Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bomb alert?!

I just read there was a bomb alert in Paris yesterday and they had to stop all traffic at Place de l'Etoile (Charles de Gaulle) in the middle of the day. A pretty unusual scene needless to say. Now the closest thing to an empty place de l'Etoile I have in stock right now is... this place de la Concorde at night LOL! Don't worry you can still continue coming to Paris though, it was just a scare and nothing happened.


  1. I didn't hear about the bomb warning, but I'm happily ignoring all news except weather forecasts. We had two good dinners at the Grizzli Cafe near Beaubourg in the past two nights. I am full of thon tonight. Looking forward to the picnic. Hey! We met with Drummond and Mai again tonight after meeting on Saturday as well. Oh, yeah, we met with Guille tonight as well. What a treat that she could make some time to see us and even though I was very late communicating with Drummond and Mai, they were very nice to walk and meet us. Like Craig said, I have more friends in Paris than I have at home!! Bisous to Guille and Michael, and thanks to much to Mai and Drummond for their patience.

    1. Not at all Jeff, we enjoyed the exercise!
      Lovely to meet Guille again. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  2. I did not hear about Paris bomb warning either but heard news about the blast in Prague. Since I will not be in Paris for the picnic, have a drink (or two) for me! Anne

  3. Jeff, you are having so much fun. Don't worry about the bomb warnings. I have a feeling that if we knew of all the potential dangers in our world, we'd never leave the house. But most of them never happen.

  4. I am glad nothing came of the bomb scare in Paris. Too much violence happening lately.

    Glad you're having a great time, Jeff! Have a toast for those of us who can't get to Paris this year :-)

  5. Just go to the Marais...lots of people love to get bombed in Paris.

  6. Even if there were something to worry about, if I were scheduled for a trip to Paris, nothing would deter me, since, according to Oliver Wemdell Holmes, "good Americans, when they die, go to Paris." So I'd be there already. (Oscar Wilde stole the idea from Holmes.)

    Wish I could make the PDP picnic. Sigh. Someday.

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  8. Cute little red man ... love it!
    I heard of an Ampel mann in Berlin.

    I like the right part of the photo for its sort of childlike drawing.
    And for the sticker : 'love me' is not a bad guess nowadays !

    @Stuart : you made me smile with your comment !

  9. I'm glad you're having a good time too, Jeff! And take Petrea's excellent advice --