Sunday, April 23, 2006

Creatures of the sea...

Still on the Place de la Concorde but from a different spot than was yesterday's photo, I thought you wouldn't mind this perspective of the cleaning of this fountain called La fontaine des fleuves. Actually many people know about the famous Place de la Concorde where thousands of people were beheaded with the guiliotine at the end of the 18th century, and where King Louis-Philippe had the 250 tonne Egyptian obelisk placed in the center, but less is known about the two beautiful fountains. This particular one was sculpted in bronze between 1835 and 1840 by various artists (Louis-Parfait Merlieux, Antonin-Marie Moine, and Jean-Jacques Elshoecht ) and inspired by the fountains in Rome's St. Peter square. Obviously the artists did an extremely beautiful job, but "didn't lose their heads"!


  1. It's really neat how the two workers' clothes match the colors of the fountain!

  2. Yes, Eric has the eye, doesn't he? This site is my favorite on all the web.

  3. I love fountains! The older the better. Beauty and nature combined. The pinacle of art. and from what I've seen Paris has some beautiful fountains.

  4. Another great shot! I see more gold! Thanks Eric

  5. This picture makes me homesick for some reason.

  6. Tomate, that's an interesting comment ...why does it make you homesick?

    I too love the way the workers match the fountain, funny in a way.

    Eric, I think that's the Assemblée Nationale in the background, but could you confirm. It almost seems too close, but it depends on where you took the photo exactly.

  7. Eric, I re-read your text and regarding "...artists did an extremely beautiful job, but "didn't lose their heads"

    I just got that! I'm still laughing.

  8. Michael: It's just a neighborhood I was very familiar with when I lived in Paris, but I have only been to the Champs a couple of times in the last 20 years, so seeing pictures of it (seeing something so familiar yet so forgotten at the same time) feels a little odd.

    It also makes you want to be there.

  9. Extremely beautiful fountains indeed.

  10. "le retour du karcher a l'assemblé" un sujet de film a mettre en oeuvre avec un scénario de sarko et une adaptation de notre jaquo national bien sur en lettre d'or...

  11. Great photo- so the obelisk was stolen?

  12. Awww, I was just there a couple of days ago, after spreading some of my dog's ashes in the Tuileries (don't ask!)

    I'm really struck by how gleaming the gold is. Lovely, really.

  13. I love the way you shot this...they almost look alive jusr standing around next to the cleaning guy. Place de la Concorde is one of the most breathtaking views in Paris...So I can totally relate to what Tomate said (homesick). I can remember the feeling I had whenever I would see just shot back into me when I saw this photo...snif'
    Thanks Eric:)

  14. The gold and the black statues with the man's golden yellow coat and the other dark dressed figure relate really well, and the beauty of the architecture and the statues contrasting with the different kind of beauty of the utilitarian cars and clothing of the modern is very effective...

  15. I think the city does an amazing job of keeping all monuments, parks, fountains, bridges, etc, looking shiny new year after year. Great picture, Eric! Merci once again.

  16. Thanks Eric. Not only do you have a great blog with great images you are too kind. I emailed Eric to ask if he minded if I posted a link to one of the images on my photo blog - and of course he said yes. It is of one of the fountains at Place de la Concorde and it is also one of my own favotites.

    Hope you enjoy, and thanks again Eric.


  17. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Bon Jour Eric!

    My hubby and I just got back home from our whirlwind (AWESOME!!!) week in Paris...what can I say!

    All your pix make me want to spend another 15 hours on the plane (hate to fly but endured for PARIS!) just to go back...

    I really miss it...we had such an amazing experience...great food, great people, awesome sights (did Giverny & Versailles), Bon Marche' & Amorino glace and on and on...Notre Dame on Easter was awe-inspiring!

    You get the time we'd love to do the French countryside...I love lavender so I'm pretty sure I'd do well in Provence!

    A'bientot mon Amie!


  18. > Anonymous. In fact this guys are models, I asked them to dress like that for the photo... (Just kidding!)

    > Blondetown. With comments like that you are tough competition to Tomate Farcie...

    > Soosha. I must say we have nice fountains - this one is really gorgeous look at Wilf's pic. (Italy has nice fountains too, though)

    > Tomate. Come on you have the sea, the Golden Gate, free wi-fi... LOL

    > Michael. It is definitely the Assemblée Nationale. Thanks for laughing at my poor jokes...

    > Tomate (2). Reading your comment I was wondering what photo would make me feel homesick if I were abroad. And it would probably be place des Victoires that I really love.

    > Mathieu. And to see it better have a look at Wilf pic (see link above, or on the Spirit-of-paris site also )

    > Terra Vecchia. LOL, pas mal trouvé.

    > Bob. Yes, I think they sent it back to Egypt... !

    > Ahhh Buzzgirl, so how was Brussels and Amsterdam? And the journey back? I left you a message on your cellular Thrusday but around 1 pm so you were probably gone already.

    > A. Er... In fact no sorry, you got it wrong. The two cleaning guys are actually Pop art statues and the male murmaids with golden neckless are two real hippies having a bath. I know it's not obvious... ;)

    > Brian and Lucy. Wahoo. That sounds so Woody Allen!

    > Thanks Single. I will forward your comment to our mayor right away!

    > Wilf. Like I said in my email, I do not see other Paris photo bloggers as competitors... Very far from that.

    > Foramom (Ame). Huge Kiss! Thank you, for writing that, at least the world can read that, yes, it is possible to spend a nice time in France, that French people are note ALWAYS nasty!

  19. One of the last times I visited, I wandered around here one evening alone and this little guy named Basil came up and befriended me. He helped me practice my French and told me the history of people being beheaded here. It was interesting, but sort of creeped me out! He asked me where I was from and I told him he wouldn't know, it's a small city in NY. He insisted I tell him, so I did. He then told me he knew someone from the next town over, and I was shocked! He knew a woman from the town next to the one I grew up in. Small world :) Thanks as always for the lovely photos and for bringing up all these memories :)

  20. Oh, Eric! I didn't get your message. I was already gone (my flight left at 11:00.)

    You were right about Brussels - though the gauffres were really good...
    Amsterdam was great. Rented a bike, went to the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House. Honestly though, I just couldn't wait to get back to Paris.

    Elle me manque, la ville. Déjà.

  21. L'un de mes endroits préférés à Paris... de nuit !!!



  22. FYI, Eric, free wi-fi isn't there yet. Google and Earthlink got the bid, I think, but it'll be 2 more years.

  23. ouais, celle-la est vraiment classe. bien joue...