Friday, September 16, 2005

Paris, capital of fashion

And that includes Africans... Obviously. I simply love the way they dress.


  1. Hi ! I've been to Paris and I love it !
    That was best time I ever spent. I was playing in metro on my guitar and the police called me " Bella Clocharde " ( I am not sure how to write that) I send kisses for beauty Paris !!!!!
    Greetings from Poland !!!

  2. I am amazed, once more, at the great compostion of this shot. In fact, yesterday morning I was thinking: "Wouldn't it be cool to have a full collection of Eric's shots next to each other, like in a photo gallery?"

  3. "Belle Clocharde ?" Gee... Was that really a compliment?? Welcome here anyway.

    Elisabeth, Sophie ;))
    (I am working on a parisdailyphoto 2.0 ! but it takes time)

  4. as well, am always amazed at the african fabrics. there are few things in the world prettier than a very strong (fat actually) african woman in some authentic dress. i just love them. chanel et consors peuvent aller se rhabiller...