Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Eye see you!

What is more boring than an optician's shop window? Well, not all... I pass by this one every day (17 boulevard Raspail in the 7th arrondissement) and believe me, it is really worth the look. Before I posted it here I went to their web site and I learnt that this family-owned business has 4 boutiques in the most exclusive quarters of Paris and that they sell their glasses everywhere in the world. It's their older son, Thomas, who is in charge of these wonderful window displays.


  1. Exclusif! On their website you can't join the club to see the collection until you're a client.

    Any way you can get me in, Eric?

  2. Well, then the window display is doing its job--attracting attention.
    Great picture!

  3. I can attest that they are great frames - a few years ago, I was drawn in by the window display, then captivated by the detailed finishing of the frames, and the guy in the shop (not one of the family, I think, though extraordinarily handsome!) was extremely helpful in selecting a flattering frame. And I got soooo many compliments on those glasses, even when they were just sitting on my desk. Highly recommended!

  4. Oooh. I do think I love Parisian window displays. At least the ones I've seen so far.

    BTW eric, I am using a picture you took for my icon/avatar for my journals, which now includes blogger. I give you full credit for the photo in my profile. If you want me to not use it then just let me know!

  5. Tres chouette vitrine avec ces mains qui semblent nous faire signe.

  6. this show window makes other optical shop show windows boring...cool...I should pay a visit next time in Paris

  7. Love the red hands Eric. They look like they're alive, coming out of the bottom of the display, to wave. If you'll pardon the reference to your title, "you have a great Eye".

  8. Oooh, Michael, the puns...still and all, a sight for sore eyes.

  9. Beautiful store window. I've always really admired the way French shops have some of the most original and beautiful window displays.

  10. When I was in Paris in October, I stayed @ K+K Cayré on Boulevard Raspail and loved looking at the window display every day. I finally went in one day and marveled at all the fantastic frames. The salesperson was trés charmant.


  11. That display would really stop me!! very unique!

  12. Nice shot. Just shows you can be creative in anything you do.

  13. lol! I just love how cheesy the PDP regulars are!

  14. > Luggi. Actually I can’t ! I don’t know them. But maybe if you drop them a line… (Actually I think it is very clever of them to make it so exclusive).

    > Natalie. And "live" it’s even more impressive.

    > Jen. I am glad you liked them because they really look “different” and classy in the display. It sounds silly to say that about glasses but it’s really true.

    > Soosha. PLEASE do use it! I am honoured.

    > D-. Oui, je pense que je vais aller voir les autres boutiques.

    > Terra. Rire !

    > Lisi. They change the display regularly so when you come you will probably have a different one.

    > Michael. Ohhhhhh.

    > Blondetown. Yeah!

    > Single. I don’t know but I know that some people are paid a fortune to come up with nice Window displays. But it must be the same everywhere in the world, not only in France/Paris.

    > Ujima. So I understand this sales person made quite an impression on several PDP visitors!

    > Wilf. Thanks.

    > Midnitebara. I am sure it would, as it did for me.

    > Bob. I am sure you must have cool window displays in Barcelona.

    > Soosha. Cheezy? Well what do you expect from a French blogger?!

  15. Jen's testimonial has got me thinking. I have never thought I looked good with glasses. Maybe the trick is to buy a pair of Lafont glasses. Then if I still don't like how I look wearing them at least I can have them on the desk or hanging from my neck to display their beauty. That way I could get many compliments on my glasses without having to wear them. lol!!

  16. Great shot Eric. Keep them coming.


  17. Ok i think you may ask Lafont for some 'advertising fee' ;) as you let at least twelve more persons in the world to know their shop :D bon courage !

  18. opps... forgot to say that you have nice shot as usual ! thank you !

  19. this is such a great photo! The colors are so rich and the shapes and designs contrast well.

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