Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Digital ring

Yesterday I noticed an intriguing piece of news. Apparently, the Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, went to California to - among other things - sign a memorandum of understanding establishing Paris and San Francisco as "Digital Sister Cities". In short, that could allow Paris to have free Wi-Fi coverage one day... (More in the SF Chronicle article that Tomate Farcie kindly sent me). For your information, there is already free Wi-Fi access in several spots in Paris, including almost all Mc Donald's, all Columbus Cafés (the French version of Starbucks), and many other bars (see here and here).

Just a quick update regarding the post A very dear American tourist. Michael tells me that Paris Daily Photo bloggers contributed nearly $100 to the "JJ Salone Nursing Education Fund". Way to go! Thank you PDP readers for your thoughtfulness! You can also still see Jessie's blog before it goes offline.


  1. Bertrand Delanoë seems to have very innovative ideas in many spheres - in particular environmentalism and transport alternatives. I was so shocked when he was stabbed in a homophobic attack at l'Hôtel-de-Ville when he was meeting the public, a few years ago, and relieved that he was not seriously hurt and remains very open to the public. (This is just my impression from afar - I'm sure Parisians would have many things to criticise him about, like any politician).

    As for San Francisco, I believe it is also one of few cities in North America where one can get a decent baguette - obviously Montréal is another...

  2. Free Wifi! I hear Google is trying to provide free wifi natiowide in the US but they still have a way to go. Anyway, great to hear Paris and San Francisco will have it soon. Nice shot!

  3. Oh hey, the mayor of Paris is gay? That's cool. I shant tell my brother, though. That'd just be one more reason for him to hate the French. Isn't it crazy how very very different 2 people raised by the same parents can be?

  4. Euh, never mind my previous comment...

    About Delanoe: I think it's really cool that he is openly gay. However, I'm lead to believe that he authorized or was instrumental in the removal of the old colonnes Morris, is that true?

  5. I'm pretty sure I'm the only soul operating a wi-fi on top of a mountain here in southern Appalachia...I never even thought about it before! I don't think the eagles and bears use much I guess this puts Maggie Valley, North Carolina on the wi-fi map! :)

  6. Hey Eric, how DO you always manage to line up the photo and the headlines every day! That's fantastic. I also didn't realise that McDonald's had it's own site to promote

    Thanks for posting the update on the PDP bloggers' contributions. I really appreciate it everybody and am so shocked by your thoughtfulness. Thank you again!

  7. interesting story about an interesting person. where was this wifi station you took the photo? over coffee or fries?

  8. i remember looking for wi-fi in paris last summer. i asked several people, but they had no idea what i was asking.
    i realized i was pronouncing it the american way (why-fye) and not the french way (wee-fee). once i corrected my accent, i had no problem finding it!

  9. Very cool, that the mayor is so hip and there is strong promotion of free WIFI everywhere in Paris. Hopefully one day soon they will do as much for NYC. Philadelphia became completely covered by fee WIFI recently. Unfortunately, McDonalds here doesn't feel it has to do anything to attract people with such services, so they don't offer it here, though I believe Starbucks and other cafes do, especially in the bookstores...

  10. Brian&Lucy- well it's McDonald's, isn't it? They certainly don't have much trouble anywhere attractive customers! I think someone should petition for the local Burger King to get WiFi. Once they start taking lots of business from your McD's because of it their minds will change!

  11. Hello Eric, you have some very artistic photos! I think in Waikiki they are also starting to have free wifi! BTW - great concept with the photo a day! Its quite addicting! I hope I dont forget to do my studies! :)

  12. Wi-Fi what’s that? A rhetorical question Eric because of course I know what it is. One of the things I miss about the city is ADSL – Broadband connection.

    Before we moved here I made my checks about the availability for the village of Roquemaure (where we live) and yes it has ADSL, only we are just outside of the village and in fact do not have a fast internet connection.

    I look over to the next hill, oh what a beautiful view, and see where the limit of the ADSL ends. The view can bring tears to my eyes and so can the fact that I am now back to a dialup connection, and do you think that France Telecom can tell me when I will have ADSL? No way!

    So no ADSL, No Wi-Fi, but a great view so I really can’t grumble - but I do!!

  13. Hy Eric, I'm georgette, remember me? I dont leave a comment every day, but I am here loving your photo every day!

  14. As Brian and Lucy mentioned, we have free wi-fi here in Philadelphia. I especially love being able to use it outdoors in Love Park and indoors at the Reading Terminal Farmers' Market. Thank you, Mayor John Street!


  15. Free wifi would be great! We have it in some parts of the city here. Loving the photos. I don't always get a chance to leave a comment but I always take a look at the pictures and catch up if I miss a day or two.

