Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Grand Palais' facelift

The Grand Palais, a magnificent glass palace that was built for the 1900 universal exhibition was closed for renewal in 1993. And for the first time since then, it has just been reopened to the public (although it will be totally completed in 2007 only). This new palace looks absolutely fantastic - especially under the lights and sounds of two artists Thierry Dreyfus and Frédéric Sanchez who created the new scenery. By the way I did not take this photo myself but Michel Colson (whose photos are awesome) did and gave me the authorisation to use it.


  1. J'y suis passé lundi après-midi en regettant (mais c'est encore possible) de n'y être pas venu le soir (éclairages , ambiance) Le fonds musical est essentiellement tiré des oeuvres de Debussy, Ravel et autres compositeurs français du début du siècle. Du moins hier. Il est encore temps d'y aller, Eric, (si emploi du temps le permet) prendre des photos des globes de Coronelli. Voilà qui interesserait nos visiteurs étrangers!
    La rénovation intérieure est terminée, le ravalement des façades, la restauration des mosaïques devraient se poursuivre jusqu'en 2007.

  2. Looks like a scene from a cool sci-fi movie (like Blade Runner or Gattaca).

  3. Wow, les photos de spirits-of-paris sont vraiment superbes. J'adore !

    Wow, the spirits-of-paris shots are really beautiful. Love it !

  4. Told you awesome! This guy is really very talented - I don't know if he does that ofr a living or what? I don't know him, we just exchanged a couple of emails.

    But don't you dare leave Paris Daily Photo for Sprit of Paris, Meduz!!!

  5. dont you dare...

    bon, n'empeche que justement, fred vient de me parler du grand palais, en disant que c'etait sublimissime, etc.
    maintenant je comprends...

  6. c'etait juste un mur de ciment pres de la rue mais quand on y entre c'est bien different! c'est un maison avec un jardin, beaucoup de chambres, cuisine, porte en arriere, beaucoup beaucoup de choses...c'est vraiment cool a mon avis...

    tout passe bien ca passe comment pourtoi?

  7. La, je ne sais plus quoi dire. Georgeous. Just gorgeous!

  8. J'ai prévu d'y faire un saut mercredi prochain en début d e soirée mais la photo me rend vraiment impatient !

    Te souviens-tu, Eric, de cette animation, durant le "règne" de Lang je crois, où une lumière bleue pulsait à travers la verrière du Grand Palais ? C'était avant le "phare" de la Tour Eiffel. J'en garde un souvenir émerveillé, magique, un peu comme le cœur de la ville qu'on sentait battre.

  9. Dev. is right it is like a sci fi movie. In fact, Eric, you are a liar, it is an intergalactic warship to invade some alien planet in the NGC 21554 system ( on your right round the corner). On this picture they are loading baguettes, foie gras, red wine, saucisson and Pastis for the trip. Because we will impose baguettes and bérets on this planet ! Liberté-égalité-pinard ! salut Eric et merci pour ton blog. Un fidèle lecteur.

  10. Eric, I've posted here several times anonymously (I'm not registered). Remember me I've had good experiences with Parisian cab drivers. Anyway, I like your blog. You are always respectful all opinions, you are never defensive of legitimate criticism of your country and you never criticise any other country just for the sake of demonizing them, it's always been legitimate criticism. You are probaly one of the most unbiased bloggers I've had the pleasure to read. That is why I'd like to ask your opinion on an article I've just read. Is this true, somewhat true, false? What's your take on this?

    I think because of our history race relations is something that comes up often in our society. I think many people think race relations or racism is mostly an American problem and Europe has been lucky to escape racial problems. In the US, Europe and France in particular are depicted as lacking any racial discrimination and being all inclusive. My experience having lived in Europe (not France however) is race is just as much a problem in Europe as it is in the US, and in both the US and Europe some places may be wore than others.

  11. Well, "utilisateur anonyme", I think that black people situation in France and in US can't be compared. OK, as the NY Times said, it's hard to obtain credits from banks. But not only for black people. Every one trying to start a business has the same problem, black, white, yellow... Not a question of race, but of economical problems in our country.
    It's true that we don't have a lot of black (or arabian or asian) people in politics. But we don't have the kind of underlying apartheid that is always active in US.
    Yes, the people who died in hotel's burning last weeks were black. And they were very poor people. Point which is the real problem.
    In fact, in France, there is a contrasted situation. Yes, there are some racist persons. But not so much. In Paris, you can find a lot of different communities : africans, arabians, carabians, chinese, indo-pakistanese and so on. None of them are rejected, they live where they want (or can). On the contrary, cops are more controlling a black in a big car (ie a Mercedes) than a white guy. True. Some people renting a house don't want black or arabian families in their flat. True. The same in business. But everyday, justice condamn whites for this kind of discrimination.
    BTW, read those Jim Thompson's books, Child of rage (Rage noire) or 1280 souls (1 275 âmes, in french. Don't ask for the difference...). OK, this novellist died 30 years ago. But the situations he depicted about black people condition and racism in US are really different from what happen in France.
    I can't say France is perfect, far from that. And I remember that we were one of the first country in the world sending black slaves in America two or three centuries ago. In fact, the situation is nor black or white, it's grey, a light grey, I think. Lot of things can improve but some are going well on this point.
    Now, back to Grand Palais : great place, great picture ! Eric, you're great !

  12. Thanks Isido. I've come to the conclusion that racism is everywhere. I just don't get it. But, I think whether it be France or the US the majority of people reject racism.
    I was surprised to read that there are few minorities in politics in France. In the US we have ethnicities in government. When you get to the federal level there are fewer but they are there. Condoleeza Rice, Collin Powell, (too bad they are Republicans, LOL) One of our most promising politicians is Barack Obama.
    We also have many different communites. Where I live whe have the larges Afghan community outside Aghanistan. We have a large Indian, Iranian, Palestinian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, the list goes on. I love the diversity. I think some of the problem comes from th fact that many countries (France, UK , US, etc... expect thier immigrant populations to intergrate, and quickly, but ask any immigrant and they'll tell you thats easier said than done. The more I learn and listen to people I really think we're more alike than we are different.
    Isidio, one thing I know for sure is no country is perfect but I think people regardless where they come from are good. I've seen the ugly side of people, but I've also seen the good side. I was recently visiting a friend in the UK (he's British) and we got on the subject of traveling. He said mentioned that old stereotype of the French being rude and cold, and Americans being vulgarand loud .In all honesty I haven't had anymore encounters of rude/cold French and vulgar/loud Americans than I would with any other nationality. I wish we all would think of ourselves as people first before we think of and emphasize the fact we're from America, France ,UK or have black, brown, etc. skin and so on.
    People are people and while we do have cultural difference we're very much alike.
    Thanks for the input. I really appreciate your opinion. Too bad more people couldn't have intelligent dialogue indstead of the "my country is better than yours" bickering I see often.

  13. Oh, I forgot to comment on the main reason I come to this blog. The photos. The Grand Palais certainly lives up to it's name. I can't wait until my next trip to Paris to see it .
    Eric I'm still intrested in your opinion but I also understand if you think it's to intense to comment on.

  14. Yes, people are people. And, like you, I don't like generalization.
    "Black are...", "jewish are...", "english are...", and so on, is completly stupid.
    We are all differents, that's what is interesting in human kind !

  15. Eric > don't worry ! I regularely come on your blog, I add it to my RSS list.

    Eric > ne t'inquiètes pas ! Je viens régulièrement sur ton blog, j'ai ajouté son fil RSS à ma liste.