Thursday, September 29, 2005

Gare du Nord (Northern Station)

Originally, I did not plan to publish this photo today but Blogger seems to experience some hosting problems... Anyway here is the Gare du Nord, the station you will go to if you want to travel to... the North of France (Lille in particular - blink Elisabeth!) but also to Brussels, Amsterdam, London... It's beautiful a building, built between 1861 and 1865 by Jacques Hittorff (well the main station for some part have been extended recently due to the incredible expansion of railways in France) with statues all over representing famous northern cities. More (in French) here.


  1. Sometimes I feel that the Gare du Nord is my second home in France, I always spend so much time there when I travel between Lille and Paris. I actually took a very good look at those statues only this summer, when having a beer at a cafe across the street while waiting for our train with my boyfriend!

  2. OMG, they cleaned up the building!!! Wow! Amazing.

    Yes, Eric, Blogger has been having some problems for the past few days :-( and it makes uploading photographs especially difficult. Hang in there!

  3. Etonnant ! J'ai été quatre ou cinq fois à cette gare mais je ne l'ai jamais regardée de l'extérieur, juste parce que le métro m'y déposait directement à l'intérieur.

    Amazing ! I went four or five time to this station but never looked it from outside, just because the metro directly brought me into the station.