Thursday, May 14, 2009

PDP Picnic souvenir photo

It's almost 2 am here, I'm just back from the 2009 PDP picnic and here is the photo you must have been waiting for! As always we - I at least! - had a super good time, it feels so good to be surrounded by people who love what you do. This year was especially moving as several of you sent special message to the best ambassador you could find: PHX-CDG! (And Thib, also!). Also I had the incredible surprise to see Suzy (the famous ET Suzy!) who flew in to Paris from San Jose, California, especially for the occasion. She was not the only one from California; as you all know Lois was also there. I don't have the time to upload photos, videos (this year I had a hard drive video cam so there should be no jammed cassette!) tonight. I'll do all this this weekend when I have more time. I'd like to thank everyone, who either attended the party or participated in writing or in thoughts. PS : Sorry for all the people who are not in this photo; I took it too late. But I have everyone on tape. Please, be patient!


  1. What a wonderful photo of all the lucky lucky people who got to go to the PDP Picnic this year! Granted, the rest of us had fun in the comment box, but we really wanted to be on the banks of the Canal. NEXT YEAR!! SUZY SUZY SUZY!

  2. This almost looks like a school picture! PDP class of 2009!

  3. What a fun photo. What was so funny?

  4. Fantastic! I hope you all sleep well tonight, with love in your hearts.

  5. I will USElaine. Talking about sleep... Off I go!

    Nite nite.

  6. Off I go too! Up early tomorrow! Wonderful photo and like Gramma Ann I wonder what made you all laugh so much. Love it. Can't wait for more.
    Nighty nighty PDPers.

  7. What? You're all leaving so soon? {hee hee} Sweet dreams!

    I don't think I've seen so much exuberance in one photo in a while! And no wonder. Thank you for sharing it with us, Eric. Looking forward to seeing more when you've recuperated!

    Katie, woohoo GF!

    ET Suzy - aHa!!! How wonderful! {Call me 'wrong', Michael ... you cheeky thing.}

  8. Merci, merci, merci! Isn't it amazing how entertained we all can be by NOT being at a party? I had a wonderful time, and from the looks of this photo you all did, too. Sleep well, friends.

  9. Oh Mon Dieu...I'm laughing so hard!! All those "Paris-Lovers" from the PDP "pique-nique" with the Irish flag and the St. Patrick's Day poster in the background!! What a riot!! You all look so happy and full of fun!! How typical for those who love Paris and PDP..ehhh??? ;-)

  10. Petrea -- my thought exactly! I was so annoyed that I didn't get to go that I was cranky all day, but once I started reading all the comments, I had to laugh.
    Congrats on GF, Katie!

    If you're wondering why these people look so "exuberant"—they were all ivre morte, blasted. fried, hammered, toasted, and pissed! Or that's my guess.

  11. Wow!!! 200 comments! (Though the bar at the bottom reads 288 which would have been phenomenal.) I just got to read them all - quite the exciting and funny rollercoaster. But, so sad I couldn't follow it as it unfolded in real time. Tomate you had me rolling -- here's one back at you: All generalisations are stupid. Alexa, I think you're right about the County Cavan faction of PDP - totally blasted! : ) I'm guessing they all had to go to work today - what were they thinking holding it on a weeknight?! Ah, they're all young, they'll bounce back! I can't believe how awesome it is that ETS flew to Paris for a Party. Perhaps, next year.........

  12. What a great shot. Wish I could pick out who all was there! Of course I found you Eric! Look forward to meeting you soon!

  13. Carrie: Tomate and friends pushed it up to more than 300. You can check out the rest by clicking on the Suivant› Les plus récents» at the top of the page or above the comments box.

    I’d love to know what that photographer was saying or doing. Maybe that’s not as important as what the photographees were feeling.

    It’s great to see that PHX is prepared for 4018. We hope the PDP Picnic tradition continues at least until then.

  14. Oh la la - 288! Thanks for the instructions TG - I'd never have seen them. Off to the races!

  15. Fun there, fun here... this is quite a place!

  16. OK - I couldn't stop laughing at the final 100 posts. 307!!!!!
    Amazing. Thanks for the phantastic photos Thib. I await the video. I want to know what the photog was doing, too, TG.

    Long live PDP!
    Vive la France!!
    Vive le Roi!!!

  17. Look at you all!!!!

    What a great picture with all of you looking like you're having the time of your life!

    How amaazing it must feel to participate in a gathering like this. And it's amazing to see Suzy made it!!!!

    Now I'm going to hurry to Thib's blog! Zut!

  18. Oh and Eric, did you see? over 300 comments.

    I am - finally - speechless over this.

  19. Ok just one more comment for now. I open Thib's blog and what's the first photo I see?

    A line of Caipirinhas. I feel so properly represented!