  16. The mayor here in Pittsburgh is talking about having free Wi-Fi in the city. I certainly didn't think that the 'Burgh would be on the cutting edge. LOL.

  17. hi everyone, sorry i've been MIA (missing in action) exams are next week and "je m'en fou."

    i think Philadelphia is another city that is thinking about implementing the free wi-fi. It's a good idea...allows people to access the internet more readily.

    Eric, I am coming to Paris at the end of June! Just for three days...on my way to Italy. Maybe we can meet up pour un cafe!

  18. I would love to see a picture of the puppet show in the Luxembourg Gardens.

  19. Hi, I've been out of the circuit for a couple of days...Easter break! but I'm back and it's been great catching up...I always learn something new from your site...

  20. > Lagatta. It is very difficult to know exactly what people think of the mayor because they tend not to judge on facts but very much according to their political beliefs. In short the right wing voters say he is responsible for the bad traffic (due to his anti cars policy), that Paris is dirty and that he spends too much money. The left wing voters say that he does not do enough for housing, that only the rich can afford to live in Paris (and to own a car, once again the anti car policy) and a couple of other things.

    > Rodney. Soon, well, I would not be so sure. The problem is that cellular network companies (namely cellular phones company) do not like the idea of free wi-fi...

    > Soosha. Yes Bertrand Delanoë is openly gay and nobody here cares. Tell your brother that he too could have been gay and French... It's only a matter of chance.

    > Tomate. I am not aware of this Colonne Morris removal but now that you mention it I am pretty sure the ones we have now are all brand new.

    > Blondetown. Are you sure someone does not hijack your signal?!

    > Michael. You're very welcome, I am deeply happy to have helped contributioing to the memory of your mother.

    > Rafael. Nope. This was taken in a post office - and believe me it's not free there!

    > Barista. LOL. Yep, very true. Ask for Wee-fee if you come to Paris...

    > Brian & Lucy. Actually I have been very surprised to see that Mc Docnald's here was one of the first chain store to start a free wi-fi service. And it works; you see several people with laptops sitting in a corner sipping a coke or eating a Hamburger over their keyboard...

    > Parisathenes. (Our new Daily photo member from... Honolulu). Don't you dare forget about your studies because of your DP!

    > Wilf. LOL, I can hear so much suffering in this comment! I think I would be so bitter if the DSL signal stopped at my door step! And sorry but a splendid view will never replace a window to the world... (I kinda like this one, LOL). PS : you know that "Free" - the company - plans to launch a WiMax service sometimes this year. That might solve your problem.

    > Of course I do Georgette. If I remember well you are from Roumania. is that it?

    > Ujima. ANd what do private cellular phone companies say?

    > It's OK Carole, your forgiven but don't miss more than 2 days eh?! ;))

    > Software. Thank you Jason. Don't be too dogmatic on Mc Donald's, the salads are good and not fattening...

    > Debs. Well you see, Pittsburgh is not that backward. Any plans for Mars? (private joke...)

    > Nahal. What do you mean "Je m'en fous ?" Is that the way you think about your exams??? Do remind me of your coming towards mid June and yes I will make my best to have "un café" with you (Starbucks or Mc Donald's?! ;)).

    Anonymous. Excellent suggestion. I will do that.

    > Bazainville. Welcome back. Thank you, but one learns a lot - about how to make a shoe in particular (I had no idea) on BazainvileDailyPhoto too...

  21. j'ai fait une grosse faute! when i said "je m'en fou" i thought it mean "i'm going crazy" i didn't realize it meant "i don't care!"

    I DO CARE! :-) so instead, i meant "i'm going crazy..."

    it seems we were truly lost in translation!

  22. Eric, just wanted to tell you that mayor Delanoë is currently visiting us in Montréal!:

    Hope his visit will spur the redevelopment of our own tramways!

  23. nahal: Je deviens fou = I'm going crazy!

  24. thanks for posting the update on your post in honor of Michael's mom. Your post was heartwarming. It is still possible to add a dollar or two, or ten or twenty.

  25. thanks for posting the update on your post in honor of Michael's mom. Your post was heartwarming. It is still possible to add a dollar or two, or ten or twenty.

  26. MERCI tomate farcie!

    en fait, je suis a la biblioteque deviens folle :-)

  27. Eric, I doubt if there will ever come a day when Mars is wired. You will have to ask Michael about the time he and a certain flying saucer met in Mars. Thanks for the great photos. Someday, I will make it back to Paris. When I do, I will be sure to look you up and buy you a Big Mac meal! Just teasing.

  28. I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

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