Sunday, September 11, 2005

Break dancing in Les Halles

In the big shopping center of Les Halles (1st arrondissement) there is a place where all break dancers of the city gather to train in front of everybody. Some are very good, some are just beginners but it's always fun to look at them. Curiously they are all very shy; the minute you hand out a camera they stop dancing. I had to "steal" this scene by taking the photo from above where they could not see me.


  1. And what a stunning shot it is, Eric. Like a living French flag in motion!

  2. And it's a good one!

    I saw the same thing in Vancouver, Canada, last month. It is fun to watch. The kids make it look easy!

  3. I really like the view from above that you give us. Lots of action shown by the motion.

  4. Dear Eric,

    How pretty nice is your blog ! I just wanna do one like yours, but I thing you're too big for me...

    Comme ton blog est vraiment sympa ! J'aurai tant aimé en faire un comme le(s) tien(s), mais je crois bien que tu es trop fort pour moi... J'ai trouvé mon maître !!

  5. Exactly, it's the bleu blanc rouge of today. Amazing.

  6. indeed, dont know if it's on purpose, or photoshop, but it does make a french flag !

    i really like this place in les halles. always nice to hang out over there, while waiting for your movie to start (as in when you go to les halles to go to the movie theatre). the kids are pretty amazing and i am always "bluffe", watching them. not to mention the very sexy racaille attitude...