  20. Alexa, hee hee!

    Monica, you were there in spirits. ;)

  21. I guess you all laissez les bon temps de PDP rouler ce soir...and why wouldn't you? Enjoyed Thib's photos as well. Magnifique! And are such a smart-looking crowd, too. So, any jazz on the Irish jukebox? Hey, I'm sure your conversations were spiced full of jazz. We onlookers also had quite a joke-fest...I think Tomate took that prize. :-) Suzy Suzy surprised suprised surprised us all all all. Katie...I hear those Irish crowns often cause the wearer to Riverdance around pubs while telling George Carlin jokes, so be careful dear one.

  22. Everyone looks fabulous in this photo!
    & Reading the comments from last night definitely helped make up for the fact that I wasn't at the picnic! You all are so very funny!
    Eric, you have created a masterpiece!

  23. Looks like a great time at the actual picnic. Of course, from the picture there seams to be more actual drinking going on than there was in the comment box during the virtual picnic!

    Glad to hear everyone that made it had a good time. Recover well tomorrow.

    Look forward to seeing more pictures

  24. Katie: so appropriate for an Irish lass to win GF today.
    Great photo Eric. You all look so HAPPY and why not? You are in good company as were we in the comments box!
    Tomate: you were on a roll. Thanks for encouraging us to keep commenting and keep us laughing. You deserve a medal at least.
    Shell: in spirits? LOL!

  25. Great group! Everyone looks like they're having a good time. Looking forward to the rest of the story...

  26. A medal? You mean a swift kick in the arse, no? ;)

    Couldn't help myself, I had to go back and read our silly comments. when you are commenting - and watching your back at the same time, as Monica explained ;) - you miss quite a bit of what's happening in the commenting section.

    Now that the dust settled and all, Congratulations indeed, ET Suzie! First trip to Paris? Somebody pleeaaaaaaaase drag the girl to the Eiffel Tower at last and let her sleep there on the ground, under the monument face up to the sky! ;)

  27. The photo came out great Eric! I'll send you mine so you can integrate them into whatever fantastic video/slideshow/Animoto you're thinking up right about now.

    Gramma Ann said, "What a fun photo. What was so funny?"

    Well, she asked us to say "cheese" that's all. Except instead of cheese it was "Say SEX"!!

  28. Safe sex? Try saying "say SEX" 3 times fast and it sort of sounds like that. Okay. I've got to go to sleep. I'm starting to get slap happy.
    Tomate: no swift kick in the arse, you were too amusing. TG and Coltrane helped as did too many others to name. Let's not make this one of those Academy speeches where one thanks one's agent and first crush!

  29. Really glad to see you were all having fun and that ET Suzy made it!
    What a naughty/fun girl, turning up in secret like this ;)

  30. Yay! This photo brings me happiness even though I am not in it! ;) I can just SEE and FEEL the fun of this party. I was thinking about you all as I drove to work this afternoon ... I was with you in spirit. Suzy, I am thrilled that you are in Paris and wish you a visit as magical as my first time in that city of my heart. Eric, thank you for photos that both remind us and teach us about the city we love and for a place that fosters such friendship and joy among folks from across the globe. Coming to PDP feels a bit like walking into "Cheers" -- "Norm!!!"

  31. Tall Gary, I didn't even know till now that i had 2 pr. of glasses on my head!

    Suzy's last hint for me to post was going to give it away so it was nixed, but she said "Who has a fixsation on a certain Parisian erection?"

    Therefore it is fitting that Shell Sherree outed Suzy, as Shell is a genius DOWN UNDER,er,a wonder down under, er, the best down under, she is the WINNER down under.
    Suzy is holding an artistic rendering of Eric and friends on PDP that Shell drew. Shell Sheree, I insist you link the drawing to your page so it can be shared with everyone. Please!!!

    Thanks ro rhose who sent in tributes. Eric was quite touched by it. It helped to feel your presence that way.

    I hope everyone gets a chance to attend a picnic one year so you can experience your friends in person.

  32. What a great photo with absolutely everyone looking great. So often, one person is blinking. Well done! I'm looking forward to knowing who everyone is, looks like y'all had the best time.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Phx: {blush} Sure, I'd be honoured. And thanks so much for arranging things so we could send something along. In the unforgettable words of Coltrane, you ROCK.

    Here's my little drawing.And as for the rest of your comment, Phx, ROFL!!! I'm not sure if you've slept yet or not. Thank you, thank you. My online PDP course {"Private Detection PhD"} will be opening shortly.

  35. Hello everyone. Please don't go thinking I'm missing today. Only I have a pretty tough day at work.

    Besides, I had too much to drink last night and I'm pretty slow today!

  36. Make sure you check in tonight Eric, then, and read all the comments of last night! We had fun even though we were not there.

    Shell great drawing! Love it.

    Phx that last clue is hilarious.

