Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seeing flying blue elephants...

If you walk down La rue du roi de Sicile and see a flying blue elephant, there is nothing wrong with you! It simply means you've passed by the Le Petit Thai, a... Thai restaurant. I haven't tried it yet, but I fell for its cute little sign that you can't help seeing (and photographing!) when passing by. Talking about restaurants, here is a very useful piece of advice (no it's not paid advertising!) if you come here and want to find/book a restaurant: first check with La Fourchette, a very popular website in France where you can see reviews and get very good deals (like 20% off on certain week days, for instance) in most Paris (and the rest of France, of course) restaurants. Too bad Le petit Thai does not seem to be listed...


  1. Might be a good place for dinner after a picnic. Just sayin'....

  2. I love the color of the sky against the color of the elephant.

  3. The site also functions under the English name THE FORK:

    I opened it for you guys on the PARIS site....

    It can be a great share; but always first check out if you don't prefer to take the set meal (déjeuner, dîner) as they are often very good deals and you still have at least 3 options for each course to choose from.
    Bon appétit

  4. Fun picture AND great info! Merci bien for both --

  5. Lovely! (Can't wait to go out with my girlfriends for Thai next month. I may have to go out sooner!) :) Enjoy!