Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fake Business

Just like in every big city in the world, you can quite easily buy replicas of famous branded products in Paris. This applies to leather goods, all sorts of textile, watches... and glasses, like you can see on this picture I took somewhere in Paris (no, I am not going to report the guy!). Of course, manufacturers are not very happy with that, they even gathered to make a Website on which they say that France loses 30 000 jobs per year because of this fake business. Possible, but impossible to check...


  1. God ! I'm making a fake comment on a fake post written by a fake Eric : yes, look the photo in the About me part, I can assure you it's not the real Eric, it's a replica, well done, but just a replica. The real Eric is more beautiful than that !

  2. Eric!

    Your idea is fantastic. I´m a brazillian 29 years old boy and I went to Paris in 1999. It's just too many things to take pictures out there... But isn´t everywhere? I will start my "one photo a day" in some weeks, then I´ll make you know. Actually I have an e-mail list of friends and friends of friends and, also, unknow people who joined the list referred by this friends called "Pictures of Thursday", sent every thursday to a group of selected people. In brazillian portuguese we used to say that, when something is in the fifth place (like Thursday, for example), it is something bad, something of "second line".

    Well, I'm becoming too long in my explanations. I also want to make you know that I put your site at my "blog of the week" in my website Armazém de Idéias Ideais (Store of Ideal Thoughts) (

    Pleasure to meet you, keep in contact.

  3. Isido> It is impossible to make copies of Eric. The mold is broken. Let's face it, this guy is unique. I suspect you're a fake blog reader.. Maybe we are all fake. Maybe no one ever read this blog...

  4. > anonyme : argh ! (and LOL) I was wandering and you gave me the answer : we are fakes ! And you're right, I never read this blog. Logical : Eric is also a fake and never made a blog. But, what are we doing here, in fact ???

  5. That's a great story. Waiting for more. »