  37. Shell I get what you mean, "in spirits"!

    PHX I think we owe you and Eric such a wonderful occasion, like he said ypu are PDP's embassador.

    Eric I totally understand if you don't read all the 300 and something comments from yesterday. In fact, I bag you not to. We wouldn't want to spoil the image of nice centered grown ups you have of us.

    ooh right... we never really fooled you.. we're just a bunch of crazy people!

  38. Take your time Eric. Don't forget to enjoy all what you've already done. 310 comments, last night, can you believe it??? Who would say better during the little rest you well deserve? Well, you are even at work .... Even not a resting time!!!
    Thank you Thib for your beautiful photos! Nicely done and a good way to wait for Eric's video!

  39. You all look great ,but who's the guy in the middle in the white shirt?
    Also slightly disappointed that Suzy doesn't actually have an ET stuck on her head.

    mm.... interesting mix of products on the sheves in the background - malt whisky, PG tips tea and Atora suet pudding! As for Guiness and Heinz baked beans, that sounds like an explosive cocktail, if you get my drift.(preferably
    not downwind)

    Right, that's it, I'm going next year, start saving for the face lift and hair transplant right away.

  40. So wish that I could have stayed a few days longer to have seen you all! I have been blogging about my trip as consolation...

    Next year?

  41. Looks like all you guys had so much fun :)

  42. Fabulous. Absolutely Fabulous. (Yes, I know - I'm just off to find some vodka or better still, some Bolly, dears)

  43. oops, *shelves!

    Oh well, back to yesterday's comments .....187.....188....189..... I need a nice refreshing cup of PG Tips, laced with Irish whisky of course. I do believe it's all the rage in Paris this year dahling!

  44. I'm having a cup of PG Tips right now. Mmm.

    I recognize most of the faces, but not all. Some don't comment, or if they do they don't use photos. Some I recognize from last year's video. Once everyone gets over their hangovers would the attendees mind giving us a list of names? (Michael? Guille?) Did Suzy's husband come with her? He's francais, non? Surely she's been to Paris before. She may not answer today, she's atop the ET, dreaming away.

    I ask too much. It was enough just to party along with you and be the 301st comment yesterday. You are all so much fun!

  45. What a nice picture! Around 10 people are missing but you'll see them later.

    Petrea, Suzy is in the plane right now. She came on her own, just for 2 days.
    About the names, except the 2 first on the left, and the last woman on the right, I get them.
    From left to right: ?, Anna (blue tshirt), ?, Suzy, Charles, Lois, US Lynn, Thib (green shirt), Jeff (black shirt), me, Bettina, ? (2009 glasses), above me there is the King Eric, Michael, Craig and Sab.

    It was a wonderful evening, and we were all so glad to discover that the mysterious guest was Suzy!

    More than 310 comments, you're crazy. You actually had a party here!

    A great bunch of people...Thanks for everything Eric. Even if today, I'm hangover (I'm not spiteful!)... :p

  46. Merci Guille,
    The woman in the blue t-shirt looks familiar. Am I crazy? I think I've seen her photo here in comments. Same with the woman next to her behind Suzy. Charles--did he come with Lois? I don't recognize him. I remember Craig from last year's picnic. Who's the man between Bettina and Sab? Who's Sab?

    Anyway, you all look great. Anybody who hangs out at PDP is cool, whether I know them or not. It's just a given. Hell, I'm lucky you all let me in here.

  47. Petrea, Anna was there last year.
    Charles is Lois friend.
    The man between Bettina and Sab is...Craig! Sab is parissetmefree.

  48. Merci aussi Guille.

    Drummond LOL.

    It was a real giggle here last night, Guille!

  49. Bravo à tous ! Vous êtes extras !
    Thib, les photos sont super, on s'y croirait. Certaines donnent même soif d'ailleurs !
    Et aussi beaucoup de regrets de ne pas avoir surmonté la crainte que se retrouver dans un pub était plus difficile pour se faire une petite place et s'intégrer que d'avoir tout l'espace des bords de Seine !!
    En tout cas, Eric et Guille, bravo pour l'organisation, vous retombez toujours sur vos pieds, même avec les éléments contre vous.
    Mais, Eric, en choisissant une date pendant la semaine des Saints de Glace, c'était peut être tenter le sort, non ?

  50. As a newcomer to this blog I must say that you seem to be a fun "gang". Our next Paristrip is set now, 29 june-5 july. I can't wait. You can probably find me in ether of the seafoodrestaurants at Clichy that first night eating away one year of boordom (spelling? you get my point) ;)

  51. A fun gang? Oh, Anna, you have no idea! But please stick around and join in the craziness.
    Shell -- your drawing is beyond priceless. I especially love the way you've captured Eric's cute butt! (no, this is not Lynn in disguise)

  52. I meant, this is not Lynn in disguise commenting.

  53. Strange. I'm feeling like hangover though I wasn't playing with you... I'd better have been with you....

  54. Great photo! I'm so jealous of ET Suzy! It looks like you all had a great time. I was too dizzy from reading all the comments last night to make one of my own. Eric, get some rest and I look forward to seeing your photos and videos.

