Monday, June 16, 2014

Strategic forest!

I passed by the Hotel de Ville (Paris town hall) yesterday and saw that they had planted a huge forest in front of it. I thought it was meant to promote the "greeness" of Paris or raise awareness on the need for more trees and less concrete in Paris, but no... It's to help Parisians remember the role played by the forest during WWI! Far fetched?! Totally, but still nice to see, especially since this square is generally used for much less greeny business than this!


  1. It looks great. They should make it permanent.

  2. Very evocative (I imagine—who's left who remembers?). The burnt trees remind me of photos I've seen of the aftermath of some WWI battles.

  3. What a shot! I'd almost believe that this wasn't taken in the middle of a major city!