Saturday, September 17, 2005

Wine promotion

These funny little huts actually belong to a little "wine village" that they temporary installed in the Bercy area. I love the contrast between the modern offices and the little tents. The whole idea of this village is to promote wine for you know what ? French people drink less and less wine! According to a very recent study, we "only" drink 70 liters of wine every year (compared to 160 liters 60 years ago!). Worse: only 62 % of the French say they drink wine, compared to 81% in 1980... "Tout fout le camp!"


  1. "tout fout le camp", plutôt, non ?
    Oups excuse, je critique encore mais j'adore ton blog Eric !

  2. Evidemment Petit brin, Evidemment. Quelle honte et moi qui passe ma vie à pester sur les textes qui comportent des fautes d'orthographe, bla bla !! Ca m'apprendra. Bon c'est rectifié. N'hésite pas si tu en vois d'autres...
    (BOn j'ai une mini excuse, je suis en Grèce en ce moment et l'ordinateur que j'avais pour poster ce texte avait un clavier grec, mais bon, c'est pas franchement une excuse hien ?!

  3. Eric : avec les touches en cyrillique ? Là, tu es excusé, béni et même pardonné !
    About french drinking wine : as drivers are more and more controlled about alcohol (and it's a good thing), they drink less and less. Logical.

  4. Being a "ch'ti" from "ch'nord," I have always been more of a beer - than a wine drinker. And yes, Isido is right that the severity of sobriety checks on French roads has certainly had an influence on the drinking habits of the French.

    I am a bit alarmed at the fact that the consumption of coca-cola and other sodas is on the increase in France! Extremely unhealthy stuff!

  5. By the way, I'm not sure that the French drinking less and less wine means they drink less and less alcohol, do they ?…
    Eric, es-tu revenu sur ton clavier AZERTY?

  6. I don't know. I think globally people drink less alcohol though.

    Otherwise, yes, I am back to Paris !!

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