Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Cleaning the Gare Saint Lazare's clocks!

You may remember this piece of art by Arman called "L'heure de tous" that has been in front of the Gare Saint Lazare since 1985. I already photographed it in 2008, but at that time I had to make a close up for it was really dirty and full of pigeon droppings! Recently it was totally cleaned and it's really much nicer.


  1. It's quite impressive, and in such a beautiful surrounding.

    That many clocks reminds me of my aunt and uncle's home. They have a whole lot of cuckoo and grandfather clocks, so every quarter hour, you're hearing at least something clanging.

  2. I do too Petrea, but don't think I ever saw the "clean" version. It was about time don't you think? (groan)

    1. OK Michael, keep that up and someday someone is going to clean YOUR clock.

  3. So lovely! I wonder if it is a stressful sight if one is running late?

    Eric, I hope you're enjoying your trip!

  4. Stuart and Michael both beat me to the joke . . . so I'll just say (in a timely fashion) that I love this and I'm glad they cleaned it up!

  5. Looks like someone has a lot of time on their hands....;)