Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Last call for demonstrations...

Like all Tuesdays for the past 5 weeks, students and left wing political parties have been demonstrating in the streets of Paris. Today is no exception, and I thought I would show you another demonstration shot that I like from a previous march. I am ready to bet that this is the last big demonstration though; you can feel on both sides (demonstrators and Government) that everybody is ready for a "cease fire".


  1. Okay, Eric,
    Be prepared. . .all your male readers are going to be asking you for her phone number. . .the young woman with the head scarf reminds me of some painting in Le Louvre or maybe from a painting depicting the American revolution. Very reminisent of a familiar painting. . .Great shot, great colors and expresions.

  2. Yeah, she's really cute! But what's the deal with the plastic garbage bags? Is it raining? Is there a more subtle message ("don't treat us like garbage, hire us and throw us away like garbage?") or something like that?

    I bet you these kids are going to look back on these demonstrations with a lot of nostalgia a few years down the road ... For them (for the whole of France, actually), it's probably the end of an era.

  3. Wow! Your picture really shows the loss of momentum or force behind the demonstrations.

  4. LOL. Yeah who knows they might end up in Le Louvre one day with a caption that will say "young ladies demonstrating for jobs in Paris in the 2000's".

    And yes Tomate, they call the CPE "Contrat Poubelle Embauche", that is why they were garbage bags...

  5. amazing energy and drive, well captured!!

  6. eric je viens de faire un bastiadailyphoto mais j'aurai besoin d'un peu d'aide pour la suite j'aimerai en savoir un peu plus pour etre au top comme toi merci d'avance et bon mardi

  7. Still demonstration!!!!???? I love their strenght!

  8. I came to your blog for the first time! I really love all your pictures! These are so beautiful and interesting that I hope I can visit there one day.I haven't been to France yet!!
    I think she is very gorgeous. For me as Japanese, every western woman looks very beautiful, though! French girls are famous for their fashion sence in Japan!!

  9. I like the lady with flag on her face... maybe you should take more like this! Super looking forward to it! xD

  10. Beautiful shot and I love the garbage bags ;)

  11. Great pic - and I hope the strikes end soon!!

  12. Wonderful shot. I have stumbled upon other demonstration photos on other sites and they are just rubbish. Most appear to have been snapped the person holding camera unaware of composition or content. Not with Eric’s dramatic documentations.

    I agree this fem does have those qualities found in classical paintings of revolutionary fem leaders. But I doubt they were wearing eye make up like this fashionista.

    To the barriers!

    computer translation:
    Projectile merveilleux. J'ai trébuché sur d'autres photos de démonstration sur d'autres emplacements et ils sont les déchets justes. Les la plupart semblent avoir été cassées la personne jugeant l'appareil-photo ignorant de composition ou du contenu. Pas avec les documentations dramatiques d'Eric. Je conviens que ce fem a ces qualités trouvées dans les peintures classiques des chefs révolutionnaires de fem. Mais je doute qu'ils aient porté l'oeil composent comme ce fashionista. Aux barrières!

  13. > Steverino : Merveilleuse "computer translation" ! un véritable rayon de soleil, merci !

  14. These student riots reached our newspapers - What a strike!

  15. Everybody is ready for a "cease fire" because the street won the war on friday evening after Chirac's pathetic speech.
    The felt wing political parties weren't VERY noisy in the demonstration today by the way, they know they're as responsible as the other parties....
    Let's hope for some new rules in this country, I have my doubts unless the political parties realize the 5th Republic is definitely dead and something else is to be built...Hope we won't have to fight in an endless revolution once again for real changes
    L'espoir fait vivre.

  16. Contrat Poubelle, ah bon, je vois!

    Le Monde a l'air de dire que les manifs d'aujourd'hui ont été assez amples:


  17. These photographs are much more engaging that what has been shown in the papers here...

    It's a tremendously difficult question, of course you want more people to have the opportunity to work, to make it more viable to take on new workers, but you also don't want to throw away everything you've built that makes your quality of life there so good.
    It is also good that people are not politically apathetic and do particpate and act on their concerns.

  18. Speaking of cease-fires... I've copied below a scenario: "Paris Ramadan 2006". It's a future history scenario under discussion at a history-and-current-events blog, Belmont Club.

    Most of the blog contributors are in the US. You're on-the-ground in France, and better informed. So if you have thoughts on plausibility, or the outcome of such a scenario, I invite you to respond here, or you may register to post at Belmont Club, too:


    Thank you.


    re: "the enervation of the western world"

    Mark Steyn:

    "A big chunk of Western civilization, consciously or otherwise, has given the impression that it’s dying to surrender to somebody, anybody. Reasonably enough, Islam figures: Hey, why not us?"

    Yes, why not? What's to stop them?

    (I don't view most Muslims as antagonists, by the way. I think most are good citizens: only a small minority really wants trouble. Unfortunately it's a barbarous, deadly minority.)

    Some people view acts of Muslim opportunism as the unreasoned grasping of barbarians. To my mind these people hold a false belief: that barbarians are incapable of reason. But barbarians can reason, and effectively; certainly in the political realm. Most of the people on Earth live even now under regimes that are at heart barbaric, when you think about it. Define "barbarism" as "cruelty" and by that definition whole continents are still politically barbaric, yes?

    Barbarity works, if only for the most barbarous.

    And what of Europe? I'm thinking of France foremost: 10% Muslim, 60% Muslim in the prisons. French Muslims have already tested their street-power. They know now how to win concessions. What more can they win?


    I'm imagining Ramadan 2006 in Paris, with the juvenile two of France's six million Muslims converged upon the city.

    5 AM. First prayers. And then -- flash mob. Half a million in the streets. Shadow knots of young toughs bullying past shocked guards -- knocking the enervated men aside -- to race into city offices, public utilities, corporate headquarters, museums, university research centers. 200 men barricaded in Ecole Polytechnique. 400 in France Telecom. In Musée d'Orsay 800 men -- ten of whom are gathered before a trio of Muslim girls, videotaping.

    Al-Jazeera will play the video endlessly. A single frame will one day illustrate the Encyclopaedia Britannica entry for the day's events.

    The video frame captures the girls at sunrise: three black chadors stark against the dappled pastels of Monet's water lilies.

    "The New Graces"


    Of course, all the kids claim to have bombs.

    300 do.

    What happens?

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