  55. I'm now back in NYC,oh the jetlag, and I just found out that Sab is Parisetmefree!!!! I didn't know that! Nametags next year.

    I also didn't know there were phonecalls being made. That's what I get for stepping outside.

    Can't wait to now view thib's photos.
    The biggest laugh on the quiz was when I asked "WHo has the Biggest crush on Eric"--a no brainer,oui?

    Another question was "What group disappears at the mearest hint of an argument on PDP, the males or the females.?" You MUST tune in for Jeff's response.

    Who gave us a running commentary of their Paris trips?

  56. PS Thank you for listening to me and sharing you wonderful drawing.

    I ROTFed when I was writing your tribute.
    Suzy and I tipped out hats off to you.

  57. JET LAG JET LAG the above was for Shell Sherree

  58. So who has the biggest crush on Eric then Phx?

    Alexa I knew you meant commenting, it couldn't possibly be that I had a cute butt. LOL.

  59. Oooh it was Carrie, Carrie! She told us all about her Paris trips!!!
    The males disappear of course. Not that there are disputes here, just girly differences of opinion on things. We're always terribly polite. The men usually mumble something about needing to be elsewhere...
    Where can we see the whole quiz? I know, I'm an awful swot.

  60. Oh, Lynnie, I knew I could depend on you! When eric posts the next pix in a few minutes, I will put some more questions on when I get back from getting my girly nails done...I like to do it when I am brain dead.

    You are correct with your answers, but Katie also amused us with her running commentary of her Paris vacation.

    Even Monica doesn't come close to YOU when it comes to having a crush on Eric!!!!

    OK one more for now...Who changes their picture the MOST?

  61. UK LYNN!

    Who changes her picture the least?

  62. Who never puts her picture here?

    (although I´ve beged many times..)

  63. Guille, you look so pretty, sweet girl. Thank you for identifying everyone, well, mostly everyone. I have the photo enlarged so I can see everyone clearly.

    Thib: I loved your photos, thank you.

    Eric, you look so happy!

    Michael my darling boy, you look absolutely handsome and much younger than your tender years.

  64. Actually, Guille changes her photo all the time too.
    Lynn -- maybe if you knew phone calls were being made . . . you do still have my cell number, right? (I still can't believe you guys called Rio! Were you surprised, Monica?)

  65. Thank you all for your kind words - I certainly had fun doing it, so I'm happy you got some fun from it as well!

    Alexa ~ hee hee! I could see Lynn making that comment. And a few others who shall rename nameless. I was only working from my imagination, of course.

    Phx ~ I knew what you meant, jet lagged or otherwise ;). You're most welcome, and thanks again.

    Thanks, Guille, for the rundown on who's who. So lovely to put names to faces.

  66. Alexa, ce n'est pas vrai! I didn't change my picture since december I think... But if you want me to change it, no pb! ;)

  67. I wish I could be there. Joying this fantastic group at this fabolous party in this unbelievable city!

    I cant wait for more pics and videos!

    Congrats, Eric! its all your "faut"!!

  68. Petrea, I think you change your picture the least. Had men been allowed then of course it would be Eric himself. He must be so stiff in that position all these years.

    Monica, could it be Shell?

    Yes, yes, change it Guille. I love the changes I really do. I am getting bored with my own one, it must have been up for at least three days... sharpen my pencil and jump up to today's comments to continue the quiz. Are there gold stars for the winner? Are there? See I told you; I'm Monica out of FRIENDS. Though - not skinny like that :( :)

  69. Oh I forgot to comment on your curious suggestion that I have a crush on Eric! Who, MOI? he he.... yes of course I have! He is gorgeous isn't he. From the first time he appeared on my screen I thought... wow! My little crush has since developed though into a deep admiration with much affection - he is our great Roi here!

    I have another crush too of course on the marvellous Michael! Why yes, who wouldn't? He too is a good friend though so I am under no illustions about these two gorgeous hunks here on PDP. Then of course there's Thib, Coltrane, the photographer guy who used to come here a lot oh what was his name? Oh there are so many handsomes here, how could a girl not have a crush at PDP? Come on girls, own up! ;)

  70. So much fun! Hope everyone had a superb time! And fabulous. And delicious, and wonderful. (You get the picture)

    One of these years....I'll be in that photo too!

  71. Je suis venu et ne vs ai pas trouvé sur les quais !

  72. TURLURE a dit...

    Je suis venu et ne vs ai pas trouvé sur les quais !

    Eric noted that the picnic had to be changed to an indoor location (see post)...sorry we missed you!