hear Lynn's heart beat accelerating from here.

    Nudes? I think Lois? Does it count as nude when you've been rolled in silver? {Or was it gold? Something related to chocolates anyway.}

    Links? I add my vote to Tomate's: Tall Gary! {Surely today's alone would put him right up there...}

  38. Radishes, cerises and fairy tales are not perfect. Lol.

    I also love real life, but I do not believe in imperfections or even the idea of perfection.

    Have you ever notice that on a good day everything is perfect. Where as on a bad day we only see what is wrong with our lifes. Everything is still the same.

    There is no such thing as perfection, only are interpretation of our lifes on any given day. Maybe it is easier to find fault in our everyday life.

    I personally prefer looking at each day as a new start, which of course it really is. Anything is possible. Think of it as a "do-over".

    The Artist's Point of View

    “A subject that is beautiful in itself gives no suggestion to the artist. It lacks imperfection.” ~ Oscar Wilde

    Perfection is so boring and dull!

  39. I'm taking it as something positive! Hope it is so:)

    Coming back later! Bisous.

  40. Oh Lynn, you MUST find work soon. Too much excitement here could ruin you...

    Bettina's from Denmark, not Holand
    and besides you, Lois Simon has posed nude (but only for money!)

  41. You are right on all the answers, UKLynn except these:

    Eric did not" birth the baby" of the PDP picnics! Whose idea was it?

    Did you answer Tomate as an answer to a question? Not sure.

    You are correct ,Lois has posed nude, we didn't know about YOU and we also I hear another guess?

    I remembered another.

    Alexa sent in the top 5 winners of GF ending in April 2009. Who are they?

  42. Picnic idea was Jeff's.
    Alexa posed nude also.
    Last question has me stumped.

  43. Just gorgeous. Such an delicious edible image. I miss markets.

  44. Funny how you'll (Guille, Marylène, Monica...) wondered what I was doing Place Monge on a Friday... I happen to have meetings in Paris and, well, some of them make me pass by interesting photo places!

    Flore. Yes, you're right we use the word radis for money in slang. Although it's generally used to point out that you don't have money as in "je n'ai pas eu la queue d'un radis" for instance.

  45. OOOh interestinggggg Eric. Thanks for the French lesson.

    Denmark, yes of course! Um who else has posed nude? Could it be a male? ER-IC?

    I didn't receive money for my posing. I was an artist in the group and the model didn't turn up. So ... well, SOMEone had to do it! :) I was was ok...
    In the following weeks, a few of us took turns to model and, by not paying a model, our fees went down. Parfait!

    Shell; Michael; my heart is beating regularly but I have to say at first look at TG's link it surely skipped a beat. Oh the shock, the shock, will I recover, such an innocent as moi? :(

  46. Radishes? Cherries? As long as the vegetable or fruit is fresh, I know I will like it. The light on these gives me the idea of adding butter to a small sandwich of radishes on artisian bread. mmm. Now I'm hungry for good food. Thanks Eric.

  47. I always forget but, with a scooter, you can see everything, stop where and when you want, which is not possible if you use public transportation or a car !

    We'll have to ask Shell Sherree to make another drawing of you on your "fier destrier" !! For souvenir...

  48. Je suis d'accord Eric avec ton explication.
    Tu vaux bien davantage que des queues de radis ceci dit ;)